Friday, 9 June 2017

Four Guilds of The City

Four Guilds from The City, created using this guild generator. Art is by me. 

Guild Name: Scavengers of the Larval.
Expertise: Rock crushers.
Modus Operandi: Always whisper, literally and metaphorically.

Miners, sourcers and purveyors of the finest, most luxuriant ore granules. Whisperminers of the Scavengers of the Larval creep, alone, through forgotten caverns sniffing out miniscule samples of the rarest ore. Ore whose existences is nigh unknown. The crushing weight of aeons worth of structures, both physical and magical, have lead to the evolution of previously unknown ores beneath The City. With specialist mining equipment fused to their bodies, whisperminers delicately pluck minerals. The supply of these minerals is so tiny, that the market is limited to several grains. The potency and peculiarities of those grains ensures the services of whisperminers are in high demand.  

 Guild Name: Ojan of Fates.
Expertise: Growers of monstrosities.
Modus Operandi: Guild acts through other guilds.

In The City a guild openly attacking another is an act of willful suicide. The Law promptly annihilates all those that would bring conflict between the guilds. Ojan of Fates is a guild that oversees the inception, growth and ultimate destruction of guilds that are The City’s version of suicide bombers. The Flesh Planners of the guild are the architects of vast, eon spanning conspiracies that entrap unwitting members of other guilds. When the time is ripe, and all the infinitesimally delicate dominoes are in place, the plans of Ojan of Fates are enacted. These plans play out in a brief flurry of bloodshed between two guilds. A conflict come seemingly out of nowhere. This bloodshed is promptly followed by both guilds erasure from reality by the forever vigilant cursite monks. The depth and breadth of guilds entrapped in Ojan of Fates plans is known only by the most ancient of Flesh Planners, as is the beneficiaries of the guilds actions.

Guild Name: Rhadamantian Holders of the Tablets.
Expertise: Arbitration of solemn oaths.
Modus Operandi: Only allows use of work those the guild judges as worthy.

The Guild Rhadamantian Holders of the Tablets claims to have in its possession stone recorded rules that govern the current metaphysical reality of The City. After centuries of studying these rules the guild and its acolytes have adopted an aloof and distant demeanor. Most of the guilds member have the unsettling habit of blankly staring past everything and everyone that comes before them. In fact, those too sullied by base desires simply can’t be heard by or communicate with the acolytes of the guild. Some even claim to have seen Holders of the Tablets calmly walk through persons, buildings and things of a chaotic leanings - as if they were never there. The knowledge, meditations and insights the acolytes of the tablets hold are deemed highly valuable by order seeking guilds. The Rhadamantian Holders of the Tablets are often employed as third party judges in the interpretation of ancient oaths, promises and contracts.

Guild Name: The Gossamer Calmed.
Expertise: Haunting music.
Modus Operandi: Consumption of work leads to feelings of bliss.

Originally composers and performers of traditional funeral dirges, The Gossamer Calmed were banished from that field some time before the Guild Wars. History tells that the banishment was due to the guild music’s tendency to devolve burial rituals into sensual near-orgies. After profaning one too many solemn burials, the members of the guild became wandering minstrels, who shared the secret art of creating music that was both saddening and orgasmic. Minstrels of the guild can be found in all quarters and levels of The City, performing to shuddering, sobbing crowds. The guild’s instrument of choice, the meerpipes, requires extensive augmentation and mutation to be played effectively. Because of this, many of the guilds members are without the ability to talk, now only able to communicate through their music.       

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