Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Scorch's Barracuda (A Star Dogs Location)

The players in my Star Dog campaign, due to a series of confusing and chaotic events, now own a Barracuda class spacecraft. This is the second-largest, and second most powerful in terms of firepower, spacecraft currently available in Star Dogs. As such, I’ve had to map out their new possession. The map can be found below, after a brief summary of the events that lead to the players getting such a monster.

Ship Map: 

Ship Room Descriptions: 
  1. Helm. Bank of 4 comlogs and central holoprojector. Several bloodstains on equipment and floor.1 comlog ridden with bullet holes and inoperable. Chains and metal restraints hang overhead. 
  2. Scrawled maps and notes holoprojected on walls. Rusted metal table housing a large comlog, covered in rotting food.  Empty metal tankards and used hypodermics. 
  3. Metal ladders grant access to 3 sit-in turrets sprouting from bottom side of craft. Colonies of bubblecluster orange, gold-flecked, spacefungus infect sweat infused walls. 
  4. Metal ladders grant access to 3 sit in turrets sprouting from bottom side of craft. Colonies of bubblecluster orange, gold-flecked, spacefungus infect sweat infused walls. 
  5. Tool and weapon filled metal shelves jut from walls. Plastic sheet tents hung from shelves in corners - nearby to upturned crates. Colonies of bubblecluster orange, gold-flecked, spacefungus grow all over dark ceiling. 
  6. Menacing bull rifle automated turret hangs from ceiling. Rifed through and rotted storage containers of old food and supplies are heaped against walls. 
  7. Utterly infested with  bubbleclusters of orange, gold-flecked, spacefungus .These grow around a makeshift metaldesk borne laboratory, boiling samples of spacefungus into injectable doses.
  8. Engineroom. Plastic sheet tents are rigged from several reactors. Reactors not beset by tents are oozing plasma. Fortunately leaking plasma being soaked up by glowing red orbs of oversized spacefungus.  
  9. Storage. Four ransacked Galactic Pallets line rear wall. Supply of narcotics within has clearly been sampled extensively by ex-crew.
  10. Upturned metal crates circled about a holoprojection of nearby systems marking all known Goblin Brigade points of interest (including known Imperial Security centres). 
  11. Engineroom. Several plasma reactors have had security covers removed. These have been fashioned into various types of furniture. Area is totally beset with an army of plastic sheet tents. 
  12. Burnt and melted machinery heaped against walls, several of heaps have large speakers rigged atop them. Holoproector cover circular walls in shimmering coloured lights. Several sets of squat tables and crates fill one half of room. Strong stench of smoke and spilled booze.  

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Star Dogs Referee's Handbook

The Star Dogs Referee’s Handbook is a collection of tools, tables, and generators for referees running a Science Fiction tabletop roleplaying campaign.

While it has been written for use with Star Dogs, it is system neutral and can be used with any Science Fiction tabletop ruleset.

The Star Dogs Referee’s Handbook contains: 

  • Galaxy Sector Mapper and Stocker.
  • Planet Generator.
  • Outpost/Space Station Generator.
  • Map Generator for Outposts/ Space Stations.
  • NPC Generator.
  • NPC Group Generator.
  • Alien Species Generator.
  • Tables for Roleplaying NPCs.
  • Mission Generator.
  • Dangerous Sector Generator.
  • Impressive Technology and Advanced Combat Equipment Generator.
  • Random Space Encounter Generator.
  • Spacecraft Generator.
  • Nebula Generator. 
  • Plus amazing cover and interior art by Matthew Adams.

Monday, 10 February 2020

"What does the NPC want?" Table

NPCs are easier and more fun to roleplay when they want something. Give them something to want! (Ensure you include a random reaction roll and a funny hat or voice).  

Click on the button to find out what the NPC wants. 

The raw tables can be found below.
(Automated using:

What does the NPC want? 

Raw table: 
Heal someone important to them. 
Secure a new home or base of operations.
Store, securely and secretly, something valuable on their person. 
Remove a competitor in their field of expertise.
Extract revenge for a recent betrayal. 
Explore an area recently discovered. 
Acquire a means of transportation.
Gain guidance from a venerable leader
Gain control of their local power structure.
Resurrect and restore a forgotten method of their expertise. 
Create a fearsome reputation for themselves within their expertise. 
Become rich. 
Charm a local authority, through bribery, blackmail, extortion, etc.
Acquire a bodyguard. 
Poison or destroy local food/water/resource supply.
Gather intelligence on a nearby rival in their expertise. 
Organise a party. 
Increase their material wealth. 
Steal something of value from a nearby rival. 
Decipher disturbing dreams they have been experiencing of late. 
Acquire a magic item or technology. 
Brutally intimidate nearby rival. 
Eat something. 
Get as inebriated as possible with whatever substances are available. 
Prepare a funeral or grieve someone close to or important to them, recently deceased. 
Unearth something valuable from beneath the ground.
Capture a huge and fearsome beast.
Find a significant other for procreation purposes. 
Find a business or working partner within their field of expertise. 
Collect a large debt owed to them.
Acquire upgraded weapons and armour.
Acquire an abundance of food. 
Protect some valuable physical item or secret recently acquired. 
Conduct a spiritual or personal ritual to calm and centre self. 
Make peace with an enemy. 
Sell a shipment in their possession. 
Burn and destroy as much as possible.
Dispose of some waste or refuse in their possession 
Acquire a boat.
Acquire a cart, horse, carriage, etc. 
Hunt an exotic beast.
Make some new friends, or new expertise associates. 
Kill an enemy. 
Move to a new town, outpost, settlement, city, etc.  
Learn the secrets hidden in some esoteric text.
Transport a physical item to friend, colleague or enemy. 
Explore somewhere dangerous yet rewarding. 
Recover a hidden valuable item of which they know the location.
Steal a valuable item. 
Terrorize an enemy.
Improve their relationship with a friend or colleague in their expertise. 
Make a new discovery in their expertise. 
Cure themselves of a disease or disorder. 
Save a relationship, personal or professional, close to destruction. 
Do good deed for someone to assuage personal guilt. 
Discover the answers to a local mystery. 
Report to local law/security providers about a crime. 
Clean self or work/living space. 
Acquire, and possibly use, explosives. 
Present a gift to an important relation. 
Bring peace and calm to someone or something nearby. 
To fade into obscurity or escape those hunting for them. 
Begin a completely new life. 
Get somewhere quiet to reflect and meditate on recent events. 
Solve a problem associated with expertise. 
Offload a troublesome personal possession. 
Pay back a debt owed to someone dangerous. 
Avoid being incarcerated or captured. 
Restore their besmirched reputation. 
Find immediate relief to severe pain. 
Disappear from sight. 
Discover something unknown about their history. 
Hide evidence of their wrongdoing. 
Break something important to an enemy. 
Conduct an expedition to the wilderness, hunting for something valuable  
Throw the nearby environment into chaos. 
Terrify an enemy. 
Get guidance about their future. 
Acquire an item specific to their expertise they have long coveted. 

Thursday, 30 January 2020

The Goblin Brigade (Star Dogs Space Pirates)

(An NPC faction for Star Dogs:

The Goblin Brigade: Wild and filthy space pirates. A loose conglomeration of mostly human criminal crews, banded together through a shared love of substance abuse and the destruction of order. It is very common for groups and gangs within the brigade to fight, bicker, and kill one another - each crew always having some mad scheme to screw over another.

This spacefaring human conglomeration of space pirates has their key outpost in an abandoned Imperial Outworld Security space station known as "Auntie".

4HD, AC14 (Makeshift medium armour), Bull Rifle: d8, Cybernetic claws: d6 x 2, Special Ability: All Goblin Brigade members have a variety of narcotics on their person, d6 doses of the following: Wrack (red vial): Increase To Hit and damage by d4 for d6 rounds, Ruin (grey pill): Ignore damage for d6 rounds (still take damage but won’t be affected by HP dropping to 0 or below till after the drug wears off), Hype (green vial): Attack twice a round for d6 rounds, collapse in exhaustion when the drug wears off.

Goblin Brigade Key Goal: See the Grand Empire of Order burn, while as high as possible.

Goblin Brigade Spacecraft: Old, rotted and clunky. Often reinforced and repaired with chunks of scavenged scrap. Onboard, crude murals, venerating dead crew members or gang iconography are sprayed across bare metal panels. Special Ability: Goblin Brigade technicians are able to easily hack into the comlogs of other spacecraft, listening in on conversations or pilfering systems for valuable data (Computing Skill: 6). Changes to generic spacecraft class statistics: -d4 to all statistics.

Kontroll 2 by Chenthooran:

D10 Goblin Brigade Sub Crews: 

  1. Siphons: Wear black heavy armour (AC17) and heavy makeup (surprisingly clean). Drink the blood of defeated foes. 
  2. Elementals: Forgo armour, and are always barefoot (sometimes naked) (AC12). Have an abundance of fire grenades (d8 damage to target and all Nearby).  
  3. Witches: All-female crew (apart from males kept in storage for breeding). Excellent in the field Technicians, can use computing skill (6) to shut down enemy weapons. 
  4. Beasts: Extremely heavy set from an over indulgence in cybernetics (are actually all androids). Prefer the use of melee weapons (+2 To Hit and Damage). 
  5. Fathoms: Wear ragged multicoloured robes (and constantly ingest psychedelic narcotics). Are Khybe sensitive, d8 Khybe points and can conduct Level 1 and 2 Khybe Casting. 
  6. Heretics: Wear scavenged and semi-destroyed Imperial security heavy armour (AC17) and secretly romanticise the law and order the Empire brings. 
  7. Fiends: All member eyes replaced with red cybernetic globes that grant +2 To Hit and Damage. These are accompanied with a brain implanted commlink infested with an A.I that has control of the whole crew. 
  8. Fungals: Attire and armour crudely painted white, gauze covers face beneath helmet (beneath garb, bloody and aggravated colonies of space fungus sprout from skin). 
  9. Bugs: All equipped with cybernetically implanted jetpacks (very cheaply - malfunctions or misfires often cause the space pirate to explode). Prefer communicating via Dataplane. 
  10. Spiders: Legs replaced with grasping cybernetic simian limbs, designed for combat and operations in low/zero gravity environments. Thin, frail and gaunt from lack of gravity. 

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Star Dogs Galaxy Sector Creation Kit

Create an entire galaxy sector to play Star Dogs in! Check out Star Dogs here:

Galaxy Sector Mapping: 

Roll a d6 to determine the number of stars in the galaxy sector. Die drop that number of random sized die on to a blank sheet of paper.

Draw concentric circles equal to the result rolled  around each dropped die in the location they landed. This is the number of orbiting sectors the star has.  These orbiting sectors can be divided into smaller orbiting sectors for a more populated system.

Grid out the blank areas surrounding the stars and orbiting sectors as appropriate, as many or as little sectors as needed. The sectors can be irregular, it’s space, draw them as you please.


Galaxy Sector Stocking: 

(Perhaps generate a random spacecraft that the PC's begin their galactic adventure in).  

Star Orbiting Sector Stocker, d4: Stock each sector orbiting a star with the following table. 

1) Empty. 

2) Planet: 

3) Space Station

4) Random space encounter.

Starless Sector Stocker, d6: Stock each sector outside of the orbit of a star with the following table. 

1-2) Empty

3) Starless planet:

4) Space station:

5) Random space encounter:

6) Nebula: roll a d12. The nebula fills that many sectors nearby. Re-roll on the Starless sector stocker to see if there is anything else in the nebula originating sector. If a nebula result is rolled in a pre-existing nebula, assume the sector is empty. Nebulae can fill both star orbiting and starless sectors.

Monday, 6 January 2020

Automated Nebula Generator

Made to be used with Star Dogs:

Nebulas both warp and colour the areas of space they fill. They will have an impact on the planets, stars and space stations within them and the spacecraft and the crew that travel through them.

Click on the buttons to generate a nebula. 

The raw tables can be found below.
(Automated using:

Button/Table Descriptions: 

Appearance: This is what the nebula is composed of, and how that material manifests in space. This composition will affect the way in which the nebula’s effect impacts those that enter the nebula.

Effect: This is the unusual effect the nebula imbues the planets, suns and space stations within itself with, and spacecrafts and crew that travel through it. Each effect has two colours associated with it, use these to describe the nebula. The first colour button is purely cosmetic, ensure you click both (there may be some colour double ups due to this being written for an upcoming pdf rather than digital buttons, just think of a new colour if you get two of the same).

Nebula Generator: 

Raw Tables: 

Soft glowing clouds of shimmering mineral dust - strong impact to all.  
Gas formed into interlocked swirling rings - impacts only some. 
Granules of glowing plasma dust, diffused but sometimes clumped - impacts some more than others. 
Wispy and reaching tendrils of light gas - impacts some at specific times. 
Spinning sheets of thick blizzard like gas - impacts all but at different times.  
Waves of thick then thin gas - impacts all in varying levels of intensity. 
Strings of criss crossing tendrils of light gas - light impact to all. 
Huge spherical globes of heavy gas - overwhelming impact to all. 
Twirling, ever forming and receding tendrils of thick gas - oscillating impact to all. 
Incredibly diffused, light and misty gas - weak impact to all. 
Thick sheets of floating liquid - surging, increasing impact to all. 
Ever receding plane of gas, dissipates on approach - initially strong, but fading impact to some. 
Twinkling clouds of mineral dust - strong bursts of impact to all.  
Blooming frozen explosions of gas flowers - slowly growing impact to all. 
Cross crossing tendrils of liquid - alternates between impacting some then others. 
Long flat planes of frozen metallic liquid - impacts only those that see it. 
Swirling, interlocking circles of liquid - impacts at random, then spreads from impactees. 
Firework like ever slow exploding gas clouds - a fast growing impact that erratically jumps from person to person. 
 Huge slowly imploding then reexpanding clouds of gas - strong impact to all that quickly fades and repeats itself. 
Leviathanic gas clouds vaguely formed in the shapes of animals - incredibly strong impact to one random entity. 
Flat, incredibly far reaching planes of dust - medium impact to all. 
Flame like, roaming pillars of gas - medium impact to any that see it, then spreading from them to others. 
Two claustrophobic flat planes of very thick gas - overwhelming impact to all. 
Planes of mineral dust being consumed by aggressive clouds of gas - two alternating impacts to all, roll twice on effect table. 
Huge spheres of thick gas, with calm internal spaces - soft impact accompanied by a calming of organic beings. 
Erratic soup of swirling dust, gas and liquid - strong impact to all, roll three times on effect table. 
Fading, dust like remnants of gas clouds - barely noticeable impact to all. 
Glowing explosions of mineral dust - fast growing impact to some. 
Hooked, claw like tendrils of gas - long lingering impact to all. 
Shimmering, multi layered curtains and sheets of gas - two strong impacts to all, roll twice on effect table. 
An ever thickening sphere of gas and minerals - impacts all, stronger closer to the centre of the nebula. 
A central worm hole spewing out clouds of thick gas - impacts some, those impacting have an unbearable urge to leave the nebula. 
Super thick, light blocking cloud of dust - overwhelming impact to some. 
Swirling waves of dust - impact to all, delayed till once they leave the nebula. 
Thick gas and dust clumped heavily around any large mass in the nebula - roll twice on effect table, strongly impacts all when nearby to planets, stars, space stations, etc. 
An imploding star at the centre of the nebula is vomiting torrents of gas - impacts all, more intensely the closer to the imploding star one is. 
Heavy clouds of dust drifting from d12 cracked, crushed and exploded planets - impacts some very swiftly. 
 Extremely thick soup of dust and minerals - strong impact to all, damages spacecraft that fly through it. 
Thick dust, sometimes forming into boulders of stone - strong impact to all, danger and probably of impact with spacecraft in nebula very high.
Thick, swirling clouds of liquid - medium impact to all, liquid melts into spacecraft hull causing lingering impact to those inside. 


Green: Vivifies and repairs organic flesh.  
Silver: Solidifies and strengthens metal. 
Purple: Confuses and misguides spacecraft sensors. 
Grey: Can nullify the damage of Laz weapons. 
Red: Empowers warp drive systems. 
Yellow: Greatly increases spacecraft speed. 
Pink: Causes visions and dreams in organic beings. 
Teal: Clarifies the mental faculties of organic beings. 
Orange: Physically empowers organic beings. 
Aqua: Greatly increases the aerobic capacity of organic beings. 
White: Strips clean metals. 
Light green: Greatly increases metabolism and hunger in organic beings. 
Gold: Greatly increases the range and effectiveness of ship sensors. 
White: Causes organic beings to become incredibly sleepy. 
Beige: Causes the face and forms of organic beings to warp and shimmer. 
Purple: Distorts the visual field of sentient beings, causing them to feel much smaller. 
Grey: Repairs and reinforces spacecraft hulls and the form of mechanical beings. 
Red: Refuels and refills mechanical fuel systems. 
Silver: Amplifies and clarifies spacecraft sensors. 
Green: Eliminates infections, diseases, viruses, etc in organic beings. 
Pink: Solidifies and strengthens organic flesh. 
Yellow: Increases all sensuous desires of organic beings.
Acqua: Imbues sentients beings with an intense sense of calm. 
Red: Causes all objects to leave easily trackable trails behind. 
Grey: Actively consumes breathable atmosphere, dramatically reducing its supply. 
Silver; Disconnects and blocks access to the Data Plane 
Purple: Greatly empowers laz weaponry. 
Green: Increases the mass of organic beings. 
Magenta: Confuses spacecraft astronavigation sensors. 
Amber: Warps the bones and flesh of organic beings. 
Lime: Shuts down the organic process of organic beings, slowly killing them. 
Grey: Intense radiation cooks organic matter from the inside. 
Pink: Stops spacecraft’s warp drives from operating. 
Yellow: Hijacks spacecraft’s piloting system and send them to places of the nebula’s choosing. 
Blue: A pervading atmospheric dampness causes everything to become wet. 
Beige: Infects organic beings with a maddening fever, disturbing voices and visions. 
Gold: Causes feelings of euphoria in organic beings. 
Blue: Constantly feed organic beings, like atmosphere manna from heaven. 
Silver: Causes organic beings to appear incredibly attractive. 
Teal: Causes accurate and prophetic dreams in sentient beings. 
Lime: Creates shimmering and distracting mirror images. 
Red: Ignitable atmosphere causes spacecraft weaponry to become explosive. 
White: Causes organic beings to feel incredibly ill and uneasy, eventually killing them. 
Beige: Causes communication, data plane or spoken, to become garbled and disjointed. 
Orange: Causes all organic life to glow brightly. 
Aqua: Infects sentient beings with an overbearing desire to not leave the nebula. 
Pink: Induces psychedelic visions in sentient beings. 
Grey: Causes increased aging in organic beings. 
Grey: Causes voices in the minds of all sentient beings. 
Purple: Causes the corporeal bodies of organic beings to lose their forms, sometimes temporarily becoming sentient goop. 
Yellow: Echoes all words spoken and noises made. 
Orange: Stupifies and confuses organic beings. 
White: Shocks and electrifies both organic and mechanical beings/objects. 
Lime: Will allow organic lifeforms to live seemingly indefinitely. 
Beige: Greatly intensifies chemical reactions. 
Silver: Allows spacecraft to very easily avoid detection. 
Red: Corrodes and rips apart metal, including spacecraft. 
Maroon: Causes sentient beings to communicate telepathically. 
Amber: Allows sentient beings consciousness to leave their physical form. 
Pink: Infects organic beings with a nebula specific disease or parasite. 
Blue: Increases the pull of gravity to all large masses. 
Red: Cracks and disintegrates armour and hull. 
Lime: Disintegrates the flesh of organic beings. 
Beige: Steals memories from sentient beings. 
Gold: Melts metal. 
Silver: Freezes organic matter. 
Yellow: Burns organic matter. 
Pink: Causes seizures and petrification in sentient beings. 
White: Causes sentient beings to lose intelligence and reason. 
Purple: Extremely strengthens organic beings bones and internal support structures.  
Grey: Causes all organic material to slowly break down into liquid mush. 
Orange: Consumes spacecraft fuel supplies, causing travel in the nebula to be very expensive. 

Saturday, 28 December 2019

Automated Spacecraft Generator

Made to be used with Star Dogs:

To generate a random spacecraft, first decide whether it is an alien or human spacecraft . Roll on the appropriate “Spacecraft Form” table to get a general idea for the ship’s shape. From then, the generation tables/buttons are the same for both alien or human spacecrafts.

Click on the buttons to generate a spacecraft! 

The raw tables can be found below.
(Automated using:

Button/Table Descriptions: 

Human Spacecraft Form: Roll d4, roll that many times on table and combine results.

Alien Spacecraft Form: Roll Twice and combine the results.

Spacecraft Classes: Either pick one of these classes, or roll to get a random spacecraft class. Morph the core attributes of the ship as appropriate.

Spacecraft Form Manifestation: What is weird, unusual, or unique about the spacecraft’s visual appearance.

Spacecraft Special Ability: What special powers, modifications, equipment or weapons the spacecraft has.

Spacecraft Interior Atmosphere: If boarded, what the interior of the spacecraft looks like.

John Berkey
Spacecraft Generator: 

Human Spacecraft Form: Roll d4, roll that many times on table and combine results. 

Raw Tables: 

Alien Spacecraft Form: 

Slime Mound.
Jelly Cube.

Spacecraft Classes:  

Bee: Small fighter, AC: 12, HP: 12, Shield Points: d6. Weapon Points: 1, Passenger Points: 1, Cargo Points: 0. STR: 6, DEX: 16, CON: 6, INT: 8, WIS: 6, CHA: 6.
Wasp: Small fighter, AC: 13, HP: 16, Shield Points: d8. Weapon Points: 2, Passenger Points: 2, Cargo Points: 0. STR: 10, DEX: 14, CON: 8, INT: 8, WIS: 6, CHA: 6.
Pigeon: Small transport, AC: 14, HP: 30, Shield Points: d8. Weapon Points: 2, Passenger Points: 6, Cargo Points: 3. STR: 10, DEX: 12, CON: 10, INT: 10, WIS: 10, CHA: 10.
Gull: Large transport, AC: 14, HP: 60, Shield Points: d10. Weapon Points: 2, Passenger Points: 20, Cargo Points: 10. STR: 10, DEX: 10, CON: 14, INT: 12, WIS: 14, CHA: 14.
Eagle: Large fighter transport, AC: 14, HP: 80, Shield Points: d12. Weapon Points: 4, Passenger Points: 20, Cargo Points: 10. STR: 12, DEX: 12, CON: 14, INT: 14, WIS: 14, CHA: 12.
Barracuda: Large fighter, AC: 16, HP: 100, Shield Points: d12. Weapon Points: 6, Passenger Points: 20, Cargo Points: 5. STR: 14, DEX: 14, CON: 14, INT: 14, WIS: 14, CHA: 12.
Turtle: Extra large fighter transport, AC: 18, HP: 200, Shield Points: d20. Weapon Points: 4, Passenger Points: 30, Cargo Points: 50. STR: 15, DEX: 10, CON: 18, INT: 14, WIS: 16, CHA: 16.
Shark: Extra large fighter, AC: 16, HP: 150, Shield Points: d20. Weapon Points: 8, Passenger Points: 30, Cargo Points: 10. STR: 18, DEX: 12, CON: 14, INT: 18, WIS: 16, CHA: 14.

Spacecraft Form Manifestation: 

Soft, billowing and bulbous.
Perfectly smooth and elegant curves.
Exhaust is blindingly glowing.
Clusters of energy globes proliferate on hull.
Additional fins and wings.
Surrounded by a misty space fog.
Lines of shimmering spikes.
Unbalanced and asymmetrical.
Hollowed out and skeletal.
An abundance of viewing portals and panels.
Exhausts a large clouds of vapour.
Doubled and paired components.
Golden, gilded and opulent.
An infestation of communication modules splay across surface.
Huge plasma transfer pipes and viewable engine parts.
Shimmering, reflective surface.
Infected with space barnacles from leaking engine fluid.
Craggy spreading mineral infestation.
Melted and corroded from previous battles.
An infestation of space parasites.
One component of the craft is oversized.
Enormous engine exhausts/thrusters.
Ridden with a tangle of viney space fungus.
Craft travels bulky side first, an insult to aerodynamics.
Has a proliferation of smoking, flaming plasma exhausts.
Is in disrepair, hastily attached panels and communication modules are coming loose.
Extended, narrow and thin passenger bays connect chunkier engine components.
Riddled with battle scars, repaired rifts in hull.
Barely contained plasma energy sources leak into nearby atmosphere.
Crudely shaped and oversized.
Lines of decorative energy plasma pulse all over hull.
Incredibly sharp, pointed and dagger like.
Overly thick and chunky panels of hull.
Dented, cracked and semi imploded.
Cloud of external sensor drones hovers around craft.
Incredibly dated, aged and old in design or actuality.
Fins and curves are serrated with blades and needles.
The components of the craft are arranged such that it has a pareidolic leering visage.
Dark curved and stealthy, almost impossible to see with the naked eye.
Large chunks of the hull are rotted away, revealing working innards.

Spacecraft Special Ability: 

Self repairing hull or shields
Extra protective hull.
A.I assisted weapon systems.
Comprehensive navigation databanks.
Huge amount of cargo space.
Extra resistant to Bull or Laz fire.
Very powerful sensors and scanners.
Advanced targeting systems.
Incredibly fast.
Able to hack into other spacecraft’s comlog systems.
Onboard A.I can pilot spacecraft while all passengers sleep.
Can also operate in water.
Colour morphing paint and shield camouflages hull.
Expulser gas gun buffets other spacecraft.
Able to broadcast distracting, screeching cacophony on other spacecraft’s audio systems.
Arrangement of external components can morph and transform on the fly.
Tractor beam.
Extremely high combat mobility.
Weapon systems interface directly with pilot’s brains, allowing high accuracy of fire.
Uses space fuel incredibly efficiently, allowing many long distance trips without refuel.
Advanced plasma ramming system can shear parts off other spacecraft.
Cluster rocket launcher.
Globule launcher that corrodes the hulls of enemy spacecraft.
Spacecraft accompanied by several A.I controlled clones of itself.
Enormous hull based ramming head.
Sensor confusing drone launcher.
Extreme far reaching on board sensors.
Grapples other spacecraft and consumes it and its plasma reactor for fuel.
Grapples other spacecraft and pulls them apart with massive claws.
Stealth shields.
Databank with researched weak spots of nearly all known spacecraft in the galaxy.
Sleep ray.
Auto hacking comlog that can sabotage other spacecraft onboard systems.
Morphable hull can focus on speed, mobility or weapon damage.
Extra thick and regenerative shields.
Can self destruct.
Onboard vat farms can sustain crew indefinitely.
Organic pain ray causes excruciating pain in other spacecraft’s organic crew.
Can dump orb loads of slowing/destructive liquid goop.
Weapons designed to crack open other spacecraft’s hulls.
Can accelerate freely in any direction.
Weapons that quickly strip away enemy spacecraft’s hull.
Weapons that damage the crew within enemy spacecraft.
Can deactivate enemy spacecraft’s shields.
Can deactivate enemy spacecraft’s engines.
Shield bounces back Laz fire at enemy spacecraft.
Fires particularly large and destructive projectiles.
Holds a fleet of A.I controlled combat drones.
Augments the mental and physical capacity of the pilot.
Incredibly opulent and bejewelled hull.
Very effective with ramming weapons.
Can deactivate weapon systems for extreme boosts to shields, hull or spee.d
Can deactivate other spacecraft’s weapon systems.
Incredibly odious, repulses other pilots on sight.
Powerful hologram projector creates fake duplicates of the spacecraft.
Plasma flame weaponry sets alight other spacecraft.
Space mine launcher.
Able to quickly integrate scavenged parts from other spacecraft into own system.
Able to leech power and fuel supplies from other spacecrafts.
Fully automated A.I weapon systems do not require a pilot to fire.
Shield system that damages other spacecraft it comes into contact with.
Several spacecrafts communed together, acting in unison and increased in power.
Able to smoothly dodge and avoid much of the fire targeted at them.
Weaponry that spreads madness and disorder aboard enemy spacecraft.
Generates an energy field that sickens and inebriates crew of enemy spacecraft.
Semi organic fleshy armour covers hull and regrows quickly when damaged.
Target tracking weaponry barely ever misses.
Can quickly warp jump to nearby locations, essentially teleporting in combat.
Able to morph shape as to appear as another spacecraft.
Fires fireworks like rounds that distract and startle.
Claw and hull cracking mechanisms allow forced boarding of other spacecraft.
Consumes Laz fire, charging a super powered Laz weapon of its own.
Fires a weaponised parasite that consumes the hull of other spacecrafts.
Near instantaneous warp drive.
Fires drones that hook onto enemy spacecraft and wreak havoc to their systems.
Weaponised engine exhaust that can be used to melt other spacecraft’s hulls.
Launches combat robots that board enemy spacecraft in hull boring tubes.
Can target and attack enemy spacecraft from extremely long range.
Powerful onboard comlog and A.I send spoof commands to enemy spacecrafts.
Launches canisters of gas that have a negative effect on enemy spacecrafts.

Spacecraft Interior Atmosphere: 

Blindingly over lit.
An abundance of robots and drones dote on all passengers.
Harsh, jagged support struts of metal.
Homemade, kitschy and crafty, decorations fill every nook and cranny.
Surgically clean.
Bare of any decorations or furniture.
Threatening security turrets, scan all passengers.
Clear or missing panels show the plasmic burning of the engines.
Defective gravity generator.
Defective atmosphere generator means interior is choked with smog or smoke.
Captain or crew’s music plays through ships audio visual comlog system.
Alien trophies hang from the walls.
Filled with soft carpets and curtains.
Exotic aliens in cages.
Engine fluid and lubricant dripping in puddles from cracked pipes.
A lush interior hydroponic forest.
Metal shelves of glowing alien goop.
An abundance of water features.
Crew have strewn their bedding and personal effects in public areas.
Hologram screens stream a variety of entertainment.
Audio visual recording comlogs blink from every shadow.
Vat food farms taps provide an oversupply of food.
Dark, skeletal robots service the craft in the shadows.
Hologram projectors create fake, fantastical scenes.
Banks of sleep and meditation pods.
Large amounts of shambling cleaner and service droids.
Body parts and alien samples preserved in canisters.
Panels of polished and reflective metal.
Aquariums built into the hull, housing aquatic life.
Corridors lined with bunk beds.
Heads of alien beasts hung as trophies on walls. 
Dangerous substances leak from the walls from the engine operations.
A proliferation of restraining devices for prisoners.
Piles of toxic and dangerous chemicals in barrels and canisters.
Crude art, drawn directly onto the craft’s walls.
Droids built directly into the ship maintain and operate it.
Meat is being butchered in common areas.
A complicated hydroponic system has turned the interior into a jungle.
A depressing dead and dying hydroponic garden of mostly weeds.
A strong scent is visibly pumped through the air vents.
Holographic game boards litter every available surface.
Safety alerts are constantly going off.
Chained or otherwise restrained androids work as maintenance slaves.
Humans, aliens and or synthoids floating in stasis vats line corridors.
Panels rotted and removing, revealing interior workings of spacecraft.
Massive piles of refuse and waste piled into corners and corridors.
Dangerous and stinking space mold spreading from leaking water tubes.
Large open areas crisscrossed with metal cable bridges.
Corridors are lined with grim faced human and alien statues or holograms.
An abundance of onboard bars and lounges, filled with rich, delicious smoke.
Curved chromed and bejewelled, heavily decorated and ornate.
Racks and lockers filled with weaponry, both exotic and common.
An infestation of Data plane viruses cause constant malfunctions.
Tight and tunnel like, far too small for normal sized humans.
Bizarre, half finished and inoperative technological contraptions everywhere.
Data, news and feeds stream from across the galaxy, holo projected on walls.
Far too many doors, all thick, secure and encoded.
Panels and components clearly scavenged from other spacecraft.
An abundance of heavily armed crew guard each room.
Total and thick darkness.

Saturday, 14 December 2019

Automated Space Random Encounter Generator

Made to be used with Star Dogs:

This generator is an updated version of this post:

Click on the buttons to generate a random encounter in space. 

The raw tables can be found below.
(Automated using:

Button/Table Descriptions: 

Space Scenery: gives the “area” that the encounter takes place in – these are intended to give interesting cover and obstacles to any potential battles.

Modifier: gives the descriptor for that area, possibly changing the way it operates and appears.

Contents: gives the thing encountered, which may be anything from valuable cargo, a band of space pirates or weird space entities. There is a seperate button for each result.

Automated Space Random Encounter Generator: 

Raw Tables: 

Space Scenery:  

Clouds of fist sized asteroids. Flying through the clouds will cause minor to moderate damage to ship HP.
Spacecraft sized cloud of asteroids, slowly drifting and colliding.
An out of orbit moon, cracked, decaying, dead and lifeless.
A cluster of aged, defunct satellites, signal repeaters, landing assistors and other mechanical detritus.
A space station. No lights, signals or transmissions are emitting from it.
An enormous asteroid, riddled with clearly visible caves and tunnels.
Clouds of chunks of ice that will melt to water globules when close enough to ship exhaust and energy weapon fire.
Two warp portals. The portals are about the width and height of a moon. A mass of space detritus is caught in an endless loop, warping from one portal to the other, endlessly drifting.
An enormous stone structure cubic or pyramid in shape. It is riddled with entrances, windows, clear passageways and rooms indicating it was a structure for habitation. It is ancient and rotting, also clearly not intended for space travel.
A moon sized comet, hurtling through space with a brightly colored trail of gas and debris. Collusions with the comet would be catastrophic for most space craft.
An enormous out of commission and rotting spacecraft, large holes riddling its hull. No sign of power or operation.
Huge and dead, hardened organic hive structure. Chunks of rotting organic material trails behind the hive as it floats through space. It does not appear to be inhabited.
Clouds of purple and yellow ion storming that will completely dematerialize ship shield systems.
Clouds of thick green gas that most rudimentary ship scanning system will indicate as extremely flammable and explosive.
Brown green clouds of thick dust, gas and pebbles. Flying through these clouds will cause almighty din in any areas of the ship close to the external hull as stones bounce from it.  May also disrupt audio visual sensors and decrease manual visibility.
d20 Still smoldering husks of obliterated spacecraft involved in a recent battle. There does not appear to be any survivors but some ship signals are still live but silent.
A clearly living organic structure approximately the size of a moon. May be tree/seaweed/fungus/sea cucumber/coral/etc-like in its formation.
The putrid and disintegrating carcass of some mythical, long dead space beast. Its features are rotted beyond recognition and classification. All that is left behind is flesh, bone, ichor and organs frozen and floating in space. Frozen globules of blood approximately the size of a stunt fighter orbit the carcass.
d20 unmanned, unpowered ancient spacecraft, drifting together connected by a web of fuel and powerlines. They are of a design and make not seen in eons.
Clusters of drifting, globules of a type of dark matter. While entering them will not cause lasting or physical damage, it will result in complete ship system failure. This dark matter will pass through any physical barriers (ship hulls/shields) as if the matter around the globule has absolutely no effect on it. Organic creatures will become unconscious for d10 rounds if they come into passing contact with a globule. Anything remaining in contact with the dark matter for more than a few minutes may disappear from existence.


The scenery has clearly been nibbled/chomped/eaten by a now absent space leviathan.
An unexplained source or sources of gravity are dragging the scenery towards it. Ships may also be affected by this.  Objects and detritus will be clustered, tight and swirling towards the gravity source.
The scenery or part of the scenery has the alarming property of draining electronic energy systems. Ships in the vicinity/contact too long will lose power completely and drift aimlessly in space – all systems offline.
The scenery or part of the scenery has the alarming property causing one of the following systems to go offline, d4: 1) shields 2) scanning and targeting 3) engines 4) weapon systems.
Garbled/disturbing/intriguing localized dataplane transmissions
Inhabited by system specific alien – along with the housing required by that race.
Inhabited by system specific rogue humans (rebels, pirates, anarchists, etc) - along with the housing required.
Floating globules of magnetic, liquid metal. Will stick to starships leading to unusual hull shapes and possibly loss of speed.
The scenery is churning and swirling in a massive gravitational maelstrom. This maelstrom may affect the movement of spacecraft travelling through it.
The area is replete with a valuable resource that can be salvaged, mined or foraged. It may be the scenery itself, or attached/ingrained within the scenery.
Space mushrooms or truffle balls of various sizes and colours coat the physical objects in the area, or float listlessly in space. They will explode in clouds of spores when coming into contact with spacecraft and their engine exhaust.
The physical objects in the area coated in clusters of dog sized eggs. Eggs may or may not be covered in slime and goop and raised on a stalk. Obscene alien lifeforms may or may not be contained within.
Space mirage causes objects in the area to multiply, shimmer, blur and other wise confuse those nearby.
The scenery, or parts of it, emit hazardous levels of radiation that may seep through spacecraft hulls depending on the craft.
The scenery glows blindingly with an infection of some plasma like substance.
A thick ghostly space fog flows through the area, sparking with electricity.
A forest of coral like space vegetation growth infests the area.
Corpses, either alien or human, float in clusters near the scenery.
Scenery is cracked, shattered and broken apart into many pieces.
Alien beasts who live in the vacuum of space, infest the scenery.


Galactic Pallets.
Space Anomaly.
Single Ship.
Group of ships.
Galactic Pallets and Space Anomaly.
Galactic Pallets and Single Ship.
Galactic Pallets and Group of ships.
Space Anomaly and Single Ship
Space Anomalies and Group of Ships.
Single Ship and a Group of Ships.
Two opposing single ships.
Two opposing groups of ships.

Galactic Pallets: 

d6 Galactic Pallets containing mundane and everyday items worth d10 x 100 credits each.
d6 Galactic Pallets containing tools and speciality equipment worth 2d10 x 500 credits each.
d6 d6 Galactic Pallets containing weapons and armour worth 3d10 x 1000 credits each.
d6 Galactic Pallets containing advanced combat equipment worth 3d10 x 1500 credits each.
d6 Galactic Pallets containing impressive technology equipment worth 3d10 x 1500 credits each.
d6 Galactic Pallets containing hovercraft parts worth 4d10 x 1000 credits each.
d6 Galactic Pallets containing spacecraft parts worth 5d10 x 2000 credits each
d6 Galactic Pallets each containing a HD6 security robot, controllable by comlog.
A Galactic Pallet containing a comlog detailing security codes for nearby space station or planetary base.
A Galactic Pallet containing a comlog with complete layout and schematics for nearby space station or planetary base
A Galactic Pallet containing a comlog with data for cutting edge augmentation.
d6 Galactic Pallets each containing a hibernating HD8 exotic and dangerous non sentient alien.

Space Anomalies

1d6 organic, living spacecraft.
A ratty and rotting salvaged spacecraft, made up of the remains of hundreds of destroyed spacecraft. The salvaged ship is controlled by a self aware A.I. that is travelling through space to further grow itself.
An ancient spacecraft controlled by an A.I.. The AI will hail and request immediate docking with any ships it encounters claiming it has gifts for those onboard. Use the Dangerous Sector generator to create the hellish interior the A.I. is attempting to trap, kill, capture and torture those silly enough to board within.
An organic and sentient space station manned by humanoid shaped drone workers devoid of features who work tirelessly manufacturing some semi organic trade good. Use the Alien Species generator for details of the space station.
Spacecraft floating slowly, engines unpowered, inhabited by a parasitic alien lifeform (use Alien Species generator). The ship will hail and report in a stilted, warped voice that the pilots on board are having trouble piloting their craft and require assistance. Though the parasitic lifeform want more organic hosts, they would also appreciate knowledge on how to operate their spacecraft.
A space leviathan (use Alien Species generator but assume the being created can swim through the vacuum of space).

Single Ship: 

Alien small fighter.
Major power in the system small fighter.
Rogue humans (rebels, pirates, anarchists, etc) small fighter.
Rogue humans (rebels, pirates, anarchists, etc) small transport.
Independent merchant/trader/smuggler small transport.
Independent merchant/trader/smuggler large transport.
Alien large transport.
Prominent individual large fighter.
Major power in the system large fighter.
Major power in the system extra large fighter.

Group of ships: 

d8 alien small fighters.
d8 major power in the system small fighters.
d8 rogue humans (rebels, pirates, anarchists, etc) small fighters.
Rogue humans (rebels, pirates, anarchists, etc) large transport + d8 rogue humans (rebels, pirates, anarchists, etc)  small fighters.
d6 Independent merchant/trader/smuggler  small transports.
d6 Independent merchant/trader/smuggler  large transports.
Alien large transport + d8 Alien small fighters.
Prominent individual large fighter + d8 major power in the system small fighters.
Major power in the system large fighter + d8 major power in the system small fighters.
Major power in the system extra large fighter.  + d8 major power in the system small fighters.