Saturday, 31 October 2020

The Central Vat Field (Infinigrad Places)

(For Infinigrad Freelancer: )

Central Vat Field: A dusty grey, rock-plain housing six enormous, several storey high vats of a soft glowing green liquid. Trunk thick metal cabling wriggles across the ground and wraps around the vats. An ominous and enormous flabby mass of beast floats turgidly in each. 

  • A wooden plank hut leans against the outer curve of the South East vat. Faded scrolls of protection are nailed into the wood. Merchant, Whir Het, Health 4: A pink, fleshy bear of a man with the head of a python. Voice booms with a hiss. 
      • Selling amulets, alleged chunks of leviathan bones on leather cord, 20 silver each. Noticeably heavier than their appearance would suggest. Wearing causes Mind Tests resisting hypnosis-like attacks on the to be Easy (Such as Leviathan Sentinel’s mind-melting armour). 

      • Has an obsession with leviathans (documenting, experimenting, vaguely religious feelings of awe) and grand dislike of Leviathan Sentinels (offering 10 silver a head).

      • Claims a “very valuable stone of eyes” is somewhere between the vats and will offer 500 silver for it. 

  • The area between the vats is patrolled by: Leviathan Sentinels, Health 5: Golems of organic chitinous material, crafted as a scarab beetle-like suit of armour. Enormous flat horns and mandibles jut from their helmets, their curved arms terminate in sturdy pincers. Chitin swirls with hypnotic, prismatic patterns (Test Mind to avoid all tests being Hard in Sentinel’s presence). Sentinels will forcibly remove interlopers from the interior section of the vat field (often in pieces) but will ignore anything on the periphery of the vats. 

  • d6 Vat Bound Leviathans:
  1. Cuboid amphibian, covered in cart sized warts. Its flat underside a forest of blades.
  2. Swirling orange jelly snake with the face of a snarling cat. Its tangled, swirling body fills the whole vat. 
  3. Crude mass of a horned man. Enormous gormless face is melting and diffused.
  4. Rotund beetle borne on enormous ragged wings. The wings still slowly flicker and surge with a flame-like material, even in the vat. 
  5. House-sized mound of slime, topped with a crustacean head. Dozens of long bladed crab claws sprout from mound.
  6. Vat filling slug, corpulent, pink and obese. Human eyes infect its skin like a rash.
  • What is between the vats? Roll a d6, three times.


A giant, smouldering rib cage. Smoke stained ground. 

Thick, grasping, smoke fills the air from a leaking vat cable.  

A deep mechanical churning noise rumbling beneath the ground. 


A pit, descended by stone stairs, filled with green sludge dripping from vat cables. 

A copse of tall mounds formed of tangled vat cables. 

Amoeba-like leviathan spawn, moaning, quivering and hungry (Health 2). 


Twelve grey stone thrones, for a being twice the size of a man, circled around ornate stone rostrum. 

Goopy, green puddles formed from leaking vat cables. 

A single Sentinel somehow aware of the party’s presence and charging towards them. 


Arched stone gate, several storeys high. Ground stained by muck, slime and blood. 

An ornate, but blood splattered, silver arm band worth d6 x 20 silver. 

Two Sentinels staring resolutely and the nearest leviathan vat.


A stone hill, covered in brambles of crusty white coral-like growths 

d6 decapitated fops, each in exquisite black outfits, boots and capes worth d6 x 30 silver each. Each holds a vial of inebriating dust with d6 doses. 

d6 Sentinels heaping discarded and rotted vat cables. 


A mountainous, craggy, white stone obelisk - chunky and malformed. Covered in gashes from gargantuan claws.  

A raw chunk of jade, swimming with black orbs. When held in the direction of a target, the orbs will converge and open as dull eyes. PC make a Hard Luck Test to put NPCs to sleep with the stone and make an Easy Luck Test to avoid being put to sleep by it. 

d6 Sentinels, slicing the flesh of a great slimy frilled back lizard with their pincers.