Sunday 12 June 2016

Khybe Monks (White Star Character Class/Star Knight variant)

"Well, The Khybe is what gives a monk his power. It's an energy source drawn from the infinite manifestations of hyperspace. It swirls restlessly and endlessly, separated from us only by the thin, yet solid wall of reality."

Kyhbe Monk Vero of the Pani. 

 Khybe monks harness and manifest the chaotic energies of hyperspace. They are a loose and anarchic order, with monasteries located on the most remote, desolate asteroids and bustling, cosmopolitan mega cities. They have no leadership hierarchy or guiding principles, other than ensuring The Khybe manifests in the strongest, most creative ways possible all across the galaxy. A Khybe monk devotes their life to preparing mind and body for ascension to their personal plane of hyperspace.

At character creation a new character has a 10% chance of being able to "Manifest the Khybe". If this occurs, the Khybe remains latent within them but they are not yet a Khybe Monk. The character must seek out another Khybe Monk or monastery to become one. Until then they must pick another character class to begin the game. Once a character becomes a Khybe Monk their XP resets to 0. If they reached level 2 or more in another class they retain any of the abilities of that class (including Hit Points if it would be more than their new Hit Points as a Khybe Monk). The character must abide by the Weapon/Armour restrictions of a Khybe Monk.

The Khybe Manifests: When a character with latent Khybe ability experiences something appropriately traumatic, the Khybe will manifest within them. This is the particular way the powers of Hyperspace erupt from the character. A character does not need to be a Khybe Monk for this to occur, but they will receive none of the other abilities of a Khybe Monk until they seek further training.
1 x Random Psionic Ability/Power (I use this book) 
1 x Random mutation (I use this PDF, and this PDF. Thanks to Red Box Vancouver's Blog and The Weirdlands of Xhuul.)

Once a Khybe manifested character becomes a Khybe Monk, they receive the following abilities: 

Kybe monks have very similar powers and abilities to Star Knights but the chaotic vibrations of hyperspace sees these powers manifesting differently in each Khybe monk. Khybe Monks use the same Advancement table, Experience Point table, Weapon/Armour restrictions, Saving Throws, XP bonus, Star Sword Duelist and Establish Monastery ability as a Star Knight. 

Khybe Monk's also use the same Meditation Advancement table as Star Knights, but have access to different meditations (listed below). 

Khybe Monk Starsword Variants. 

Khybe Mediation: Each Khybe Monk has access to different, randomly allocated powers of Hyperspace. Roll on the following d8 table to determine which:

1) Abjuration
2) Conjuration
3) Divination
4) Enchantment
5) Illusion
6) Evocation
7) Cleric Spells
8) Druid Spells

These obviously align to  a specific Ad&d magic school (a list of all of them is handily available here). The Khybe Monk needs to meditate as a Star Knight would to "cast" them.

 The Khybe Manifests Again: Upon reaching Level 6 the eddies of hyperspace energy will surge and well within the Khybe Monk. Another suitable traumatic experience is required for this manifest as further Khybe mutations. Once this occurs the Khybe Monk receives:
1 x Random Psionic Ability/Power (I use this book) 
1 x Random mutation (I use this PDFand this PDF. Thanks to Red Box Vancouver's Blog and The Weirdlands of Xhuul.)

(The Khybe Monk is my "The Decline of Overhouse August" White Star campaign's version of Jedi/Star Knights.)

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