Friday 15 July 2016

The Transient Bazaar (A Merchant and Marketplace Generator for Guild Dogs)

An updated version of the below PDF is now available as a PWYW PDF on RPGnow/DriveThruRpg. It uses all public domain images (the one below has 4 chopped up images that weren't public domain). Find it here: 

Growing against the outer walls of the Bone Fortress (the ornate octagon housing The Law) is an amoebious market, The Transient Bazaar. The bazaar is fueled by the voracious appetite of the Guild Dogs, settled on the muddy grounds of the Bone Fort’s courtyard. They hunger for treasures rare, dangerous, unusual and arcane to assist them in their dubious careers. As the dark seasons of The City pass, new merchants erect makeshift stalls against the white walls. Merchants leave when their scant stock has been exhausted, journeying afar in search of new oddities.  

Use the PDF below to find out what is being sold in The Transient Bazaar, and who is selling it. 

(Stall and merchant results will no doubt work for other urban fantasy settings). 

An example:

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