Saturday 15 July 2017

Magic Item Generator

What is it? d12:  

1) Hat or helmet (envelopes the head, affects the organs there)
2) Jewelry (worn ostentatiously, passive background magic) 
3) Large magic stone or crystal ball (must be held or operated, affects the external world)
4) A piece of furniture (requires reclining in, magic occurs while resting) 
5) Body armour (envelopes and affects the body) 
6) Shield (magic is always defensive in nature) 
7) Wand (d100 charges) 
8) Robes, cloak, cape or clothing (affects appearance) 
9) Boots, sandals or anklet (affects transport and ambulation) 
10) Melee weapon
11) Ranged weapon 
12) Gloves and gauntlets (Allows fine motor magical manipulation) 

What is it made of? d6: 

1) Plant Matter (Wood, cloth, braided vine, leaves and the like, affinity for the natural world and balance, prone to decay). 
2) Mineral Matter (Shine, rigid, clanking, wrought, bejewelled, tough but unwieldy, protective but confining) 
3) Animal Matter (Leather, bone, fur, skins, feathers, conducive to baseness and consumption)
4) Monster Matter (Slime, eyes, claws, still living organs, too large and mutated, warped and unnatural, revolting and corrupting) 
5) Humanoid Matter (Amalgamations of tools and uniforms, rules, measurements, geometrics, brings temporary order and hierarchy)
6) Ethereal matter (Wreaths of plasmic smoke, pulsating, glowing, tears in reality, utter organicy, awe inspiring but can cease to exist at any moment).  

Magical Power? d12: 

1) Invigoration and robustness of the physical body
2) Sway over other sentient beings through speech and thought
3) Sway over the wilds and the natural world 
4) Ease of store and supply of survival necessities (victuals, water, shelter) 
5) Insight into future or past events 
6) Bolster or diminish the health of others 
7) Far sending of physical/mental manipulations (vile, fair and mundane) 
8) Sway over transportation and travel of self and others 
9) Summoning of things that don’t normally exist 
10) Shell, encasing, protection and dispelling (physical, magical and mental) 
11) Increasement of perception and bolstering of the mind  
12) Illusions, transformations and unreal alchemy 

What is its aspect? d10, d4:

Good, peaceful, kind
Holy, ordered, right
Light, illumination, enlightenment
Floating, peace, meditation
Air, empty, vacuum
Ethereal, wispy, ghostly
Wind, blowing, unseen mover
Storm,  rapid movement, speed
Tiny, shrinking, wasting away
Invisible, translucent, clear
Intangible, non corporeal, fading
Life, regrowth, rejuvenation
Value, gems, gold
Thought, philosophy, intellect
Internal organs, viscera, blood
Reflection, mirror, stillness
Water, cycles, karma
Equalization, law, justice
Cleansing, alkalizing, evaporation
Procrustean, rigidity, incarceration
Wildness, out of place, overgrown
Bestial, savageness, feeding
Nature, grove, peace
Chaos, disorder, mutation
Fire, explosions, heat
Destruction, rubble, ruin
Limbs, appendages, grasping locomotion
External action, destiny, prophecy
Monstrous, terrifying, abomination
Gargantuan, giant, enormous
Enveloping, enclosed, soft embrace
Straining, breaking, cracks
Deep, below, underground
Earth, soil, stone
Solid, mass, black holes
Time, dust, history
Evil, hate, pain
Profane, cruelty, desecration
Darkness, shadows, loss
Death, rot, decay
Magic helms of plant matter

Magic jewelry of monster matter

Magic furniture of plant and animal matter

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