Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Mutations of Mercury

Monsters come from the stars. Metaphysical vapors emanate from the celestial bodies and imbue aspects of reality with their nature. The sphere of Mercury is one of speed, thinking and communication. Beings infected by this realm are liquid in form, nature and thought. 

Since the cracking of the sky there has been a great many changes in men and beasts. What was once natural is now monstrous. Whole tracts of land are known to have been warped too, along with what was once clean settlements of god fearing men. 

The mutations known to be brought to earth by the yellowing smog of Mercury are listed below.


Mercurial Mutations of Men, d6: 

  1. Leering, sulking scouts that slither and hiss, able to merge and melt with their land to dis-and-re-appear at will. 
  2. Winged men in many forms, always with yellow plumage. 
  3. Future see'rs, tormented by visions moments, weeks, months or years ahead. 
  4. Too lucky fools, bumbling idiots that win every game they ever play. 
  5. Men with invisible guides, friends and companions which brings them unknowable advice and pariah-hood. 
  6. Short lived men of incredibly swiftness. 

Mercurial  Mutations of Beasts, d6:

  1. Oozing and snake shaped, have the ability of dribbling shape change and camouflage.
  2. Beast that have many forms and always uses the most advantageous to their advantage 
  3. The ability to talk, though beasts do not see the world the same way as man, which hampers communication. 
  4. Gem, gold and wealth eating, which inordinately hardens the hide.
  5. Wings, a hypnotizing gaze and a penchant for riddles. 

Mercurial  Mutations of the Wilds, d6: 
  1. Infection of invisible and winding walls, either as mazes or pushing travelers along an unknown path. 
  2. Messages are whispered through the trees, spelled out in the pebbles and washed up on the shore.  
  3. Land has become stunning in its sublimity and evokes fits of emotions 
  4. Infected with ever crossing migrations of men, beast and plant. 
  5. Terrible and dangerous illusionary landscapes, that keep perils hidden until too late. 
  6. Flooding, damp, swamping and the vileness that brings.

Mercurial  Mutations of the Town, d6: 

  1. Opulent bastions of greed. 
  2. Ever roving bands, transporting sin.  
  3. Far reaching cells of cabals of insidious thought. 
  4. Pit of pigs and gluttons. 
  5. Places wracked by boundary disputes, town cut in halves or quarters. 
  6. Debauched and ever masquerading celebration villages. 

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