Thursday, 10 August 2017

City Druids and The Mossen Craft

Forests and other wild spaces are rare in the sprawling urban plane of The City. Practitioners of The Mossen Craft take refuge in forgotten and overgrown parks, untended and abandoned lots and buildings consumed by mould, fungi and weeds.

Starting HP: d8 + 4
HP Per level/Resting: 1d8
Weapons and Armor: All weapons, Small Shields, Armour up to Leather
Attack Damage: 1d6/ 1d4 Unarmed or Improvising

Special Features: 
Roll with Advantage when testing CON to avoid damage from poison.

Once per day a City Druid can summon a group of HD1 vermin/feral animals. The number of vermin/feral animals is equal to the City Druid's level.

The Mossen Craft Spellcasting:
City Druids cast spells as clerics but casting a spell requires the expenditure of reagents. See The Mossen Craft spell  list for details on spells and reagents.

City druids know all spells for the levels that they can cast as long as they are able to meet once per week with other City Druids in a suitable overgrown location. Limitations will be placed on a City Druid that cannot meet this requirement at the GM's discretion.

The Mossen Craft:

Reagents required to cast spells, amount required equals half spell level rounded up. Each reagent must be different and determined at time of casting. For which reagent is needed, roll a d12:

1) Handful of bones
2) Handful of vine/weed/leaf or roots.
3) Handful of worms
4) Handful of Living mould
5) Handfull of Sodden soil
6) An insect  
7) A Rotten rag
8) A thimble of larva filled water
9) A mushroom
10) A thimble of blood
11) A feather
12) A handful of scales

Entangle: Wrap d6 x caster level HD ‘worth’ of beings in thin, rubbery black vines (Roll all tests  with Disadvantage) for d8 rounds.  
Fairy fire: Envelope target in writhing flames of blue-green light - 1hr.
Beetle mind swap: Trade minds with a scuttling bug, CHA test to control, caster’s body controlled by displaced insect for duration of spell - 1hr.
Summon vine rope: Black intertwined vines of “Nearby” (about 50’) length.
Moss Encrustation: Target covered in thick dried moss, +1 AC (or 2 Armour Points), all DEX related tests Rolled with Disadvantage - 1hr, CON test required to get rid of encrustation, d6 damage for each additional hour encrustation is present.  
Summon minor moss golem: A creeping ambulatory mass of moss, 1d4 Hit Points and 1d4 for all Stats (if tested).
Beastmask: Caster’s visage takes on form of beast of choice - 1hr x caster level.  
Whisper: Send minute x caster level long whispered message to the ear of a visible target up to a distance of Far Away.
Charm beast: Beast with HD equal to or below caster’s level is under caster’s control -1day.
Warp wood: Reshape caster level square foot of wood at a distance of Nearby.
Vine Growth: Cause an explosion of translucent, groping grey vines to a length of Nearby and a width of caster level x 6’.
Plant commune: Plant will truthfully answer d6 questions - 10mins.  
Vine craft: Reshape caster level x 6 square foot of vines at a distance of Nearby
Cause leak: Liquid drips into an interior the caster is within at a rate of 1 wineskin x caster level per hour - 1day.  
Fly mind swap: Trade minds with a flying insect, CHA test to control, caster’s body controlled by displaced insect for duration of spell - 1hr.  
Rot: Infect Nearby target with flesh eating bacteria for 1d8 rounds, does caster level + d6 damage each round, test caster WIS at end of initial 1d8 rounds to check if infection ongoing - ad infinitum till target death or infection fails.  
Lightning Strike: Nearby target takes d8 x  caster level damage, can only be cast outside.
Cure Rot: Cure any Nearby target of non magical disease/ailment.
Gas: Summon an acrid green cloud that damages all that enter it for d6 + caster level damage. Size equals caster level x 5’ square. Lasts d6 + caster level rounds and must be cast outside.  
Summon moss golem: A vaguely human shaped ambulatory mass of moss, 2d8 Hit Points and 2d6 for all Stats (if tested).
Arouse hunger: d4 x caster level HD beasts are incited into a ravenous feeding frenzy, upto distance of Far- away - 1hr.
Stone shapen: Reshape caster level square foot of stone at a distance of Nearby.  
Hold beast: Hold in stasis d6 x caster level HD beasts - 1hr.
Nature Hallucination: Cause mass hallucination of a natural scene of casters choice in d10 x caster level HD beings - caster level x 1hr.
Summon beast: Summon random caster level HD beast - 1day.   
Mud blast: 1d6 nearby beings take 1d4 x caster level damage and are covered in mud sticky mud (all tests Rolled with Disadvantage for d8 rounds).
Stone Hurl: Target takes 1d8 x caster level damage from summoned boulder, test caster WIS with Disadvantage to see if target is pinned beneath boulder.
Speak with plant, mushroom or mold: Allows rudimentary conversation with plants, mushrooms and molds for 5mins x caster level.
Acid Spray: Caster level x beings are covered in burning acid. Acid causes an initial d12 damage then drops in effectiveness each round (d10, d8, d6, d4).
Plague of insects: Summons a cloud of biting insects that covers an area up to Nearby. Any being in the cloud takes 1 damage a round. Lasts d4 x caster level rounds.
Wind summon/control: Summons wind (from a gentle breeze to a howling gale) blowing in the direction of the caster's choice - 1hr x caster level
Cause pox: Infect d6 x caster level Nearby beings with HD equal to or lower than caster level with the pox that lasts d6 days. All tests are Rolled with Disadvantage when infected and CON is tested each day with Advantage to check for death.  
Stone to wood: Transmute caster level square foot of stone to wood at a distance of Nearby.  
Summon major moss golem: An enormous, hill sized, ambulatory mass of moss, caster level x d8 Hit Points and 2d6 for all mental stats and 4d6 for all physical stats (if tested).  
Cloudscape: Create a semi solid landscape of clouds covering 5 square feet per caster level. The STR of the cloudscape for any relevant tests is equal to the casters level - 1hr x caster level.  
Summon weather: Summons weather of caster’s choice - 1hr x caster level  
Metal to wood: Transmute caster level square foot of metal to wood at a distance of Nearby.  
Animate wood: Animate a man sized chunk of wood into a HD creature equal to the caster's level.  
Tree hoarcrux: Caster imbues a specific tree with d20 of their hitpoints. The caster cannot die as long as the tree continues to live.
Summon forest: Caster permanently sacrifices d12 Hit Points and summons forth a forest (of their choice of vegetation), that covers 100 square feet.


  1. Love it! will be using in my games here soon

    1. Great to hear! Let me know what those creepy city druids get up to.