Thursday, 19 July 2018

Artwork from the (theoretical) Fantasy Australia Sourcebook

I recently flipped through a textbook on the history of art in Australia. Any piece that stuck out as me as something that would suit a RPG book, I recorded the name of the artist. I then perused their work and have compiled the artwork for the Fantasy Australia Sourcebook. Bear in mind this is an art history text books - so there's not going to be anything particular contemporary (I think only one of the artists is still alive). Here's what I think a  campaign set in fantasy Australia should look like:

Various Artists - Tutini

James Gleeson - Across the Threshold

James Gleeson - Prosperos Workshop
Sydney Long - Sydney Harbour

Fred Williams Lal Lal Falls

James Gleeson - The Occasional Vision

Fred Williams - Burnt Landscape

Fred Williams - Hillock

Sydney Long - Moonlight Nocturne

Russel Drysdale - Treeform

Russell Drysdale - Broken Mountain

Fred Williams - Red Cliff

Fred Williams - You Yangs Landscape
James Gleeson - Irregular Behavior Of A Setting Sung

Russell Drysdale - Road With Rocks

John Olsen - Lake Eyre

John Olsen - Popping Blue Bottles
John Olsen - Desert

John Olsen  - The Desert Sea

Sydney Long - The Camp Fire

James Gleeson - Study For Autumn Eyes

Various Artists - Pukumani Grave Posts

Ideas for campaign setting from art:

"The land eats you - you get close to it by boat, maybe near to the northern most tip. Once there you need to give yourself up. Uttermost south swallows you.

The land is alive and liable to warp, shimmer, re-purpose itself at will . This is most likely to happen in the mid mornings and afternoon. Everything lives and watches you and knows something.

Midday is the time of death. Sometimes time doesn't work properly, sometimes geography is the clock. It might be midday for ever. Maybe you can get back to the time you weren't dead. Beneath the earth is the entire past and future history of the universe.

Dawn and Dusk the land is at its kindest. The sight of the moon seems to calm the world. Water too turns desolation to joy.

Nighttime, anything can/does happen. Magic is strongest at night. Sometimes it seems everything is in flux at night time - even you. This is double so at the coast, this is where new things come in.

You must die again to leave."

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