Monday, 18 November 2013

Tombin's DoomFort

One day I drew a side-on map of a fortress. Then I mapped the first level of that fortress. Then I had the crazy idea to map the rest of the fortress. And so I mapped the entirety of Tombin's DoomFortress.

The DoomFortress has more than 650 rooms and corridors (which of course I'm going to increase to 666). It has 10 levels spread over 11 maps. I plan to write out the contents of these rooms and levels.

The DoomFortress is attached to a mountain in some barren plains. It is not occupied by its original owners and is definitely no longer used as a official military post of any human force. There is lots of different factions in the DoomFortress, probably some are at war with each other. These factions are all relatively weird and deformed and I bet one of them is Albino Fishmen.

I have no idea who or what Tombin is or was, but I know Tombin not a particularly scary name for some one who owns a DoomFort.

From a distance the DoomFort probably looks like this: 

Here are the maps, with a general vibe of what I think will be happening in each level:

Fort Entry, Level 1: A giant gated entry, probably half destroyed. Lots of bars which bad things can shoot through. A wall with lookouts over the plains. A tower. Leads to the basement and the courtyard. Relatively "normal" fortress stuff.

The Courtyard, Ground Level: Dark gardens with purple plants. Small tunnels linking the gardens and the towers of the courtyard. Sheds. Weird plants. Gardeners. Ramparts looking over the courtyard and gardens. Grand passageways with portcullis's leading to higher levels. Tools.

The Sewers and Basement: A weird slum town of collectors. Water filled sewage tunnels that can be spelunked. An exhaust tunnel out to the plains. Secret, lost things in slimy acloves. A secret stairs case to near the top of the Fortress. Mutants.

Fort Level 2: A grand passageway leading through courtyards lined with metal bars. Lots of huge double doors. Entrances to caverns. Grand stairs going up. Servant quarters. Merchants dwell here. Carts. Horses. Cannons.

Fort Level 3a: Chapel areas. Many religions. A sorcerer has a workshop here. Views of the plains. Some walls have evidence of crystalline infestation. Priests. Symbols.

Fort Level 3b: Crystal infestation. Rooms have warped and changed, as has content. East half is fighting crystalline infestation. Fortress walls inside the fortress, overlooking crystals. Mirrors, crystals, dazzling.

Fort Level 4: Crystalline explosion in middle of a courtyard. Overhanging cliff. Towers. Rickety platforms linking towers. Compound in courtyard. View of plains. Crystalline overlord dwells in courtyard. Probably active fighting.  

Fort Level 5: Very high. Rickety structures built over hanging rest of fortress. Towers. Throne room. Lovely quarters. Opulence. 

Caverns Level 3, Mountain Top: Village built into cliff side. View of whole Fortress. Sky altars. Cliffs. Shacks built in the air. Ceremonies.

Caverns Level 2: Portals. Magic. Black rocks. Rock magic. Deep things.

 Caverns Level 1: Albino Fishmen villages. Giant maws in pools. Worshiping of things in underground water. Slime. Damp.

Who wants to go there? I bet its got some treasure.

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