Sunday, 26 August 2018

Pollute the Elfen Memory Water - An Infinigrad Job for Guild Dogs PDF

The mission my players are currently on is kind of fun, so I decided to make it into a PDF.

It's a fantasypunk shadowrun set in Infinigrad, the setting for my Guild Dogs campaign. The job was generated using the job generator in "The Blasphemous Roster". There may be further installments depending on how successful my players are, and how far reaching the machinations of Equis Jud (the guild of Eymen robe weavers) are.

Included in the PDF are: 
  • Client and Job Description.
  • Facility Random Encounter Table. 
  • A Random Weird Flower Table. 
  • NPC statistics. 
  • Facility Map and room descriptions.
  • Leopetera Banks Suburb Map. 
  • Elfs that use worms and milk to retain/abuse their memories. 
Download it below! (You can also download it at RPGNow et al:

The only cost is that you must listenwatch the following video as the song and visuals disturbingly well suited as a theme song for the adventure: 

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