Sunday, 23 February 2020

Star Dogs Referee's Handbook

The Star Dogs Referee’s Handbook is a collection of tools, tables, and generators for referees running a Science Fiction tabletop roleplaying campaign.

While it has been written for use with Star Dogs, it is system neutral and can be used with any Science Fiction tabletop ruleset.

The Star Dogs Referee’s Handbook contains: 

  • Galaxy Sector Mapper and Stocker.
  • Planet Generator.
  • Outpost/Space Station Generator.
  • Map Generator for Outposts/ Space Stations.
  • NPC Generator.
  • NPC Group Generator.
  • Alien Species Generator.
  • Tables for Roleplaying NPCs.
  • Mission Generator.
  • Dangerous Sector Generator.
  • Impressive Technology and Advanced Combat Equipment Generator.
  • Random Space Encounter Generator.
  • Spacecraft Generator.
  • Nebula Generator. 
  • Plus amazing cover and interior art by Matthew Adams.


  1. This is a fantastic resource for Space Opera RPG's! I have been working off the PDF, but ordered the print version today! Any plans to add to this line of products?

    1. Thanks Bill, glad you are getting some use out of it!
      I am working on a "Starter module", a low level introduction sci fi adventure. Hopefully be done soon if I get my shit together!

    2. Good to hear! Starter module sounds great! Sign me up! Were you still working on a campaign setting for it as well?

    3. Well, my players keep leaving systems that I start writing!

      There is this map which is the overall campaign map for Star Dogs:

      Maybe I could turn that into something that's painted with broader stroke than plotting out individual planets in a specific galaxy section.

    4. I've had similar problems when I've ran Space Opera games. LOL
      Have Starship Will Travel!
      Love the map!! Would be cool to learn more about the setting behind it! Does each sector have multiple sub sectors within it not shown on your map?

    5. Each dot of light is a start system, so there is lots of systems to explore!

      Sub sectors is a good idea. There well could be. I will spend some more time exploring and hopefully can document the galaxy in a bit more detail.

      Yeah, It's always fun giving players a spaceship. I'm lucky if they stay on a single planet in a session.

    6. Neat, looking forward to seeing your future explorations/ development of this game/setting.

  2. My print copy arrived today, love that it is Digest sized!! Looking forward to your future Star Dogs products!

  3. Not sure where to ask this, so I guess I’ll ask here! I recently ordered the Star Dogs physical books from Lulu and was curious of you offer PDFs at no or reduced cost after purchasing the physicals.


    1. Thanks for your order! You can email me, or message me directly on twitter, or join the discord and I will happily send you the PDF copies. You can find the details of all those things on the blog, just in the right hand column (beneath the big OSR logo).