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Dwarven Tomes

The following are a number of tomes reclaimed from a derelict dwarven hill city in the jungleous mountain valley of Forgotten Gorgzu. The upper level of the hill city is currently being fought over by rival factions of squatter Barracuda Men and Jungle Dwarfs. The lower levels apparently contain ambulatory mushrooms but that is yet to be confirmed.

Adventurers wrested these from a library being used as a lair for bulky and slightly flabby Lizardmen.

Evidence suggests that groups of Dwarfs in the distant past were practicing magic focused on the internal workings of the physical body. These recovered spell books appear to confirm this.

Spell Books:

Muddify Blood Level: Cleric Level 2
Duration: 9 turns
Range: Sight of caster

Muddify Blood causes the victim's blood to congeal as it pumps through their veins. The blood flow rate slows so much as to affect major organs, limbs and functions of the brain. A victim of the spell will always act last in combat and suffer  a -2 to hit. The spell will not work on beings larger than an ogre, or those lacking a liquid vascular system.

The congealed blood will not flow as quickly from open wounds, so any being dropping to 0 Hit Points due to sharp, slashing weapons will not become unconscious if under the effects of the spell. Any being dropping to 0 or below Hit Points will stay conscious until they have been damaged so much to be at 50% of their Hit Points drop below 0. The being will be able to stay conscious without any further healing for a further 12 hours but will attempt all actions with a -5 penalty. Once the 12 hours has passed and the being has not received any aid they will drop unconscious and promptly bleed to death. Any being that is revived out of this state through healing must make a Save Vs. Poison to avoid permanent damage to their brain and vascular system (-2 Intelligence and -1 Constitution).

This was used by the ancient dwarfs as a cheap means to strengthen front line troops whose commanders know were doomed to perish on the battlefield.

It was also used as a risky way of preserving the life of a dwarf bleeding to death with first aid equipment not available.

Swappeth Stomach
Level: Spell caster Level 4
Duration: Until dispelled by Caster
Range: Sight (Unlimited range between stomachs once cast)

Swappeth Stomach allows the spellcaster to swap their stomach with another being's stomach. Meaning whatever the spell caster eats will end up in the target of the spells stomach and whatever the target of the spell eats ends up in the spell caster's stomach.

The stomach swap has an unlimited range and lasts as long as the spell caster would like. The spell caster can dismiss the spell instantly in the case of the target of the spell eating something deadly.

The target of the spell can attempt a Save Vs. Spells to resist the stomach swap and the spell caster may not be aware if the target has made a successful save or not.

This spell was used by ancient dwarf explorers and prospectors to eliminate the need for packing food on journeys. The spell was cast on fattened animals or slave who were fed to keep the explorers fed, while the animal or slave itself slowly starved to death. Other dwarfs used the spell to eliminate the need to waste any time during actually eating food. Specifically monitored stomach slaves were used for this purpose.

Other Tomes: 

The other books detailed a number of ancient dwarf stories;

A picture book showing a wild land, dominated by harsh weather. A holy dwarf leads the dwarfs further and further beneath the ground to escape the harshness of the surface.

A history book detailing the exploits of a dwarf warrior-explorer. He explored deeper than any dwarf before him, but became sick when he entered a cavern filled with tiny green spores.

Another history book detailing the exploits of a heretical dwarf religious figure. He brought discord and violence amongst the dwarfs when he begun preaching about Gods that were not dwarf ancestors.

A scribbled and scrappy note book, written in a hysterical tone. It details a haunting presence appearing when a scouting-exploring party brought back news and samples from a recently entered cavern, much deeper than normal. 

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