Friday 1 August 2014

The Towers of the Weretoads, An OSR Mini-Dungeon PDF

News as of 21/8/14: The Tower of the Weretoads now downloads from RPGNow. It's for sale there as a Pay What You Want Purchase (meaning you can still get it for free!). If any one feels like chucking me a couple of bucks to encourage me to make another PDF, you now have an opportunity to do so. I'm not expecting a lot, but 100% of whatever comes in will be spent on paying for some art for the next thing I do. If for whatever reason you don't want to download the PDF from RPGnow, get in touch with me and I will get you a copy.

Here is my first PDF, a mini-dungeon you can plop down in the edges of any of the lakes/fresh water bodies in your campaign world. In my campaign world the Towers of the Weretoads are located in The Ruinlands. Feel free to download it, print it, and let me know what you think (although in regards to printing the margins might be off - a little more tweaking is in the works).

The way I've presented the dungeon is the way I present them in my own campaign notes. I like to be able to take in as much information with a glance as possible. I can't really cope with flicking between alternate pages of maps and room descriptions. As such the descriptions are sparse. Don't be afraid to elaborate with your own details as required. One advantage I find with presenting the dungeon like this (that can make up for the sparse description) is being able to take in and understand what's happening in rooms that are nearby to the party. This can be used to make the dungeon a much more dynamic, reactive place. Don't be afraid to move the Weretoads around! Also, the Horde page references are from the Labyrinth Lord (LL) core rule book. 

If you get sick of Weretoads, feel free to whack some of these guys into the dungeon. 

Some notes: This is my first attempt at presenting something as a PDF, it didn't exactly come out as I envisioned but close enough that I'm happy with it. Some of the design is a little wonky but I think you can take in an entire dungeon floor with a glance and that was my major goal. I will doubtless be updating and editing the PDF in the future (also the possibility of adding more Weretoad variants).

Please let me know if you have feedback/actually run it!

Edit: Did some changes so the damn PDF wasn't 30 megabytes and the fonts weren't going crazy.

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