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Fantasypunk Augmentations, Part 1: The Augmentations.

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Installing augmentations into one’s body is both expensive and dangerous. The practise is not an exact, nor reliable, science and there is a chance (especially when using cheap technicians) that the installation will lead you with nothing other than empty pockets and a mutated physique.   

How many augmentations can a Guild Dog have?  
Their CON score minus 8 is the total amount of augmentations a Guild Dog can have installed in their body without risking death.

Installing an augmentation:
Players roll a die determined by  the amount of gold they invested into the procedure. A larger die is more expensive and has a greater chance of success.

D4 = 500 GP
D6 = 1000 GP
D8 = 2000 GP
D10 = 4000 GP
D12 = 8000 GP (Roll with Advantage)
D20 = 16 000 GP (Roll with Advantage)

Augmentation procedure result:
1 = Installation failure and major malfunction
2 = Installation failure and cosmetic malfunction
3 - 4 = Installation success and major malfunction
5 - 6 = Installation success and cosmetic malfunction
7 - 20 = Installation success

Dvarapala Cyclops by  DaveRapoza
Augmentation technicians will not be able to complete a comprehensive range of augmentations, each technician will specialise in a handful of augmentations. Each technician will be able to install d6 different augmentation types. Consult the following tables to generate the augmentations a technician specialises in.

Bruce Pennington
An augmentation is composed of:

 Body Part Augmented
 Base Material
 Augmentation details

Body Part Augmented: This will determine the focus of the augmentation.  

1) Legs: Associated with movement.
2) Arms: Associated with forms of attack and manipulation of the physical world.
3) Torso: Associated with the internal workings of the body.
4) Head: Associated with the internal workings of the mind and of the mental or magical world.

Base material: This will impact how the augmentation appears and the manner in which it operates (only use the “Will tend towards X” as a guide, ignore it completely as you see fit, but it will probably be interesting to see how it that base element interacts with the other results) .

A soft salve or unction, rubbed tenderly for everlasting effect. Will tend towards kindly helping others.
Holy symbols, relics or words are etched, bound or soldered to the body. Will tend towards enforcing order.
Glowing tattoos and painted geometric symbols, hinting at at occult truths. Will tend towards illumination.
Gills, fins and clusters of boil filled gas, soft sculpted into the flesh. Will tend towards calming and subduing.  
Pipes, tubes and chambers, pumping fresh gases into the body or keeping the respiratory system separate from the environment. Will tend towards protection from/ enhancement of the environment.
Permanent wreathing in smoke or localised fog, ever present hauntings by spirits and ghosts. Will tend towards communication.
Concertina and bellow like mechanisms, exerting gusts of vivifying air.  Will tend towards the freeing of movement.
Surging and sparking lightning like energy, captured or focused into glass chambers and rods. Will tend towards the increasing of speed.
Pebble sized contraptions implanted into the skin, barely visible. Will tend towards the increasing of efficiency.
Solidified slime or durable and rigid jelly, often clear and translucent. Will tend towards the manipulation of visibility.  
Stringy, stretchy ectoplasm that phases, shimmers and pulses in and out of reality. Will tend towards the manipulation of form.  
Additional limbs, organs or biological sensory apparati, fresh clean and new - often in novel locations. Will tend towards the augmentation of the copied body part.  
Flesh gilding, molten gold and silver studded with gems of decoration and usefulness. Will tend towards the enforcement of glamour.
Pages of lore or esoteric theorems implanted into the skin or engraved with alchemical ink. Will tend towards the augmentation of the mind.
Magical ichor transfusions, replacement of internal organs with that of fey beasts. Will tend towards the empowerment of/by blood.
Shards or plates of mirrors and gleaning metal, normally triangular in shape. Will tend towards protection and reflection of ill energy.
Calcified yet malleable liquids, swirling and serpentine, often pulsing through colours. Will tend towards the bestowing of blesses and curses.
Solid and geometric chunks of metal, arranged in elaborate, chained linked fashion. Will tend towards the rectifying of debts.
Removed flesh, eaten away and replaced with reinforced bone or cleansed and sanctified materials. Will tend towards the cleaning of corruption.
Heavy chains and bars of simple metals. Thick bolts and clanking hinges. Will tend towards the entrapment of others.  
Living amalgamation of beast parts, writhing, twisting and bristling  upon the user. Will tend towards empowering  the base instincts.
Unnatural maws, teeth and tongues melded to the flesh. Grinding, toothy orifices. Will tend towards consumption.
Vines, flowers, leaves and mushrooms - bubbling and bursting forth from soothed perfumed flesh. Will tend towards intoxication.
Scintillating fractals of existing body parts, asymmetrically jutting out of the body like an insulting  challenge to the concept of beauty itself. Will tend towards chaos.
Living flames flickering permanently along the body, encasing it in cold eternal fire. Will tend towards action.
Flesh cracked, decayed and destroyed then filled and imbued with ancient masonry. Will tend towards destruction.  
Extra limbs, from man or otherwise. Tentacles, tongues and arms  are a favorite. Will tend towards manipulation of the physical world.
Crystal balls, shards and clusters protruding from the flesh. Will tend towards knowledge of the future.
The parts of monsters, installed permanently into the flesh.  The spread of monster infection is curtailed in some way but it lives snarling and vile on the user.  Will tend towards terror. 
Increasing the size of the body part affected, via the insertion of magical wand struts placed into flesh. Will tend towards growth.
Swathes of the smoothest living fabric, stitched directly into the skin. The swathes rustle, sway and take forms of their own volition. Will tend towards seduction.
Flesh and limbs removed, then pieced back together with spiky bony like tendrils. Limbs elongated with bone claws and flesh imbued with horns. Will tend towards the act of breaking.
Holes bored deep into the flesh, hollowed out and coated in magical molten metal. Once dried, inscribed with hidden runes. Will tend towards finding what is sought.
Replacement of flesh and limbs with enlivened stone, often marble, onyx or jade but many types of rock are used. Will tend towards hardness.
Small portals, miniature swirling maelstroms framed by gilded decorations, installed into the flesh. Will tend towards summoning.
A relic, antique or curiosity installed via magical cage directly into the body. Will tend towards interaction with time.
Weapons, cruel and menacing, inflicted permanently into the flesh or replacing parts of the body. Will tend towards the infliction of pain.
A living thing, fused against its will into the user. Its existence is pure torture, enforced parasitism by the user. Will tend towards the destruction of others.
Globules of shadow, wrapped around the body. Dark magic ribbons of anti light. Will tend towards the providing of secrecy.
Amalgamations of bone and dead body parts, preserved obscenely on the user. Will tend towards interaction with death.

Bruce Pennington
Base Augmentation: The key power or advantage of the augmentation.

  1. Healing and regeneration.
  2. Protection and armouring.
  3. Guidance and navigation.
  4. Storage and compartments.
  5. Immunity and resistance.
  6. Illumination and clear sight.
  7. Knowledge and intelligence.
  8. Flight and gliding.
  9. Psionics and thought power
  10. Sleep and meditation.
  11. Wings and gills.
  12. Cleansing and reduction.
  13. Supply of air and gas.
  14. Voice control and noise creation.
  15. Control of spirits and daemons.
  16. Disguise and camouflage.
  17. Charming and beguiling.
  18. Speed and swiftness.
  19. Implanted weapons of body and mind.
  20. Endurance and vitality.
  21. Shrinking and resizing.
  22. Veins and vines.
  23. Cluster growths and useful tumors.
  24. Jellyfying and Sliming.
  25. Reflection and repetition.
  26. Piercing and smashing.
  27. Tricks and misdirection.
  28. Eyes and vision.
  29. Eating and consumption.
  30. Repair and replacement.
  31. Gilding and glamour.
  32. Cutting and slashing.
  33. Analysis and research.
  34. Dreaming and fantasy.
  35. Mind control and enslavement.
  36. Flesh sculpting and forming.
  37. Extra organs and skin.
  38. Self destruction and cannibalism.
  39. Regulation and replenishment.
  40. Neutralisation and elimination.
  41. Swimming and aquatics.
  42. Clawing and prying.
  43. Sun and day.
  44. Moon and night.
  45. Balance and order.
  46. Acid and melting.
  47. Steam and boiling.
  48. Cleaning and tidying.
  49. Entrapment and seizure.
  50. Locks and safety.
  51. Growth and gigantism.
  52. Vegetables and fruit.
  53. Sensuality and instinct.
  54. Ornamentation and fashion.
  55. Beasts and wildness.
  56. Grinding and dissection.  
  57. Peace and kindness.
  58. Scent and smell.
  59. Illusions and fakery.
  60. Madness and mutation.
  61. Fire and burning.
  62. Explosives and incendiaries.
  63. Destruction and crushing.
  64. Recycling and reusing.
  65. Pilfering and scavagening
  66. Wheels and cogs.
  67. Tentacles and suckers.
  68. Divination and the future.
  69. Maps and direction.
  70. Mechanics and automation.
  71. Animals and asymmetry.
  72. Blubber and mass.
  73. Height and towering.
  74. Preservation and undying.
  75. Gathering and binding.
  76. Silkiness and softness.
  77. Intoxication and inebriation.
  78. Bridges and passageways.
  79. Picking and probing.
  80. Charisma and allure.
  81. Holes and cavities.
  82. Seeking and hunting.
  83. Stone and rigidity.
  84.  Chemistry and alchemy.
  85. Secrets and hiding.
  86. Decoration and plumage.
  87. Time and history.
  88. Etherealness and dissipation.
  89. Writing and recording.
  90. Curiosity and novelty.
  91. Torturing and extraction.
  92. Poison and sickness.
  93.  Curses and counterattacks.
  94. Bile and phlegm.
  95. Frustration and disbelief.
  96. Shadows and darkness.
  97.  Liquid and smoothness.
  98.  Bones and death.
  99. Markers and beacons.
  100. Warping and reworking. 
Augmentation Details: Specifically how the augmentation’s power manifests.

  1. Bulky but effective.
  2. Works better under pressure.  
  3. Also helps those nearby.
  4. Is bluntly obvious in operation.
  5. Detached and separate.  
  6. Spiritual in nature.
  7. Incredibly specific but effective.
  8. Makes everything a little better.  
  9. Floating, soft and dissipated.
  10. Feels pleasurable to use.
  11. Hollows things  out.
  12. Creates copies and replicas.
  13. Ingests and exhausts with abandon.
  14. Use is ghostly and haunted.
  15. Subtle and insidious in effect.
  16. Deadly silent.
  17. Horrific in application.
  18. Abrupt, obvious and shocking.
  19. Incredibly swift.
  20. Augmentation moves around the body.
  21. Delivers benefit secretly.
  22. Slowly destroys user.
  23. Bends and warps reality.
  24. Is transparent and clear.
  25. Crystalline cluster  powered.
  26. Fading effectiveness.
  27. Is powered by things dead and ruined.
  28. Affects the world non-physically.
  29. Creates new forms.
  30. Fixes broken things.
  31. Is concerned with material wealth.
  32. Decorative more so than useful.
  33. Requires gems of different types to use.
  34. Powered by the mind.
  35. Mostly concerned with the mental realm.
  36. Affects both blood and bones.
  37. Requires a sacrifice to operate.
  38. Impacts other’s internal organs.
  39. Has a dual or twin purpose.
  40. Affect is shaped by the user.
  41. Constantly repurposes itself.
  42. Requires time to recharge after each use.
  43. Will only work at appropriate times.
  44. Obsessed with rules.
  45. Equalizes those nearby.
  46. Increases a certain morality in user.
  47. Causes enslavement.
  48. Those impacted fade in someway.
  49. Spreads like a virus.
  50. Strictly focused on a single expertise.
  51. Harvests something from those around it.
  52. Powered by small symbiotic bodies.
  53. Savage, beastial and wild.
  54. Augmentation must eat.
  55. Augmentation produces something edible.
  56. Consumes all.
  57. Delivery is calming and peaceful.
  58. Imbued with pacification.
  59. Derived by natural means.
  60. Has the opposite of the obvious effect.
  61. Explodes into action.
  62. Ignites and spreads like flame.
  63. Burns or melts those it impacts.
  64. Connects disparate experiences.
  65. Seeks to bring destruction.
  66. Brings confusion and disarray.
  67. Has several main functions.
  68. Activates ahead of time.
  69. Causes other augmentations to be more effective.
  70. Grants connection to external entity.
  71. Effect is oversized.
  72. Use of augmentation is fundamentally horrifying.
  73. Increases size of user.
  74. Makes the user a monster.
  75. Emits pleasure to all those nearby.
  76. Causes intoxication or inebriation.
  77. Requires the use of other augmentations.
  78. Breaks apart the body.
  79. Enslaves user and others.
  80. Operates within the cracks.
  81. Requires a connection to the earth.
  82. Increases durability.
  83. Augmentation effects are slowly released.
  84. Creates decoys and distractions.
  85. Incredibly solid and rigid.
  86. Must be reloaded/refilled.
  87. Increases hunger and desire.
  88. Keeps perfect record of events.
  89. Takes a long or short time.
  90. Can undo things that have happened.
  91. Must inflict pain.
  92. Increases hatred in those that use it.
  93. Destroys the belief of others.
  94. Tortures user and others.
  95. Must destroy things that are holy.
  96. Works best in the shadows.
  97. Steals everything it can.
  98. Incredibly lethal.  
  99. Brings user close to death.
  100. Can reclaim taken things.
Sentient Alien Lifeform by Thomaswievegg

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