Friday, 7 February 2014

Simple Carrying Capacity and Pack Animals for Old School D&D

Characters can hold as many items as they have Strength (ie; If they have Strength of 10, they can carry 10 items.) Items that could realistically "stack" together count as 1 item.  Armor and wielded  weapons do NOT count towards this total.

Characters start  the game with as many things as they can carry (each thing must cost 40gp or less). Characters do not get to keep gold left over from this process, Armor and Weapons count towards this total.  

If a Character would like to transport more stuff than they can carry, they may employ pack animals.

Pack Animals  MUST be fed every day. Feed costs 1 gp a day. Pack Animals will die after 2 days without feed.

When they are purchased, Pack Animals roll a dice to see how many things they can carry (as below:)

Donkey (8 gp) = d6 items
Mule (30 gp) = d10 items
Pony (30 gp) = d6+2 items
Horse, draft (40 gp) = d12 +2 items
Horse, riding (75 gp) = d12 + 4 items
Horse, war (250 gp) = d12 + 6 items
Cart (100 gp) = 20 items (must be pulled by a donkey or better).
Wagon (200 gp) = 30 items (must be pulled by a horse or better).


  1. Giant lizards can be used as pack animals like a draft horse. Does that mean I give them the same stats on carrying as a draft horse

    1. I would say so. Maybe a pony depending on the lizard.