Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Scorch's Barracuda (A Star Dogs Location)

The players in my Star Dog campaign, due to a series of confusing and chaotic events, now own a Barracuda class spacecraft. This is the second-largest, and second most powerful in terms of firepower, spacecraft currently available in Star Dogs. As such, I’ve had to map out their new possession. The map can be found below, after a brief summary of the events that lead to the players getting such a monster.

Ship Map: 

Ship Room Descriptions: 
  1. Helm. Bank of 4 comlogs and central holoprojector. Several bloodstains on equipment and floor.1 comlog ridden with bullet holes and inoperable. Chains and metal restraints hang overhead. 
  2. Scrawled maps and notes holoprojected on walls. Rusted metal table housing a large comlog, covered in rotting food.  Empty metal tankards and used hypodermics. 
  3. Metal ladders grant access to 3 sit-in turrets sprouting from bottom side of craft. Colonies of bubblecluster orange, gold-flecked, spacefungus infect sweat infused walls. 
  4. Metal ladders grant access to 3 sit in turrets sprouting from bottom side of craft. Colonies of bubblecluster orange, gold-flecked, spacefungus infect sweat infused walls. 
  5. Tool and weapon filled metal shelves jut from walls. Plastic sheet tents hung from shelves in corners - nearby to upturned crates. Colonies of bubblecluster orange, gold-flecked, spacefungus grow all over dark ceiling. 
  6. Menacing bull rifle automated turret hangs from ceiling. Rifed through and rotted storage containers of old food and supplies are heaped against walls. 
  7. Utterly infested with  bubbleclusters of orange, gold-flecked, spacefungus .These grow around a makeshift metaldesk borne laboratory, boiling samples of spacefungus into injectable doses.
  8. Engineroom. Plastic sheet tents are rigged from several reactors. Reactors not beset by tents are oozing plasma. Fortunately leaking plasma being soaked up by glowing red orbs of oversized spacefungus.  
  9. Storage. Four ransacked Galactic Pallets line rear wall. Supply of narcotics within has clearly been sampled extensively by ex-crew.
  10. Upturned metal crates circled about a holoprojection of nearby systems marking all known Goblin Brigade points of interest (including known Imperial Security centres). 
  11. Engineroom. Several plasma reactors have had security covers removed. These have been fashioned into various types of furniture. Area is totally beset with an army of plastic sheet tents. 
  12. Burnt and melted machinery heaped against walls, several of heaps have large speakers rigged atop them. Holoproector cover circular walls in shimmering coloured lights. Several sets of squat tables and crates fill one half of room. Strong stench of smoke and spilled booze.  


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