Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Shadow People

No. Enc: d20 Alignment: Chaotic Movement: 160' in urban and underground areas, 80' in open spaces AC: 7 HD: 2 Attacks: 1 Damage: Depends on weapon, generally a Shiv (1d4) Save: F2 (+4 bonus against Poison) Morale: 5 XP: 50

Shadow People is the name for the filthy, teeming underclass of the City. During the daytime hours they lurk beneath the ground or in heavily shaded alley ways. They represent a class of people downtrodden for generations and have adapted an utter aversion to sunlight. They mostly wear rags with cruel makeshift weapons tucked into a belt of rope cord. These rags afford them an agility in combat, and their billowing nature can confuse foes as to where to actually aim their weapons. Shadow People can swiftly scuttle up and along walls and generally excel at navigating urban or underground areas. They will become terrified and confused when confronted with open space. A Shadow Person will become dazed in sunlight and will be unable to resist the urge to flee from it.

Shadow People hold the rest of the citizens of the City in contempt, blaming them for their plight while also being disgusted by those who can so boldy face the sun. Originally human, Shadow People will have a wide range of reactions to those they encounter. Some will instantly attack and eat other citizens, others will attempt to trade, bargain or even befriend them.

Those who have recently tumbled through the cracks into this class of society will appear and act generally human. Others though, who come from a longer lineage of Shadow People, will have mutated to adapt and reflect living in the waste and forgotten undergrounds of the City. For each group of Shadow People, roll a d6 to determine their mutations:

1) Listeners: These Shadow People will appear paper thin (-2 to rolled HD), they spend their days nestled between walls and will instantly know the name of any one they encounter. They will also know the spoken secrets of any one they encounter (ie; from listening to clandestine meetings).

2) Vermins: These Shadow People have taken on the aspect of rats and pigeons. They can use their bite and be-clawed hands as disease spreading weapons (2 attacks, both d6 with 5% chance of disease), 1 in 6 will have the ability fly.

3) Pipers: These Shadow People have an obsession with the pipes that form the Cities sewage system. As infants stone pipes are wrapped around their arms, legs and torsos. Their bodies grow into these pipes as a natural armor (AC: 2).

4) Wasters: These Shadow People stuff their rags with pouches of the vilest smelling refuse they can find. Each turn a combatant attempts to fight one in melee will have to make a Save vs Poison to avoid dry retching and fleeing from the stench. Combatants may attempt the brave the stench again next round. These Shadow People are immune to poison. 

5) Rotters: These Shadow People's bodies crawl with a variety of parasites. They can dismember themselves to fill a 20 foot street with biting insects (2d6 no save to everything in the swarm, does not effect other rotters). There is rumors of Rotters being seen with insectoid replacement limbs.

A floater dispersing into cloud
6: Floaters: These Shadow People have the ability to transform into a cloud of rag filled darkness. This  cloud can silently and near invisibly float through City streets.

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