Thursday, 21 September 2017

Monsters Haunting The Endless Wastes

The Endless Wastes is a great ring of tundra that encircles the surface world. It is only accessible by crossing perilous mountain ranges. Travelling to The Endless Wastes is made easier by the existence of a small number of mountain passes. These “gates to the wastes” are serviced by small villages of mountain men, shamen, hunters and other assorted outcasts who seek to live at the very edge of the world.

No delegation of explorers has been officially sent by any of the powerful civilizations of the world to map and conquer the wastes. Neither has any sane independent traveller embarked on such a mission. It is common knowledge that the wastes are endless, barren and empty plains. Uncommon knowledge states that travelling The Endless Wastes will take you to the land of the gods, that it contains the entrance to the realm of the clouds, that it is simply a barrier between other lands more rich and magical than our own, or that by crossing the wastes you will arrive at the stairs that will take you to the bottom of the world…

Of late this wild, untamed region has endured haunting by green and alien beings. Their appearance has coincided with reports of a fireball falling from the heavens and a heaving living hill melting the once permafrozen plains of the wastes.

Green one:
Large eyed and feminine humanoid locked in a suit of living plant matter. The green one’s suit is hermetically sealed as the surface atmosphere is poisonous to them. The vegetation suit produces a breathable gas for the entombed green one. Their faces are just visible through the sheer green bubble of their planthelmet.
HD: 4.
AC: 15 (Slightly hardened vegetative plates, lithe and nimble).
Special:  A green one can only survive for d12 rounds if their planethelmet bubble is pierced (the rest of the suit will repair itself fast enough to not be a problem). Green ones can expulse a poisonous gas from their suit each round (all closeby non green one beings must test CON or take d8 damage). Green ones wield spears of hardened organic material, an alloy of wood and bone (d8+1 damage). Beings struck by these spears must test CON or be poisoned for d6 damage a round for d6 rounds.  

Reaction, d6:
1) Suddenly surround the party at a distance, green sentinels atop the next ridge or in the next passageway. They will remain silent and still, watching.  
2) Examine party non-violently for d6 rounds, peering, prodding, poking. Then fleeing.
3) Examine party non-violently for d6 rounds, peering, prodding, poking. Then expulsing poisonous gas for d4 rounds, dodging attacks, then fleeing.
4) Will attempt to subdue and capture one party member to drain them at the nearest fuel pod farm.
5) Attack, but wanting unmarred bodies, will forgo spears to use only poison gas attacks.
6) Moving in an unsettling synchronicity, charging in unisons, spears drawn.
Green One

Green one thresher drone:
Plates of hardened organic material, alloy of wood and bone, assembled into a claw wielding automaton. Tangles of vegetation fuse together the threshers joints and greatly assist with its ambulation. A throbbing pink flower infused in the vegetation tangles allows the green ones to remotely control threshers from their crashed shiphome.
HD: 2.
AC: 17 (Thick plates of bonewood).
Special: The thresher’s claws do d6 damage each. Both can be used in attack in a single round.  

Reaction, d6:
1) Stalk the party from a distance, staying just out of reach,
2) Pierce the skin of a single party member, draw a blood sample, then flee.
3) Pierce the skin of all party members, draw blood samples, then flee.
4) Grab a handful of flesh and blood from each party member then retreat.
5) Remove a limb from one party member then retreat, guarding the limb preciously.
6) Attack the party, systematically killing on party member at a time.

Thresher Drone

Green one caustic drone:
Green and batlike, the size of a winged dog. The caustic drone has clattering bonewood wings more akin to a man made flying mechanism than those of a natural flying creature. Bulbous distended sack vomits a corrosive gas from above. A mass of pink flowered vines matted between the wings allows remote control by the green ones.      
HD: 1.
AC: 12 (Ungainly and erratic in flight).
Special: Every second round the caustic drone can expulse a metal eating gas. This has the capability of rotting all metal closeby and beneath it. To test if metal is destroyed roll one of the following dice, on a result of 1 or 2 the metal is corroded to nothingness: Bronze/poor quality: d6, Iron/medium quality: d8, Steel/high quality: d10. This gas also causes d6 damage to all those touched by it.  
Reaction, d6:
1) Circle above the party
2) Keep distance from the party, but halt their progress in one direction by expelling a constant stream of gas.
3) Form a circle above the party and pump gas to keep them pinned at their location.
4) Dive bomb the party with a single payload of gas, then fly away.
5) Dive bomb the party until all of their metal has been rotted, then fly away.
6) Expulse gas until all members of the party are dead.  

Caustic Drone

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