Thursday, 17 January 2019

5 Angelic Gangs of Infinigrad

Here are 5 quick angelic gang chassis to use (Angelic is a raceoid in Guild Dogs - these aren't actual angels). Combine this with:

Angelic, annoyingly good looking, with contemptuous features that enrage most that look upon them and wings that allow short distances of flight.
  1. Skeletally gaunt and two of five fingers missing on each hand, black iron helmets and ragged black cloak that hides wings (AC 15), bloodstained bronze arm braces each with a hidden retractable dagger (d6 x 2).  
  2. Stern blue metal face masks, wings dyed an electric green, gold hued bronze chest plates and chainmail skirts (AC 15) and gleaming flamberge (d10). 
  3. Capes of a rich red, fit to allow wings, connected to ornate gold pauldrons (AC 13) and a sharp bronze lance for swooping attacks (d10) 
  4. Pale skin drained of colour, blue veins clearly visible, noble clothes covered in a tessellating pattern (AC 11) and heavy iron shovels used as two handed clubs (d8). 
  5. Clad head to toe in black plate mail, the helmet has tiny slits for eyes and breathing (AC 20), wings have been removed and the backside of armour has been decorated with splashes of red paint to commemorate this fact, spears of shining pure silver (d10). 

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