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Shaman Character Class (The Black Hack)

[Fragments from the Draft Archive: This post has been resurrected from my back catalog of draft posts left unfinished over the past few years. I'm dredging through them all, deleting most but pulling some out, polishing up whatever is there and publishing it. I'm hoping it's an exercise in clearing out my backlog of ideas my mind still might be slightly attached too - scrubbing out my psychic connector tube to the unrealrealms for fresh new torrents of multiversal plasma.]

This character class was the work of +Edward Smith , who jumped at the opportunity to make his own character class when I said to my home group "You can make whatever class you like!". I have made some minor edits and addition as well as writing the Shaman's introduction text. 

[Originally planned for B/X this shaman class will now be written for the Black Hack. A) Because it's quicker and B) The Black Hack is what I'm running at the moment.] 
The Shaman:

Shamans love to experiment. One who has the ability to journey to the spirit realm within the fragile confines of a mortal body finds their comprehension of the physical forever altered. Life and death become aspects of a singular whole, spirit and reality two partners in the same dance. A trip to the land of the spirits opens ones mind to the infinite alchemy of life. The lifeblood mojo that surges through all living things becomes a source of infinite possibility. The assumed laws of nature melt away and open the mind to the playground of the poultice!

To what end the Shaman's experiments are traveling towards is unclear, no less to the Shaman himself. The soothing sounds of the drum and the chant, replicated imitations of the heartbeat of the universe, calm the Shaman's heaving mind jam and help him focus his magical grasp on the nature of reality. No song will ever silence the Shaman's spirit companion though. The universe groans its fortean energies always towards balance and a mortal entering the spirit realm opens the door for a denizen of the nether to enter our reality, with the Shaman as their anchor. For better or worse the destinies of a Shaman and his Spirit Guide are intertwined.

Starting HP: d6+4
HP Per Level/Resting: 1d6
Weapons and Armour: Shamans may not wear armor heavier than leather and may not wield shields, the only weapons a Shaman may use are a Staff and the Blowpipe.
Attack Damage: 1d4 / 1 Unarmed or Improvising.
Special features: 

Roll with advantage when testing WIS to avoid ill effects of any mind altering substance/spell.

Juju Spellcasting: A Shaman has the same spell slots as a cleric. A Shaman will be randomly allocated spells each level. A shaman only ever knows the amount of spells that they have slots to fill, ie at level 3 they know 2 level 1 spells, 1 level 2 spell. There is a 50% chance the spell may be either a Cleric or Conjurer spell. Roll dice to work out which random spells the Shaman gets.

Shaman make an absolute racket when they cast spells, pounding on a drum, spitting down a flute, anything they can get their hands on. This cacophony is needed for the spell to be cast, shaman can never cast in silence.

If the Shaman's spirit companion dies he loses the ability to cast spells.

All other rules for spellcasting are as in TBH.

Mojo Poultice: Shamans carry with them at all times a pouch of random alchemical/herbalism ingredients. They can mix these ingredients into a poultice and apply it to those around them. Shamans are never quite sure what effects their work will result in. 

When applying a poultice roll a d6:

1.    Target takes d6 damage

2.    Roll a d2 (1 = constitution, 2= strength), target loses d4 amount of that stat for d6 days.

3.    Target has an allergic reaction, they look hideous (boils, rash etc,) and lose d4 charisma for d6 days.

4.    Target gains d6 points of HP back.

5.    Target is Constitutionally Enhanced for one day (additional d6 hit points to their total hp)

6.    Roll a d2 (1 = constitution, 2= strength), target gain d4 amount of that stat for 1 day.

Re-roll on a 1, if another 1 is rolled, assume a 2 and a 3 was also rolled.
Re-roll on a 5 or 6, if another 6 is rolled, they also are healed completely, but the shaman is left drained and cannot cleanse again until rested.

The Shaman only carries a fistful of ingredients at most. His Juju ability is not unlimited. A shaman can create 1d6 + half his levels rounded down poultices a day. Poultices must be used on the day they are created to be of any effect, and their effect is not known until applied. 

Spirit Companion: When a Shaman begins his spirit journeys the ripples he causes throughout the psychic ocean entice a mystical entity into his presence. The two beings become the counterbalances for each other's forays into the realm alien to their base nature. 

Just as the Shaman can enter the spirit realm, so too can the Spirit Companion enter the physical realm. It materializes as...

Roll on a random encounter/monster table of choice. The companion has the abilities listed, but its HD is equal to the Shaman's level.

The Spirit Companion guides the Shaman in all of his magical powers. Without his Spirit Companion the Shaman is cut off from the spiritual realm and can no longer cast spells 

Spirit Quest: Once per month the Shaman can cast the "Commune" spell by going on a 12 hour long spirit quest. After the quest the Shaman will exhausted, taking Rolling with Disadvantage on all tests for d4 days. Commune: The caster calls upon divine powers in order to seek knowledge. The caster may ask three questions that can be answered by yes or no. Divine powers do not look kindly upon those who call upon them for trivial matters, or who call upon them too often. (Basically ask the DM direct questions about the campaign). (Spell ripped off straight from Labyrinth Lord!). 

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