Wednesday 1 June 2016

The Pan System

After a year of running my "Decline of Overhouse August" White Star campaign, my players have finally clawed their way out out of the star system they began their adventure in. Employed as agents for the massive human control system that is the Overhouse Augustan Empire, they become at first disillusioned then repulsed by the petty politics, lies and connivings of their home. The party become aware of  numerous alien influences throughout the system, and were frustrated with their superior's blatant disregard for the safety of the system through their willful ignorance of such forces.

When the party was bestowed the honor of meeting an Imperial Delegation, the first in hundreds of years, they were taken aback by the rotting, undead cybernetic husk that met them. Further, the "dangerous criminals" they were tasked with delivering to the delegation were in fact no more than children. When a squad of star ships made of bone and moss swooped in to the golden station and a group of goat men emerged to save the children from the clutches of The Emperor the party decided to assist the newcomers in the rescue.

Given before unseen interstellar fuel  the party was able to enter hyperspace, and leave system G33. Emerging in a larger, weirder galaxy than they knew ever existed, the party discovered they had helped save a cohort of Khybe (Force,Way) sensitive children. What follows is a brief description of the new system they emerged from hyperspace within, the Pan system.

Overview: The Pan system is a dark one, missing a star as a central gravitational point. Instead a purple green glow pervades the astral bodies of the system. This glow emanates from the anchoring central mass that is a stabilised black hole.  Having a dwarfed black hole as  "sun" gives the system a measure of secrecy from the forces of the Overhouse August - drone probes and scanners ignore it as an anomaly unfit for sentient life.

Titan Pan: The body of an impossibly immense goat-man is curled around the black hole center of the Pan system. This is Titan Pan, the eon aged home of the Pani. The curled titan keeps the black hole stabilized and prevents the rest of the system being sucked in beyond the event horizon. Titan Pan's body is ever erupting in masses of vines, moss, trees and shrubs, giving it a breathable atmosphere. The Pani sing and dance to the vegetation, forging halls, cities, stations and ports across Titan Pan. The Pani themselves emerge fully formed from wounds briefly formed across Titan Pan's form. The Pani mine the bone and sinew of Titan Pan to construct their space faring ships. The Pani were assisted in employing Titan Pan's body as space exploration technology by their closest neighbors, the Vat-Spawn of Xan.

Xan, the Vat-Home: A tiny planetoid, encased and encompassed by a much larger spacestation drawing energy from the planetoid's core. The planetoid is known as Xan. It is barren and atmosphere-less but at its core is an immense mass of rich nuclear plasma. The spacestation, known as the Vat-Home, uses this plasma as an energy source. The spacestation is of an elegant, curvingly geometric design that glows a calming pink-beige. The Vat-home hosts the Vat Republic, a direct democracy of  500 Vat-Spawn. The Vat-Spawn are 8 foot tall featureless humanoids, who through an infinite supply of grown replacement clones, ostensibly live forever. The Vat Republic is peaceful and inquisitive, welcoming  galactic travelers of all races to their home. This has lead to the creation of the Bazaar, an intergalactic marketplace that is ever changing and evolving. The Vat-Spawn do not stray from the Pan System, fearful of leaving their precious Vat-Home. Though the Vat Spawn are wise and intensely talented in scientific research, the mystery of who created them and their home eludes them.

Arba: A rocky, black and mountainous wasteland, pockmarked by belching geysers of lava and gas. Though Arba's surface is unfit for most forms of life, the immeasurably complex and sprawling cavern system beneath the surface is. As if the geysers were the exhaust of some planetwide internal atmosphere geneator, the caverns have air breathable by humans, and are heated to a pleasing humanoid room temperature. The untold caverns are the home of the Rog, a primitive society of shape shifting worms.

Tagos: A dead, freezing rock. Deep pockets of interstellar fuel are below the surface and the Vat-Spawn of Xan having established extensive mining operations.

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