Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mountainous Jungle Generator

My G+ FLAILSNAILS game has well and truly left behind the mountainous jungle valley of Forgotten Gorgzu's Valley for the time being. As such I thought I would share the generator I was using at the table to generate hexes/areas on the fly as the party explored the valley. It only gives you a vague idea of what's happening in an area, acting more as a spring board for your imagination to start doing the heavy lifting. 

It's not too focused on the "Mountainous" aspect, so I'm pretty sure it would work fine as straight up Jungle Generator (or as I like to call them, Jungle Jenerators). 

Roll on table 1,2 and 3 to create an area. Tables X,Y,Z are for additional treasure breakdowns and inspiration.

Table 1, Basic Area:

0-6) Hidden water/pool/puddle (Hidden by algae carpet/moss/vines/rocks).
7-13) Gentle Hill/Valley.
14-20) Impressive view/lookout/raised land or platform. 
21-27) Ruins or decrepit statue (Dwarven).
28-30) Ruins or decrepit statue (Non-dwarven).
31-37) Grove/clearing. 
38-44) Waterfall.
45-51) Lake/river/pool. 
52-58) Swamp/swampy. 
59-65) Rock hollow. 
66-72) Sheer rock/cliff. 
73-79) Hidden hole/drop/tunnel (Hidden by moss/vines/vegetation).
80-86) Rocks/boulders. 
87-95) Ravine/cliff gap.
96) Very deep pool/flooded tunnel/flooded mine. 
97-99) Giant vegetation. 

Table 2, Descriptor: 

Roll a d6, the result will determine if the contents of the area are;

1) Bad/troublesome/dangerous for the party.
2-5) Neutral for the party.
6) Good/helpful/rejuvenating for the party.

0-6) Heavy steam. 
7-13) Insects.
14-20) Birds. 
21-27) Overly thick vegetation. 
28-34) Vines. 
35-41) Flowers/herbs. 
42-48) Rocks/hills/mountainous.
49-55) Fruit.
56-62) Ropes (arranged by intelligence, abandoned or in use).  
63-69) Makeshift intelligent habitation. 
77-83) Mushrooms. 
84-90) Weird atmosphere.
90-95) Death.
96-99) Weird weather. 

Table 3, Contents: Include an additional random encounter check to see if there is any interaction/conflict between the contents of the area and a possible random encounter entity.

0-30) Empty/abandoned.
31-33) Disease/sickness. 
34-38) Non-hidden treasure (See Table X). 
39-47) Hidden treasure (See Table X). 
48-56) Shallow Cave: Check if contains each of the following (Roll in order, stop checking once something comes up, unless you want a busy cave); Monsters (30%), Animals (30%), Travelers (20%), Treasure, See Table X (20%). Alternatively use this Cavern Generator.  
57-65) Entrance to Jungle Mountain Underground  (Alternatively use this Cavern Generator). 
66-74) Entrance to Dungeon. 
75-83) Animals. 
84-92) Travelers or Jungle Dwarfs. 
93-99) Monsters. 

Table X, Overland Treasure: 

0-25) Gold (See Overland Treasure Value Table below).

26-51) Trade goods (See Overland Treasure Value Table below).
72-77) Gems/jewelry (See Overland Treasure Value Table below).
78-99) Magic item.

Table Y, Overland Treasure Value: 

01-35) 75 x 1d10 GP

36-65) 150 x 1d10 GP
66-85) 250 x 1d10 GP
86-00) 1000 x 1d010 GP

Table Z, Aspect Table: 

00-9) Good/holy/light
10-19) Air/ethereal/wind
20-29) Tiny/invisible/intangible
30/39) Value/thought/internal organs and reflection
40-49) Water/equalization/cleansing
50-59) Wild/bestial/nature
60-69) Fire/destruction/limbs and external action
70-79) Monstrous/gargantuan/enormous
80-89) Deep/earth/solid
90-99) Evil/profane/darkness

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