Monday, 13 January 2014

Super Lean OSR Gaming! D&D in 2 tweets!

D&D Tweet Edtion! Super Lean D&D! OSR Gaming in 2 tweets! Who needs those ungainly heavy books!

Tweet 1: 6 attributes = 3d6ea. Initiative:d6 high 1st. Reaction/Morale: d12 low good.Check d20Under attribute Save d20Under half attribute + level.

Tweet 2: Combat: To hit d20+bonus>=AC. Bonus = STR/DEX >12+1,>15+2,>17+3 and fighter level value, Cleric/thief 1/2level value, Mage 1/3 level value.

Editors note: D&D Tweet Edition requires player's to source their own class/magic/items/equipment etc from the myriad of  D&D games/supplements out there.  The weirder the better.

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