Tuesday 7 August 2018

The Blasphemous Roster - Guilds of Infinigrad and their Machinations

After a year of work from +Luke Gearing, (and a little from me) The Blasphemous Roster (Guilds of Infinigrad and their Machinations), is out! +Jarrett Crader +Ben L. and +Trent B also all helped make it better!


You can also get it in POD at Lulu, here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/michael-raston/the-blasphemous-roster-guilds-of-infinigrad-and-their-machinations/paperback/product-23761745.html

This thing has grown out of 3 years running my "Guild Dogs" campaign. The stuff in here has lead to a lot of really fun games and would be useful for any one running a campaign where nefarious groups do weird shit and get adventurers to do dangerous jobs.

There is literally 38, 400 possible guilds in here, each generated with an individualized name, expertise and modus operandi. There's also (if my math is correct) over 100 millions missions to be generated.

The layout looks like nothing else out there (other than maybe the brilliant "Broken System" OSR zine) and is designed to infect your brain with my "Infinigrad" Guild Dogs setting. It also features 26 pages of "visual generators" (a thing which I may have invented) which literally show you what the guild you generated looks like (both their members and their base of operations). It's literally magic!

This is currently the DMG of my Guild Dogs/Infinigrad setting, so if you like Guild Dogs/Infinigrad you should buy this.

The following posts will give you an idea of the content of The Blasphemous Roster (it just looks a lot cooler in the book): 


From the product profile on RPGNow/DriveThru: 

Infinigrad roils over a corrupted and mutated plane of intersecting multiverses, a situation brought on by wanton abuse of magically weaponry during the Alleyway Conflagration.

After long eons of fighting, The Law was introduced. The Law is a curse that prevents any of The Guilds directly raising arms against one another.

Only The Adventurers, those vagabonds who exist outside the normal strata of The City's social spheres, and its infinite network of shady alliances, can truly claim non-affiliation with any of The Guilds. Only they can keep the century long conflict going.

The Blasphemous Roster is a resource for generating the untold myriad of guilds that inhabit and infect The City and the blueprints of endless clandestine missions that The Guilds need doing by unlucky Guild Dogs. Their names, their expertise, the way they operate and the way they look are all festering within this very tome, ready to crawl out and continue secretly enacting their eon long vendettas against one another.
  • 23 pages of Guild Generator - Generate thousands of devious guilds, including names, expertise, and modus operandi. 
  • Illustrated Guild Examples. 
  • 26 pages of Visual Generators - illustrating how the guilds members and their bases of operation you generate actually look. 
  • 12 pages of Job Generator - near endless ideas for city based missions needing doing by guilds you generate. 
  • A map generator for mission locations. 
  • A room stocker for mission locations. 
Some sample pages from the book: 

Every page overflows with a swirling feast of images to ignite your creative process! Your brain will be infected with ideas! Visit Infinigrad today! 


  1. I truly love this book. I have come up with a diverse range of interesting and weirdly cool guilds. I hope you release future products like this and continue to expand on your work! To me this is what the OSR is all about!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words! Glad to hear you've come up some weirdness using the roster. It was a lot of work, so positive feedback is very much appreciated. I'm always working away at something...Star Dogs should be out soon!

    2. Will there be a print version of Star Dogs?

    3. Yep! A lulu print on demand should come out shortly after the PDF release. There will be a player and referee handbook and both will be print on demand.

  2. I received my copy last week, I ordered it months ago but was delayed because of the lockdown.

    I really enjoyed it, great work!

    1. Very nice to hear! Hit up the discord and I can give you a PDF copy if you want.

    2. That is very considerate of you, thanks! How may I contact you through discord?

    3. In the bars on the right of the blog there is a link to the discord, plus there is a link with my email if you just want to email me for a copy :)

  3. Thank you! I will send you an e-mail right now.