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Fantasypunk Augmentations, Part 2: d6 Example Augmentations.

What follows is d6 example fantasypunk augmentations, using the tables available here. These serve as an illustration of the augmentation generator detailed in that previous post. Still to come is the cosmetic and major malfunction tables.
Paul Lehr
1) Morm Hive 

Head: Associated with the internal workings of the mind and of the mental or magical world.
Extra limbs, from man or otherwise. Tentacles, tongues and arms are a favourite. Will tend towards manipulation of the physical world.
Scent and smell.

Causes intoxication or inebriation.

A mass of retractable worms coat the interior of the mouth, attached to cheeks and underside of the tongue. The worms have a bulbous and porous head that emit a constant stream of seductive and calming pheromones (+d4 to CHA when within conversing distance of target). Once per day the worms can purge their pheromones, charming a target for d4 hours (During this time the normal CHA bonus will be nullified, as the worms recharge their salacious juices). 

2) The All Seeing Eye

Head: Associated with the internal workings of the mind and of the mental or magical world.
Scintillating fractals of existing body parts, asymmetrically jutting out of the body like an insulting challenge to the concept of beauty itself. Will tend towards chaos.
Extra organs and skin.

Abrupt, obvious and shocking.

A bulbous, ambulatory mass of a compound eye is affixed to the head. It erupts rudely and stalk like. The eye can roam freely about the head, eliminating blind spots for the augmentee. The eye somewhat has a will of its own, affixing balefully upon those that may mean harm to its owner. This ostensibly eliminates the ability to surprise the augmentee. 

3) Attack Frame 

Arms: Associated with forms of attack and manipulation of the physical world
Heavy chains and bars of simple metals. Thick bolts and clanking hinges. Will tend towards the entrapment of others. 
Guidance and navigation.

Operates within the cracks.

A thick iron frame is attached to the weapon-wielding arm of the augmentee. The metal joints grind with the movement of the user’s arm, the rods of the frame pierced through the flesh and bone. While making the augmentee somewhat more cumbersome (-d4 to DEX), it greatly increases the striking power of any weapon they wield (+3 damage). The attack frame also helps with the dismantling of the target’s armour (on an attack half attack damage and test STR, if successful reduce target’s AC by d6).  

4) Aquatic Vivification 

Legs: Associated with movement.
Holes bored deep into the flesh, hollowed out and coated in magical molten metal. Once dried, inscribed with hidden runes. Will tend towards finding what is sought.
Swimming and aquatics.

Must be reloaded/refilled.

Six canister sized compartments are drilled into the flesh of each thigh The holes are then filled with a receptacle mechanisms, designed for the intake of canisters of pressurised gas. Odd arcane symbols form in the swirling gas of these canisters. When activated, this augmentation allows the utter freedom of movement when submersed in water. This ability lasts for d4 hours before the canisters completely discharge. The canisters must be recharged for a day before the ability can be used again (the canisters slowly refill themselves using trace element present in the air).  

5) Sleeper's Calipers 

Legs: Associated with movement.
Concertina and bellow like mechanisms, exerting gusts of vivifying air.  Will tend towards the freeing of movement.
Maps and direction.

Obsessed with rules

The flesh of the thighs are shorn away, then filled with a tube and metal rod constructed harness frame that wraps downward around the entire leg. A vivifying enchanted wire, connected to the harness, is drilled into and fused with the base of the spinal column. The augmentee’s legs will now never tire nor exhaust, allowing endless marching, walking or running. The harness will additionally know the intended target location of the augmentee and will trudge of its own volition if allowed. Such a feat will allow the augmentee to literally sleep on their feet as they ambulate to their destination.    

6) Demonic Parasite

Torso: Associated with the internal workings of the body.
Heavy chains and bars of simple metals. Thick bolts and clanking hinges. Will tend towards the entrapment of others.
Control of spirits and daemons.

Works better under pressure.

A black iron cage is wrapped around, and semi implanted into the belly of the augmentee. The cruel decoration of the cage now splays out slightly from the body. The augmentee loses d6 CON. However many CON the augmentee loses is the HD of the guardian demon that now lives within their body. The guardian demon emerges from the belly cage when the augmentee is below a quarter of their health. The guardian demon has the ability to glower menacingly with its evil eye (test demon’s CHA, if success, target is stunned in place for d10 rounds). The guardian demon appears as a tortured, warped and manic doppelganger of its host, attacking with a bite (d6) and claws (d8).

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