Friday, 7 February 2014

Quick and Easy Player Handbook for Old School D&D / Labyrinth Lord

I created a quick and easy handbook for my players (some of who are pretty new to RPG's). Even the relatively lithe Labyrinth Lord core rulebook seemed too dense so I wanted something even simpler.

The whole document is right here. 

It is basically Labyrinth Lord with some of my own house rules and tweaks that stream line and slightly change the game.

Here is a rundown of the changes;

  • Ascending AC
  • Dexterity gives a bonus to ranged to hit AND damage 
  • Wisdom improves d6 trap detection for all classes
  • Wisdom improves all saving throws
  • Intelligence gives a bonus to the number of spells a Magic User can memorize
  • Charisma gives a bonus to the number of spells a Cleric can memorize
  • Clerics can turn "something their god hates" rather than just undead
  • Intelligence under 8 means you can not speak Common.
  • Neatened XP progression levels
  • Max HP at level 1 
  • d20 Thief skill system (the brilliant Target 20 system
  • Simplified encumbrance and pack animal system
  • Simplified starting equipment system 

It probably needs a couple of edits, and I may end up simplifying it even more but it could be handy for giving to people completely new to D&D to get across the core concepts quickly. 

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