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The Shargon (White Star Character Race)

The Shargon are a player character race for White Star. 
The classes available to the Shargon are: Aristocrat, Mercenary and Pilot. 
The Shargon race requires additional XP to level up. Each class requires an additional 1000 XP to reach level 2. This higher XP requirement is then multiplied for each additional level as normal (i.e: a Shargon Mercenary requires 3000 XP for level 2, 6000 XP for level 3, 12 000 XP for level 4, etc.). 

Emerging from a mad and malfunctioning rogue AI factory world, the Shargon are a genetically manipulated clone race. They were created from the tattered remains of DNA samples from an ancient non-sentient aquatic life-form. The natural electroreception ability of that race has been infused and amplified to allow the Shargon to communicate and control electronic devices directly through a form of telepathy. The Shargon also share their ancestors heightened prey tracking sensors and powerful carnivorous jaws.

The Shargon escaped their AI creator's mechanical wasteland of a homeworld some centuries ago. While escaping, they stole the master copy of their genetic clone coding, allowing them to hatch new members of their species. The Hatchery is the name the Shargon give their sacred cloning space station. The location of The Hatchery is a close guarded secret and often changes, migrating along the dark spaces between solar systems. Due to this secrecy the galaxy at large is unsure how Shargon society operates and who or what makes the decisions to produce more Shargon clones.

The amplified electroreception ability of Shargon engineers enables them to meld, weld and craft magnetically sensitive ore with ease. This gives Shargon space craft and stations a distinctly rock-covered and craggy appearance. This rock-like quality also manifests in Shargon ceremonial armour and electronics. Rumors of Shargon wielding obscenely huge melee weapons and commanding moon sized drones made of rock often waft through the cantinas of the galaxy...

The Shargon inherit all the features and special abilities of their chosen class, except for bonus to Saving Throws (Base saving throws remain the same, but class specific bonuses do not apply)

Race Abilities: 

Ability scores: Plus 2 to Strength and Constitution, minus 2 to Intelligence and Dexterity.

Saving Throw: Due to the heavily irradiated and polluted environment of their AI creator's homeworld, the Shargon receive +4 when resisting radiation and +2 when resisting poison.

Lungs: Regardless of common misconception, Shargon have a similar respiratory system to humans. Thus they cannot breath underwater. Their AI creators were not concerned with that component of their genetic ancestors.

Bite: All Shargon are blessed with enormous, razor toothed mouths. They may bite opponents for d8 damage (plus Strength bonus).

Electromagnetic Vibration Sense: All Shargon are able to sense the vibration of living, organic beings within a 10 meter radius of them. A Saving Throw or modified stealth check may be required if said organic beings is actively trying to hide.

Electroreception: A network of genetically modified ampullae laces every Shargon's body. This has a variety of benefits. Shargon are able to interface directly and organically with electronic devices. This includes the ability to manifest an internal OS for interacting with The Matrix and its simulacrum. This means each Shargon has its own internal commlink device. Shargon receive a bonus of +2 to any skill or ability checks relating to the use of electronics or computer systems. They are also able to send commands to electronic devices at the speed of thought. The Shargon's ampullae network unfortunately does not assist them in the piloting of vehicles of any kind. Having Electroreception intrinsically gives the Shargon's the ability to use the Nefarious and Intrusive Holonet/Commlink Operation and Nefarious and Intrusive Security Hardware Operations skills. There is no bonus to this outside of their innate +2. To get better at these skills they must pay for each level of training as normal.

Electroganic Drone Skill: All Shargon start with the Electronic Drone Control and Creation skill at the "Skilled" level. Because of their electroreception ability they essentially "talk" telepathically to their drones, leading to a closer bond than is normal for eletroganic drone engineers. Additionally, Shargon electroganic drones only ever require 25% biomass for initial creation, and are imbued with the craggy, rock like re-enforcing ore melding typical of Shargon engineering (give a +2 AC to all drones created).

Electronic Empathy: The Shargon find themselves inhabiting two worlds. That of the organic and physical, and that of the electronic and virtual. They also retain some residual awe and religiosity towards their AI creators. As such The Shargon have an emotional attunement towards the electronic. They may become incensed at the mistreatment of electronic manifestations of any type, be that AI or drone, trash compactor or automated assembly line.

Return to The Hatchery: Most Shargon are expulsed from The Hatchery at level 1. Communities of Shargon settlement exist across the galaxy, but the majority of Shargon do not know the ever changing location of their space station of birth. At level 8 an ancient and deeply buried electroreception ability manifests within a Shargon. They become sub-unconsciously aware of the location The Hatchery, and will be able to sense it's location regardless of distance.

Hatchery Commander: When a Shargon reaches level 10, proving itself to be a venerable and exemplary clone, it is bestowed the rank of Hatchery Commander. This rank gives the Shargon a voice of authority within The Hatchery, allowing them to create and guide the lives of untold Shargon clones.


Names: The Shargon generally refer to clones from their Hatchery batch and younger as brother and sisters, and clones from older Hatchery batches as mother and father. Both pronouns are used interchangeably for all Shargon as they are all completely genderless and sterile. As all Shargon are able to identify one another via distinct electroreception signals, they do not need names. They will take blunt, basic names to assist, humor or mock other races that require such things.

Other names: Shargon may be referred to using the following terms, depending on the speakers galactic background or opinion of the Shargon: Selgon, Selargon, Sharkmen, Jaws, Shelctros, Sharktos and Toofies.

(These guys popped into existence when a player in my White Star campaign wanted to hire some bodyguards from the very cosmopolitan "Bazaar" aboard the Vat-home. Random table alien creation rolls gave me "Shark" and "Virtual Society". The character who employed 3 "Sharkmen" bodyguards unfortunately died mid-mission. As a consolation I let him play one of the "Sharkmen" necessitating to the creation of The Shargon!)

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