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d6 Weretoad Variants

Weretoads are cursed inhabitants of the swampy Ruinlands. Without check from brave genocidal adventurers the Weretoads population has  grown, spread and mutated. The "regular" Weretoad is found here, and a mini dungeon from which these vile creatures spill forth upon the world can be found here.

All Weretoads have two forms, the change in these being triggered by the morning and evening movement of tides in the closest body of fresh water. During the day they will appear as naked, wart covered men with bulging eyes and lolling tongues. The Weretoads described here all have specific, pronounced and bizarre changes to their human forms stemming from their toad-form mutations. In this form Weretoads are vaguely intelligent and encountering them may prompt a reaction roll (at a penalty of 6). In the evening hours Weretoads appear in their much more grotesque, true toad-form. At this time their human intelligence has melted away and they are aggressive to any they encounter.

Every 1 in 6 Weretoads will be one of these variants. Assume Chaotic alignment for all Weretoads. All Weretoads traverse land and water at the same rate. All Weretoads have the following special abilities (unless otherwise noted); As a man: Ability to hide or scale sheer surfaces/climb, 4 in 6 chance. As a were-toad: Ability to hide, 4 in 6 chance, ability to scale sheer surfaces/climb with impunity.  

AC is ascending with unarmored human base of 11.  

1) Surinam:

Human Form: Bent over double, hands basically dragging across the ground, hunchbacked, weeping sores and popping boils cover backside.

HD: 1, Movement: 100',
AC: 10 (clumsy, slow from hunchback),
Attacks: 1 (Spear or Bow), Damage: d6,
Save: F1, Morale: 6, XP: 100,
Special: Ability to hide/scale sheer surfaces/climb diminished due to deformity, 2 in 6 chance.

Weretoad Form: Bulging, pulsating, quivering backside. Countless pockets of slime hold squirming sacks of  thin, black, spine and spike covered toads. Hunched over, thickset and slow moving.

HD: 1, Movement: 100',
AC: 12 (thickened blubbery skin, often walks backwards with back as shield),
Attacks: 1 (Spear or Bow), plus ability to release spawn (see special), Damage: 6,
Save: F2, Morale: 8, XP: 200,
Special: Once per round, forgoing other attacks, a Surinam can unleash a barrage of d6 spine and spike covered black toads to a distance of up to 40'. The target of this barrage must make a Save Vs. Breath or  find themselves being bitten and cut by the toads now covering their body (each toad doing 1 HP of damage per round, including the round they were launched). d4 toads may be removed if a victim focuses on this task for a round and passes a Dexterity check. Surinam Weretoad's ability to scale sheer surfaces/climb is diminished to a 4 in 6 chance

2) Chythrid:

Human Form: Suffers from a constant hacking cough and wheeze, Skin and hair is white, scaly, dusty and shedding. Clumps, clusters and colonies of  fleshy fungus cover the body.

HD: 1, Movement: 120',
AC: 12 (hardened skin from constant fungal infection),
Attacks: 1 (Spear or Bow), Damage: d6,
Save: F2, Morale: 6, XP: 150,
Special: Engaging in melee combat for more than 3 rounds results in possible transfer of fungal infection. Save Vs. Poison or suffer a fungal infection of the (d4): 1) Skin, 2) Eyes, 3) Respiratory System, 4) Armpits/genitals.

Weretoad Form: Mushrooms, puffballs and bracket fungus cover the body. The extremities, especially the hands, have become near useless due to fungal growth and infection.

HD: 1, Movement: 120',
AC: 12 (Fungus covering body),
Attacks: 1 (club like fist). Damage: d4,
Save: F2, Morale: 8, XP: 200,
Special: When struck by any martial weapons the Chythrid will release a 20' cloud of spores (which other Weretoads are immune to). Those caught in the cloud must Save Vs. Poison or suffer one of the following d4 effects: 1) As per Sleep spell, 2) As per Confusion spell, 3) d6 rounds of psychedelic hallucinations (-5 penalty to all actions), 4) d6 rounds of severe hacking cough (-3 to all actions). Chythrids do not have the ability to scale sheer surfaces/ climb.

3) Paratoid:

Human Form: Constantly sweat profusely, an oily, slippery type sweat. Emit a severe stench (rot, urine, chlorine). Are friendlier than most other Weretoads (always wears a smile, no reaction roll penalty) but appear confused and deranged.

HD: 1, Movement: 120', AC: 13 (Blows will often glance and slide along oily skin),
Attacks: 1 (Spear or Bow), Damage: d6,
Save: F1, Morale: 10, XP: 150,
Special: No longer has the ability to scale sheer surfaces/climb but is an excellent contortionist/escape artist (4 in 6 chance).

Weretoad Form: A constant torrent of milky slime and mucus leaks from the skin. Puddles and pools of the milky, oily substance form wherever the Paratoid goes. The mucus of the Paratoid has a variety of properties that the Weretoad has control of (see Special).

HD: 1, Movement: 120,
AC: 14 (Extremely slippery, wet skin),
Attacks: 1 (Spear or Bow). Damage: d6,
Save: F4, Morale: 10, XP: 400,
Special: They're are three main Bufotoxins produced by the Paratoid Weretoad all inducing their effect when coming into contact with another beings skins and that being failing a Save Vs. Poison. 1) A toxin which complete stuns the body for d6 rounds. 2) A toxin which produces severe d12 rounds of severe psychedelic hallucinations (all actions taken at a penalty of -5). 3) An extreme adhesive mucus that can fuse together any material whatsoever for d12 rounds (ambulatory beings receive a Save Vs. Paralyze to avoid being stuck in place).  The Paratoid may splash these substances on targets within 10', create pools and puddles as traps, or encourage other Weretoads to dip their weapons into the mucus to augment their attacks. Paratoids no longer have the ability to scale sheer surfaces/climb or hide due to the massive amount of liquid they produce at all times. 

4) Tongue Priest:

Human Form: Very long, lolling tongue, reaching down to rest on the sternum or draped over a shoulder (resulting in an obvious speech impediment), obscenely bloated stomach. Less aggressive and more intelligent than other Weretoads (only a penalty of 2 to reaction roll). Will be holding/wearing crude religious symbols/artifacts. Will appear as the natural leader in a group of Weretoads.  

HD: 2, Movement: 120, AC: 11,
Attacks: 1 (Spear or Bow), Damage: d6,
Save: F2, Morale: 8, XP: 200,
Special:  Can cast Cure Light Wounds 3 times a day, has the ability to communicate with swamp/aquatic animals as per Speak with Animals spell at all times. Will be accompanied by some sort of swamp creature as an animal companion.

Weretoad Form: 5 to 10 foot tongue emerges from mouth and is draped across body or head as a turban or shawl. Skin crawls with insects and smaller amphibians who are docile and timid. Treated with the utmost deference and respect by other Weretoads.

HD: 2, Movement: 120', AC: 11,
Attacks: 1 (Spear or Bow), Damage: d6,
Save: F4, Morale: 10, XP: 300,
Special: Same special ability as per Human Form, plus the following: Gives all other Weretoads within visual range +1 to hit, damage and all other actions, these Weretoads will never attempt to flee combat while the Tounge Priest is alive. If slain all Weretoads in visual range must make a Moral check. Can direct hordes of stinging insects, flys, frogs and any other minor creature to waylay/irritate targets as the GM sees fit (ie: a horde of mice eating supplies, a horde of flies reducing vision/movement (-1 penalty to all actions), etc).

5) Queen:

Human Form: Obese pregnant woman, bowed over under the weight of bulging stomach, feet are swollen severely as to be nigh immobile. Other Weretoads nearby to a Queen.  are extremely protective and aggressive.

HD: 2, Movement: 40',
AC: 9 (Very slow and cumbersome, difficulty in movement),
Attacks: 1,(Spear or Bow), Damage: d6-1,
Save: F1, Morale: 6, XP: 50,
Special: If a Queen flees all other Weretoads in visual range will follow and protect her.

Weretoad Form: Massive bulging pustules and flesh sacks cover the lower half of the body. Legs have either disappeared or been hidden by pustules, giving a slug-like appearance. Dark, pygmy toad-men can be seen floating in some of the translucent flesh sacks.
HD: 3, Movement: 40', AC: 11 (Thickened, blubbery skin),
Attacks: 1 (Bite or Claw). Damage: d4,
Save: F3, Morale: 6, XP: 300,
Special: Once per round, forgoing other attacks, a Queen may release d4 pygmy toad-men (1HP, armed with d6 claws or bite). These pygmies will rush and randomly attack any non Weretoad beings within sight, seeking new targets until killed or collapsing from exhaustion. A Queen may release a total of d20 pygmies a week. The birthing process of the pygmies leaves behind an extremely slippery mucus that any non Weretoads must make a Save Vs. Paralyze to avoid slipping and falling prone in. Queen Weretoad's ability to hide/scale sheer surfaces/climb is diminished to a 3 in 6 chance.

6) Ornata:

Human Form: Armless and obese, severely limited intelligence. Bald with an oversized mouth accompanied by massive, low hanging jowls. Will squeal and moan unintelligible while rushing to attack anything non Weretoad that it encounters.

HD: 2, Movement: 120',
AC: 11,
Attacks: 2 (Kick and Bite). Damage: Kick: d6, Bite: d4,
Save: F2, Morale: 8, XP: 150,
Special: Inability to scale sheer surfaces/climb.  

Weretoad Form: Squat, very thickset, low to the ground - almost crawling and squirming in the dirt propelled by large muscular legs. Oversized head and mouth accounting for nearly half of body mass, no arms. Head counterbalanced by obscenely large/protruding rump. Wild, erratic and solitary - often ostracized and abandoned by other Weretoads. Will often burrow slightly in the dirt or mud to appear as a rock or log, then surprise and waylay passerby's.

1 in 6 chance at the beginning of each combat that an Ornata will attack friend rather than foe. 

HD: 2, Movement: 120',
AC: 12 (Thick, blubbery skin, muscular),
Attacks: 1 (bite), plus the ability to swallow (see Special), Damage: d8,
Save: F8, Morale: 10, XP: 200,
Special: Ornata's can swallow anything Halfling size or smaller, or happily engulf half of a Human, after a successful bite attack. The creature being swallowed has a Save Vs. Paralyze to avoid this. Once swallowed, beings Halfling size or smaller have d4 rounds before they suffocate and die, larger beings suffer an automatic d8 bite damage every round until death. Ornata Weretoads can not attack other beings while swallowing another. If an Ornata attempts to swallow anything larger than a human, it must make a Save Vs. Poison to avoid suffocating itself on its oversized prey.  Ornata Weretoads no longer have the ability to scale sheer surfaces/climb but can hide on a 5 in 6 chance. 

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