Wednesday 28 May 2014

Monsters Encountered in The Ruinlands

When "Monster" comes up as a result in Ruin Filled Swamp Generator, roll a d4:   

1) Swamp Crawler: Flat, black cephalopod roughly 4 to 6 foot across. They dredge the wetland lakes, pools, ponds and muck for carcasses. They are happy to feast on fresher meat and will use their strong tentacles to beat prey into submission and drag them underwater in reach of their beaks. Due to their dark coloration and contorting forms they prove to be difficult melee foes for land dwelling beings.

Number Encountered: d6.  
Alignment: Chaotic.  
Movement: 160' in water, 60' on land.
HD: 2. 
Armor Class: 18 (2) when underwater and fighting a non aquatic foe, 12 (8) on land or fighting an aquatic foe.  
Attacks and Damage: 2 x Tentacle Whip (d6), if a foe is dragged beneath the water in reach of their beak they can bite for d8.
Special: If a Swamp Crawler attacks with a single tentacle it may attempt to drag a foe beneath the water, said foe must Save Vs, Paralyze to avoid this. Once dragged beneath the water the Swamp Crawler may bite its victim with a +4 To Hit bonus. A non aquatic being will be drowned in GM discretion rounds, said being may attempt to escape the Swamp Crawler's clutches by passing a Strength test by a greater margin than an opposed Swamp Crawler Strength test (The Swamp Crawler has a Strength of 14). Alternatively the victim may attack the Swamp Crawler at a -4 to hit while in it's clutches.  
Save: F2.
Morale: 8.  
XP: 200.

2) Spell Snake: Amphibious, chitinous worm 12 to 14 foot long approximately the girth of a man's torso. Their dark, segmented body swirls with prismatic colors, like oil catching sunlight. Their head are topped with a great beak and several sets of compound eyes. They feed on magical half-life expulsed in ages long gone and held in the peat and bog of the Ruinlands.

Number Encountered: d3.  
Alignment: Chaotic.  
Movement: 160' in water, 140' on land.
HD: 4.  
Armor Class: 20 (0) when underwater and fighting a non aquatic foe, 16 (4) on land.  
Attacks and Damage: Bite (d10) and body slam (d6).  
Special: The Spell Snake sets its mesmerizing eyes on a target and inhales air with a deafening screech. Target must Save Vs. Spells or lose d4 memorized spells/prayers (determined randomly).  
Save: F4.
Morale: 7, after "feeding" on a spell 10.
XP: 300.  

 3) Bear Toad: A misleadingly named toad that's actually closer in size to a large breed of dog. Their croak is particular deep and sonorous, sending unsettling vibrations throughout The Ruinlands. They enjoy leaping high in to the air and flattening other creatures with their bulk. Once a creature is killed Bear Toads will bounce victim's body into a fleshy goop to encourage the growth of their preferred dish, corpse mushrooms.
Number Encountered: d8.  
Alignment: Chaotic.  
Movement: 120' in water, 140' on land.
 HD: 2. Armor Class: 14 (6).  
Attacks and Damage: Jump Attack, does d8+2 damage but Bear Toads will always be the last to attack.
Special: Bear Toads may supercharge their croak to emanate an unsettling, dizzying force. Victims must Save Vs. Breath Weapons or suffer -2 AC and -2 To Hit for d6 rounds.
Save: F2.
Morale: 6.  
XP: 200.

4) Were-Toad / Warty Man: After the movements of the Lake's dawn tide these beings will appear as naked, wart covered men with bulging eyes and lolling tongues. They carry crude wooden spears and bows. They are vaguely intelligent and encountering them may prompt a reaction roll (at a penalty of 6). After the movements of the lake's dusk tide these beings will appear as gangly, up right walking toads. Their semblance of human intelligence fades away in this form. 

Number Encountered: d12+4.
Alignment: Chaotic.
Movement: 120' regardless of terrain.  
HD: 1. Armor Class: 13 (7).  
Attacks and Damage: As a man: d6 from either spear or bow. As a were-toad: d6 from spear or a bow, with the ability to jump attack for d6+2 with a bonus of +2 To Hit.  
Special: As a man: Ability to hide or scale sheer surfaces/climb, 4 in 6 chance. As a were-toad: Ability to hide, 4 in 6 chance. Ability to scale sheer surfaces/climb with impunity.  
Save: F1.
Morale: 6.
XP: 150.

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