Monday, 7 August 2017

Forthouse of the Worm Growers

The following is an example of a "point of interest" from the suburb crawl campaign I have recently started running. This location may be encountered in a random encounter check, be the target of a guild mission or a rumor overheard at a dustery.

Additionally this post acts as a worked example for using visual generators and my recently written room content table to quickly put together places in The City. The generator/table results and the final "product" are both shown.

Generator Results: 

(Results gathered from:

Forthouse of the Worm Growers:

Gang of transport worm growers housed in slimecovered stone fort. Carnivorous worms are unnaturally bloated to man bearing size, then trained and harnessed. The mounts are slow and vicious but invaluable in uneven and unusual terrain. The Worm Growers are as thuggish, slimy and malformed as their beasts. Their worm growing techniques are a violently guarded secret.

Fort acts as a division between two suburbs. Fort walls extend along longer distance but other sections fallen into dangerous disrepair and inhabited by beasts and lunatics. Make shift bridges, ramps and ladders allow traffic over the ramparts between the two suburbs.

D4 worm growers will be hawking their wares at entrance to fort, selling worms for 500 GP a piece.


(Words in bold are results from the "room content" table found here: 

1) Empty, place of growing: Worms varying from dog to horse sized chained to all available walls. Worms eat from meat chum in secured metal troughs drenched in some alchemical liquid dripping from byzantine leaking pipage along roof. 

2) Empty, place of physical storage: Buckets of ground and sloppy meat. Some more solid meat in damp sacks. 

3) Device external and unusual to environment, out of place sourced from elsewhere: Pipage from room 1 leads to a central work bench in this room. Large intake funnel distributes liquid via churning mechanics. 

4) Empty, place of physical work: Worm harness workshop. 

5) Foe, using traps to their advantage against interlopers: Worm harness hang from ceiling, some hold snarling worms. Worm grower thugs will swing chained worms as weapons and attempt to capture interlopers in harness that only they can unlock. 

6) Foe, sleeping or resting: Worm grower thugs drinking doze inducing chemicals and passing out on worm leather blankets. 

7) Foe, physically toiling: Worm grower thugs mixing up worm growing mixture. Various alchemical tinctures, in both minute and bulk quantities. 

8) Foe, vaguely aware of trap, but not knowledgeable of specifics: Slightly ruined and wrecked room. Escaped worm is hiding in debris. Worm grower thug is attempting recapture. 

9) Device external and unusual to environment, out of place sourced from elsewhere: Stone courtyard covered by ragged black tarp. A white worm the length of a bus, the thickness of beer barrel is shackled to the stone. It has a weeping, oozing and open wound for one extremity. It barely moves and is kept alive with a variety of alchemical cocktails. New worms are chopped from this undying mother annelid. 

10) Device used in regular work of environment, mundane but effective: A stone courtyard used for breaking in worms. Various nasty looking prodding devices, harnesses and a makeshift obstacle course. 

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