Wednesday 29 July 2015

Threats encountered in System G33

Even in the abandoned and isolated G33 system, the life of a House Council Agent is not without danger. A collection of non-human threats encountered in recent weeks by mission bound House agents is outlined below.

(The following entities, in White Star terms, fall under the "Creature" category. I have tried to emulate the statistic listing as per the rule book, but there is minor ordering changes to reflect my personal preference for reading  statistics. There is also the addition of "Number Encountered" statistic because I enjoy the  power it has to change the importance of an encounter, plus an "Emanation" listing."Emanation" rules, description and explanation can be found here. )

Location, G33 System House Council Spacestation: Operating at a vastly understaffed level, many once thriving areas of the G33 Spacestation have fallen in to disrepair. Cog engineers often weld off these areas with massive sheets of durasteel plating, before the council abandons them for good. Though rudimentary unmanned security system are installed, a tide of exotic and dangerous vermin eventually take up residence.

Ice Bat:

Number Encountered: d12, 
HD: 1hp, AC: 12 (Small and winged, dart and dodge with speed), 
Special: Can fly. Any entity bitten by an ice bat must make a Saving Throw or be infected with "Ice Veins". "Ice Veins" is a mild, slightly debilitating infection, easily cured. The victim will suffer from inescapable cold, shiver constantly and have their physical speed,  vigour and reaction times slowed down. 
Total Hit Bonus: +2Attacks: Bite (1d4). 
Saving Throw: 15, Movement: 16XP: 20, 
Emanation: Large icicles covered in small claw marks, rodents or larger prey dead and encased in cubes of ice, soft piles of white fur, ceilings covered in small claw marks and scratches, black piles of guano. 
Description: About the size of winged chihuahua, these blue skinned, white furred bats make their nests in the freezing, defunct climate-control tunnels. Those perceptive enough to notice them nesting, will see only masses of white fur clouded together between large icicles - a colony bunched together for warmth. Once disturbed the Ice Bats bright, blue leathery wings make it much easier to see as it flies towards its prey, fangs reared. 

Gas Bug:
Number Encountered: 1d6, 
HD: 1, AC: 18 (Thick carapace plating),
Special: Gas bugs will latch on to and constantly feed upon a foe after a successful bite attack, target must make a Saving throw or find themselves suffering d4 damage every round until the gas bug is removed or they/it are dead. Upon death gas bugs will explode in a plume of green gas, those nearby must making a Saving throw or feel woozy and disorientated for the next day. 
Total Hit Bonus: +1, Attacks: Bite (1d6), 
Saving Throw: 14, Movement: 1XP: 50, 
Emanation: Gnawed and destroyed gas pipes, brown stained and gnawed upon durasteel plating, colonies of gas bugs infested in walls - feasting upon broken gas pipes, shed carapaces, clouds of stenchous digested gas. 
Description: A galaxy wide pest, well known to any space station maintenance crew. Thick brown shelled insects, similar in size and physiology to a giant horse shoe crab. Powerful jaws and teeth on the underside of the protective carapace have the ability to slowly crack and grind through metal. This ability allows gas bugs to leech on to gas piping, which is the creatures main force of nutrition. When feeding they are enter a hibernation like state and will suck on gas lines until the supply is cut off - growing and reproducing unconsciously the entire time. They dumbly ignore entities around them but will become aggressive  if disturbed from gas feeding, or if something stands between them and a potential gas supply.

Spider Electroganic Drone:
Number Encountered: d6,
HD: 1, AC: 12 (Skittish and wiley),
Special: Can climb and scale sheer surfaces,

Total Hit Bonus: 1, Attacks: 1 or 2 (depending on model) re-purposed sentry laser (d6+2), 
Saving Throw: 14, Movement: 10XP: 50, 
Emanation: Removed durasteel panelling - wires, cords and cables clearly scavenged, makeshift work benches featuring chunks of flesh encased in wiring, hanging cords of electroganic parts, destroyed security lasers, distant clanking and scuttling, removed air vent panels. 
Description: Leaking dark red black oil and ramshackle to the point being in operable - spider electroganic drones are the handiwork of a crazed practitioner of the outlawed craft. Set to patrol heavily scavenged and destroyed areas of the station, or rudimentary work labs they will attack all beings on sight. It is currently unknown who is creating or controlling the drones. Their very existence is illegal and acknowledging having seen, fought, or other wise interact with one is cause for reprimand or imprisonment.

Location, Bube: Once the breadbasket of the system the dying sun of of G33 no longer supports the growing of grains or meat cattle. The ever gloomy purple tinged planet is currently overrun with mushrooms forest  which are thriving in the low light and fertile soil. These mushrooms do form the system's main food supply, but Cog researchers are yet to comprehend the dark arts of fungoid baking. 

Bube Beast:

Number Encountered: d4,
HD: 4, AC: 14 (Fattened flesh and muscle),
Special: Upon dying, or upon a blow targeted towards its pustule covered backside the large boils and lesions on the bube beasts will explode releasing a cloud of spores. A Saving throw is required upon contact with this spore cloud. If failed erratic and confused behaviour involving nearby mushrooms will occur for about an hour
Total Hit Bonus: +4Attacks: Bite (d8) and Hooven Stomp (d8)  
Saving Throw: 13, Movement: 14,  XP: 150, 
Emanation: Destroyed and devoured mushroom trees, distant bovine howls and warbling, distant stomping and falling of mushroom trees, mucus smeared mushroom tree trunks, squirming puddles of yellow goo a few feet across. 
Description:  An enormous bovine creature distantly related to long abandoned Bube cattle stock. Bube beasts wander the endless fields of mushrooms, ever feasting and growing. They are almost always seen with their backsides covered in swelling and jiggling pustules filled with spores bathing in a yellow goo. No natural predators exist for the beast and the eating of their flesh results in severe diarrhoea in humans. They are a menace and pest to the settlements of Bube which erect thick durasteel walls, armed with laser turrets around themselves to keep the beasts at bay. Odd, almost ceremonious behaviour and attacks on settlements which appears  intelligent and guided has been observed. 

Location, Top Secret and Unknown:  The following entities do not exist and additionally there existence is illegal. Acknowledging having seen, fought, or other wise interacted with the following is cause for reprimand or imprisonment.

Crystalline Men

Number Encountered: d6,
HD: 2, AC: 14 (Flesh of crystal brittle but absorbent),
Special: Immune to laser fire and other energy based weapons (Laser Sword attacks cause half damage), May hold consumable mind control orb which acts as a once off Charm Person as cast by a level 2 Star Knight. 
Total Hit Bonus: +2, Attacks: Crystalline sword hand (d8), 
Saving Throw: 12, Movement: 12XP: 100, 
Emanation: Crystalline drones, crystalline hive infestation, humans coming too from being mind controlled or in the throes of it - will act disorientated and confused perhaps muttering about the men, expertly destroyed human power systems and utilities, distant hums, distant whisperings. 
Description: The Crystalline men are silent, incomprehensible beings. Their technology is composed of the same material as their bodies. They have the ability to mentally seduce, confuse and overpower humans. Not much else is known about the Crystalline men. 

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