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Gangs of Infinigrad, Part 2: d100 Gang Member Visual Quirks.

Following on from this post on gang profession, goals and culture, here's a d100 table of visual quirks. These can be applied to a single gang member, the whole gang, the gang leader or maybe just random NPCs in your game.
D100 Gang Member Visual Quirks: 
  1. Decorative curved horns.
  2. Long haired furs.
  3. Eyes glow faintly golden, or other less lustrous metallic colours.  
  4. A cloud of insects hangs above them.
  5. A flock of birds accompanies them.
  6. Huge and ornate metal gauntlets.
  7. Thorns grow from skin.
  8. Ornate metal spikes adorn garb.  
  9. Skin is red and cracked.
  10. Sworlling tattoos cover body.
  11. Noses removed, just open slits.
  12. Decorative metal implanted into forehead.
  13. Quad curved horns emerging from head.
  14. A mane of bristling fur.
  15. Elaborate and long facial hair.
  16. Smoking implements billowing mesmerizing clouds.
  17. Huge buckled belts and a proliferation of straps.
  18. White decorative feathers.
  19. Dyed red or other primary colour hair, fur, skin, etc.  
  20. Leather gloves with stitched metal claws.
  21. Mutated wings, creaky and bony (do work and can fly).
  22. Horn trumpets.
  23. Bone shields.
  24. Necklaces of rocks.
  25. Always wet with sweat.
  26. Oversized frills on collars and shoulders.
  27. An abundance of rings.
  28. Too large fingers and or hands.
  29. Trained metallic dragonflies that conduct scouting.
  30. Swirling wooden growths erupting from torso.
  31. Huge hoopy earrings.
  32. Moon inspired symbols, insignia, jewelry, etc.
  33. Cage helmets.
  34. Ears missing.
  35. A bouquet of exotic flowers.
  36. Insect mandible jaws.   
  37. A metal tail terminating in a jagged blade, works.  
  38. Weapons that glow, no one knows how.  
  39. An extra mouth.
  40. Completely black, white or other colour eyes.
  41. A mouth of fangs.
  42. Huge, slightly malformed, muscles.
  43. Warped, stretched faces.
  44. Smeared war paint.
  45. Flower or generally vegetative tattoos.
  46. Head bands, probably made of tattered magic robes.
  47. Hold gross demon idols, or hang them from neck.
  48. Caked in dirt.
  49. Wild unkempt hair and beards.
  50. Roaming slug homunculus fused to flesh.
  51. Banners and flags attached to poles strapped to back.
  52. Moss, vines or mushrooms growing on flesh.
  53. Long hair in elaborate styling cinched in place with metal bands.
  54. Rune tattoos, some shimmer with fey energy.  
  55. Noose necklaces.
  56. Exuding some green yellow slime from pores.
  57. Wart or boil covered skin.
  58. Long, dirty claws.
  59. Missing or broken and chipped teeth.
  60. Growing clusters of bone crystals sprouting from flesh.
  61. Coloured spines ridging along back or arms.
  62. Scales, varied in colour or monotone.
  63. High, frilly collars, generally followed by a pompous attitude.  
  64. Bejewelled and ornate hand guards on all weapons.
  65. Carrier pigeon/s perched on shoulders.
  66. Glowing white or other simple colour amulet around neck.
  67. Wreaths of trash, old vegetation and general detritus.
  68. Huge bellies.
  69. Long scarves and face masks of rags.
  70. Lutes or other smug musical instruments.
  71. Ever upward facing eyes, never look away from the sky when talking.
  72. A hive of symbiotic insects living in torso.
  73. Crude iron crowns.
  74. Large geometric symbol made of metal stitched into chest or back.
  75. Ropes of skulls hung around body.
  76. Always drooling copious amounts of a yellow goop.
  77. An ornate bone drinking tanker.
  78. A crab claw arm, or a crustacean shell on front or back of torso.
  79. Protective face covering including goggles and breathing aparati.
  80. Insect wings, either operational or decorative.
  81. A chest sling of work tools, most likely lock picks but maybe hammers and saws.
  82. Very well trained dog, cat or other small beast.
  83. Miniature shrines strapped to shoulders, replete with little offerings.
  84. An unseen wind or breeze ruffles clothes or hair.
  85. Head and faces draped in shimmering veil of opaque gauze.
  86. Metallic or organic flower tucked behind ears, perhaps growing from head.
  87. A metal, augmented leg or arm.
  88. Rotted, decaying flesh, bones revealed, perhaps a limb or two missing.
  89. An aura of smog, smoke or fog.
  90. Large frill erupts from top of head, bony or fleshy, often adorned with small horns.
  91. A too long tongue that hangs out the mouth.
  92. Legs are fused together and lengthened, mutated into a snake/wormman.
  93. Jewelled and/or elaborately designed immaculate leather boots.
  94. Naked save for full body war paint.
  95. Tangles and coils of rope looped all over body.
  96. A small painting of an idyllic scene/portrait of gang leader hangs from neck.
  97. Boots with rock soles and toe protectors, red and craggy.
  98. Face is a mask, beneath the mask flesh is smooth and featureless.
  99. Smoke, haze or fog of an eerie colour billows from weapons.
  100. Eyes that can roam around the flesh as if a fish swimming. 
Beetle Gladiator by Chenthooran,

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