Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Build your own adventurer d6 system!

 I've been working on a little skirmish game with these tables at its core: 

Special Resolution, 

When a unit attempts something that isn't an attack, roll a d6: 

1 - 2) Failure 

3 - 4) Failure, put a +1 chit on unit, unit gets +1  to next roll attempting same thing 

5 - 6) Success 

Basic Battle Resolution,

When a unit attacks a target, roll a d6:  

1) Miss

2) Defend - Put a defense chit on unit - Minus 1 to next battle roll targeting unit. 

CAN stack but only one chit always consumed each attack against unit 

3-4) Injure - Put an injury chit on target.  Each injury chit =  minus 1 to all rolls.

 A unit is dead if it has 4 or more injury chits on it.  

5) Maim - Put a maimed chit on target. Target is  unable to act and an additional attack of 3+ kills it  6) Kill - Put a dead chit on target. Target unable to act until they are no longer dead.

From: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087855297057

I thought it be fun as a basis for a regular party based tabletop game. 

Here are my ideas: 

  • Player Characters can only be killed if they have at least 2 injuries or maimed if they have at least 1 injury. An attack roll of 5 or 6 against an uninjured target gives them an injury. An attack roll of 6 against a target with a single injury gives them a second injury.   
  • When a character levels up (at the discretion of the referee) they get +1 to ignore first injury after resting and a Strength (approved by the referee)
  • Strength: A positive slight change (one mechanic, one integer) to the key mechanics of the game. Being able to do something of note using Special Resolution requires a strength (casting a spell, hiding, healing, etc). 
  • A character can be revived from "maimed" without any long term negative effects but any character revived from "dead" either gains a Weakness or loses a Strength. 
  • Weakness: A negative slight change (one mechanic, one integer) to the key mechanics of the game.
  • Non Player Characters can have levels like Player Characters but NPCs CAN be killed/maimed without any injuries. 
  • If the events of the game require turns, an entity (NPC/PC) can move and attempt a single or special resolution roll on their turn. 
So the way I see the game playing out is every level the players get to custom build their own little mechanics that suit the character they want to play! 

From: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087855297057


  1. Interesting! I'll try it out. Another brief game for very small scale I will experiment with is "Minceheim" at Brush and Battle. https://brushandbattle.blogspot.com/2022/11/an-invitation-to-minceheim.html It's more basic, but I could see adding some of the "leveling" mechanisms from this to add interest.