Sunday, 6 January 2019

5 Human Gangs of Infinigrad

Here are 5 quick human gang chassis to use. Combine this with:

Mushroom Gangster by Me

5 Human Gangs of Infinigrad: 

  1. Face tattoos, ornate helmets of bronze, heavy, brightly dyed robes (AC 12) and bronze bardiches (d8). 
  2. Bird masks (cloth and metal), pale lamellar plate armour with gaudy trim (AC 13) and wooden staffs (d6) or spiked cestus (d6 x 2).
  3. Teeth sharpened to points, naked save for heavy iron pauldrons (AC 12), a stained machete in each hand (d8 x 2)
  4. Pale, sickly and languid, covered in colourful fungal growths embedded in flesh (AC 12), release a cloud of stunning spores (test CON or stunned for d8 rounds) and punch victims (2 x d4).
  5. Winged helmets and an amassing of neck charms and amulets, ornate wrought iron armour, swirling and organic (AC 18) and cruel looking daggers in each hand (2 x d6).  

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