Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Automated Dungeon Room Generator.

Bruce Pennington

Click the button to get a stocked room with details on purpose, decorations, foes, traps, devices and treasure.

Use this table to generate a map for you dungeon rooms:


  • Use redundant entries (such as foe or treasure information when there is no foe or treasure present as additional decoration inspiration!)
  • Use this to get a map for you to stock:

(This dungeon room generator is based on several d100 tables re-purposed from recent blog posts. I was using those tables to stock rooms and hexes and thought I should group them together in a more formal tool. According to my calculations there is 400 billion different rooms in there. The automation is all thanks to which is very easy to use and you should make your own!)


  1. Hey, I love the content (it's one of my favorite things, really) but this button makes a popup that you can't copy and paste from. It's not very useful. I'd recommend putting this information in Chartopia or in Angus Warman's generator instead.

    1. Thanks Michael. I've been thinking about this, and having the ability to copy and paste really is a necessity. Also, I think I will break down the generator so there is a button for each type of result rather than one big chunk of text. I shall get around to fixing it at some point.