Thursday, 2 August 2018

Infinigrad Suburb Danger Generator

Being a continuation of the Infinigrad Suburb Details Generator, here are 10'000 possible horrible things to make suburbs worse. They would no doubt work in other places too! 

The "Suburb Danger Generator" is composed of 2 tables; “The Dangerous Thing” table and “What the Thing does” table.

The Dangerous Thing:  Each entry has two options. Either pick one or use both, or roll again for 3 or 4 options. Combine them all together to get some sort of monstrosity - use one to keep things mundane.

What the Thing Does: In what way is the dangerous thing dangerous? How does it attempt to ruin your day?

Combine both tables to get a danger.

Suburb Danger Generator:

The Dangerous Thing, d100: 

  1. Priests or prayers.
  2. Potions or chemists.
  3. Laws or rules.
  4. Nets or hoarders.
  5. Cleaners or doctors.
  6. Candles or lightkeepers.
  7. Sages or seers.
  8. Explorers or mapmakers.
  9. Empaths or mind readers.  
  10. Birds or clouds.
  11. Climbers or spelunkers.
  12. Environmental suits or equipment.
  13. The dead or corpses.
  14. Fog or spirits.
  15. Robes or costumes.
  16. Elementals or golems.
  17. Sailors or musicians.
  18. Swift or sturdy  beasts.
  19. Monks or martial artists.
  20. The weather or climate.
  21. Jellies or slimes.
  22. Beetles or spiders.
  23. Rats or vermin.
  24. Beggars or paupers.
  25. Tricksters or jesters.
  26. Disguisers or hiders.
  27. Slugs or jellyfish.
  28. Lizards or crocodiles.
  29. Pools or windows.
  30. Farmers or alchemists.
  31. Thieves or robbers.
  32. Crabs or turtles.
  33. Psychics or dreamers.
  34. Philosophers or thinkers.
  35. Surgeons or sacrificers.
  36. Wolves or dogs.
  37. Cannibals or cultists.
  38. Capturers or cataloguers.
  39. Mirrors or mist.
  40. Gems or money.
  41. Curses or oaths.
  42. Snakes or snails.
  43. Fish or water.
  44. Sewage or toxicity.
  45. Acid or fire.
  46. Guards or armsmen.
  47. Workers or craftsmen.
  48. Prisoners or captives.
  49. Judges or hammers.
  50. Cats or clawed things.
  51. Eyeballs or mouths.
  52. Shamen or wildmen.
  53. Obelisks or statues.
  54. Giants or cyclops.
  55. Vines or vegetation.
  56. Butchers or mincers.
  57. Ferals or savages.
  58. Tranquility or peace.
  59. Butterflies or illusions.
  60. Visions or hallucinations
  61. Explosions or bombs.
  62. Pyromancers or pyromaniacs.
  63. Wizards or weirdlings.
  64. Druids or gardeners.
  65. Pilferers or miners.
  66. Octopi or amphibians.
  67. Prophets or divinators.
  68. Knights or gladiators.
  69. Swashbucklers or neerdowells.
  70. Dust heads or addicts.
  71. Contraptions or devices.
  72. Trainers or slavers.
  73. Behemoths or terrors.
  74. Desires or vices.
  75. Mushrooms or moulds.
  76. Trees or flowers.
  77. Locks or chains.
  78. Princelings or nobles.
  79. Dervishes or fanatics.
  80. Thugs or gangsters.
  81. Crystals or shards.
  82. Bats or bloodsuckers.
  83. Rocks or boulders.
  84. Mud or sludge.
  85. Historians or scholars.
  86. Hands or feet.
  87. Worms or dung.
  88. Chains or cages.
  89. Munitions or weaponry.
  90. Armour or heraldry.
  91. Bones or skeletons.
  92. Plagues or diseases.
  93. Warplings or mutants.
  94. Shadows or sneaks.
  95. Assassins or bounty hunters.
  96. Relics or shrines.
  97. Torturers or mutilators.
  98. Vandals or wreckers.
  99. Peddlers or merchants.
  100. Lostlings or souless.

What the Thing does, d100: 

  1. Must give something to victim.
  2. Protects the oppressed, as they see it.
  3. Military minded, must control and dominate.
  4. Needs to include victim in creation of craft.
  5. Infects victim with unhealthy euphoria.
  6. Floats and flies, besetting victim.
  7. Ever replicates self.
  8. Aloof in infliction of suffering.
  9. Predicts a bad, true future for victim.
  10. Thinks victims are not real.
  11. Must empty and hollow victim.
  12. Must store or hide something in victim.
  13. Forces victim to join cause.
  14. Must insult victim.
  15. Haunts and hides from victim, causing ongoing annoyance and pain.
  16. Voice is heard in victim’s mind.
  17. Worshiped and venerated Deity requires victims.
  18. Must use victim as a home.
  19. Must make a copy of victim.
  20. Increases speed of victim.
  21. Shrinks victim in some manner.
  22. Needs victim to repair self.
  23. Must hide from victim for some nefarious reason.
  24. Must spread the disease they are infected with.
  25. Must destroy the spirit of victim.
  26. Must use victims to resurrect something or someone.
  27. Wants to ride victim.
  28. Touch corrode, corrupts or destroys victim.
  29. Is the slave or servant of a nefarious higher power.
  30. Needs victims to create new lifeforms.
  31. Wants victim’s money.
  32. Wants victim’s possessions.
  33. Needs to make gems out of victim.
  34. Must document the pain of victim.
  35. Must test theory on victim.
  36. Requires the flesh and blood of victim.
  37. Must copy actions of victim.
  38. Needs victims to create more wealth for self.
  39. Needs victims as sacrifice.
  40. Must stop victim.
  41. Has some grudge or oath against victim.
  42. Needs to make victim wet and rotted.
  43. Must judge victim in the harshest terms.
  44. Makes victim disappear over time.
  45. Is morally superior to victim.
  46. Must retrain or cage victim.
  47. Must clean or organise victim.
  48. Must acidify victim.
  49. Must enslave victim.
  50. Needs to help victim against their will for their own good.
  51. Must harvest victim.
  52. Must keep territory clear and clean of interlopers.
  53. Cannot comprehend the sheer existence of victim.
  54. Believes victims to be base savages.
  55. Must consume victim.
  56. Infects victim with utter calm.
  57. Is annoyingly/disturbingly passive.
  58. Victims are always trespassing.
  59. Victim is delicious.
  60. Must mutate victim.
  61. Must burn victim.
  62. Must explode victim.
  63. Touch melts victim.
  64. Puts victim into total disarray
  65. Must ruin victim.
  66. Must self destruct near victim.
  67. Is controlled externally to detriment of victim.
  68. Must install extra parts onto victim.
  69. Is convinced the apocalypse is here.
  70. Needs the limbs of victim.
  71. Must increase size of victim.
  72. Is a dangerous horde.
  73. Is dangerous in size.
  74. Must seduce victim.
  75. Are an affront to victim.
  76. Must mock and taunt victim.
  77. Infects victim with stupefying pleasure.
  78. Wants victim to be one of them.
  79. Wants to make victim into tool of work.
  80. Is wild, mad, or intoxicated.
  81. Knows the secrets of victim.
  82. Is just beneath the surface, causing havoc.
  83. Wants to take victim to deep places.
  84. Is too hard, solid and impassable.
  85. Must implant, seed and grow in victim.
  86. Stops time of victim.
  87. Ages victim.
  88. Warps victim.
  89. Negatively influences victim.
  90. Acquaints victim with stone.
  91. Must cause pain for victim.
  92. Hates everything.
  93. Must harm and crush.
  94. Must cause suffering.
  95. Must torture.
  96. Must steal whatever it can.
  97. Believes victim stole from them.
  98. Must break everything.
  99. Seeks a glorious death with victim.
  100. Cannot die.

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