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Lord Purpon, The Hoarder

Inspired by a classical being from Demonology (, here's a supernatural creature (demon) intended to alter and affect the area around him. Ideally tucked away behind a secret or locked door on a megadungeon level Purpon will change the contents of the rooms nearby (Emanations), set in motions his owns plans and plots (possibly interfering with an adventuring party's plans) (Plottings), and offer deals and contracts for goods and services (Bargains)

d6 Names:Not every group or individual that is aware of Lord Purpon's existence will know him by the same name (this applies to most strange beings), roll a d6 to determine what he is called by a specific group/region: 1) Lord Purpon 2) Master of Keys/Secrets 3) The Chest Keeper/Gardener 4) The Hoarder 5) Liar's Bane 6) Old Snake Head.

A party of adventurers may be directed towards Lord Purpon if they are searching for lost or hidden things, if they require secrets or intelligence on a specific person or being, if they need to know the specific history of an area or a prediction for the future.  

Description: Standing 7 to 10 foot tall, Lord Purpon has the horned head/neck of a python, and a thickset, shaggy fur covered body of a bear like humanoid. The matted, dreadlocked long fur on his body is knotted about uncountable keys which either stick close to his body or hang loose, jingling as he moves. He also wears chains of keys around his neck, arms, waist and legs. He will often be seen clutching a small wooden chest, apparently filled with tattered and filthy notes and cloth scrolls. His legs end in cloven hoofs. 

Lord Purpon is well spoken in all the world's languages. When conversing he has the unsettling habit of echoing the final three words of the being he is speaking to, as those words are said. This gives the impression that he knows exactly what some one was going to say and when they were going to finish speaking. This habit dissipates when he converses with beings from far away lands and he also exhibits much more enthusiasm in talking to them. Though well spoken and some what fond of conversation, Lord Purpon prefers communicating at a distance to those he is not familiar with, through notes and his army of Mimics. 

Lord Purpon is accompanied at all times by 22 Mimics camouflaged appropriately in whatever environment Lord Purpon is in. This gives any space Lord Purpon inhabits a disconcerting effect as these 22 camouflaged mimics shift and scamper, making the room appear transitory and in constant movement. Additionally to these 22 mimics Lord Purpon has a vast army of mimics under his command, employed as spies to gather him secrets. Lord Purpon also has knowledge which enables him to raise and train more mimics.

Lord Purpon has a perfect photographic memory, and will never forgot anything he has ever seen or heard. 

Lord Purpon seems most preoccupied with the gathering of secrets, specifically knowing where other beings hide their most valuable possessions. This knowledge is contentment enough for Lord Purpon who will very rarely snatch valuables for himself. This fact has not stopped the rumor that he is in the possession of an invaluable horde of lost treasures. A byproduct of Lord Purpon's mimic spy network is he learns of many secretly planned events, giving him foresight into the future. He also has an interest in cartographic knowledge, but prefers to remember and mentally visualize maps  rather than keeping or reproducing physical ones.  

Often, Lord Purpon will take a disliking to an individual he has been spying upon (most especially liars - whom he hates), at which point he will either steal their most valuable possession, or take a friend or lovers most valuable possession and plant it upon that person for discovery. He relishes hearing one of his spies mimic the exclamations in misfortune of those he does not like. Further he takes great pleasure from creating elaborate series of events that lead to the seemingly random death of those not in his favor. 

Statistics: HD: 12+10, Alignment: Neutral, Movement: 160', AC: 20 (keys form metal hide), Attacks: 3 (claws x 2, bite). Damage: d10 claw, d8 bite, Save: F12, Morale: 10, XP: 3000xp, Special: Lord Purpon will probably allow his Mimic's to fight for him while he attempts to escape any physical confrontation, He will know of any weaknesses his foes have if that weakness has been verbally discussed within a day's travel of his lair, He has the ability to Open Body: Taking a key from his person Lord Purpon inserts the key into his enemy's flesh (he must score a hit on an attack roll), if the target fails a Save Vs. Magic their body will open as if on a hinge, internal organs falling loose upon the ground, resulting in death. If the target passes the Save they simply take d8 damage. 

Purpon Mimic: Ambulatory, carnivorous mushrooms with very rudimentary intelligence and the ability to disguise themselves as inanimate objects (furniture, masonry, rocks, other vegetation, etc) . They excrete a extremely strong adhesive goo which can be used to stick to ceilings and walls or trap prey. Purpon mimic's have the ability to talk and have inherited their master's perfect memory - allowing them to recite things they overhear as if recorded. Their voice box and lips are concealed in a locked pocket of flesh, only open-able with a specific key designated by Lord Purpon (the mimics themselves can not open this pocket of their own accord).  Purpon Mimics, like other mimics have an aversion to sunlight (weakening and stunning them), so will travel overland in the evening. They attack with a hidden club-like appendage. The "default" appearance of a Purpon mimic is that of a round, mushroom-like chest.

HD: d10 (the HD of the mimic will be reflected in its size), Alignment: Neutral, Movement: 100', AC: 12, Attacks: HD divided by 4 rounded down. Damage: d10, Save: F in HD, Morale: 10, XP: 50 x HD, Special: Any thing striking a Purpon Mimic (weapon, fist, foot), must make a Save Vs. Paralysis to avoid being stuck to it for d6 rounds.


The entrance to Lord Purpon's lair will be hidden behind several secret doors, all secured with a number of extremely elaborate locks. Though hidden, the entrance will be close to a major thoroughfare or high traffic area. The lair itself will have an extremely spartan presentation, a column or two, a stone throne, a stone bench. Most notable will be the mounds of empty chests, discarded throughout the area and the floor carpeted in keys of all types, ages and varieties. A nursery of young mimics will be growing towards the back of the lair. A bonfire will smolder in a corner with evidence of burnt/burning documents/scrolls. The walls of the lair will be honeycombed in small tunnels, leading to grates, pipes and other small apertures in the area - a transportation network for mimics.  

There is only 1 treasure in the lair, an open chest filled with recently acquired notes, scrolls and maps all of highly secretive and sensitive nature - those that Lord Purpon has not yet committed to memory and destroyed.

d12 Emanations:

1)  A Purpon Mimic appearing as a low wooden table bearing an engraved map of the immediate area is to be found in an otherwise bare room. The map is accurate and marks some points of interest. The mimic will follow any one displaying an interest in the map, recording their conversations and movements. Lord Purpon may swap the Mimic for a very similar appearing Mimic while the followed group rests. This new map will either be completely inaccurate or now mark traps rather than profitably points of interest. 
2) d8 malformed, rogue mimics fill a room. They are no longer under the control of Lord Purpon. They are confused and mad, as such they are attempting to disguise themselves as several different things at once. Half chests will poking out of door arches, rocks will jut out at weird angles supported by blades, half doors will be connected to a mushroom cap, etc. These mimics will attack any that enter their room. 
3) Mimics will follow the party, the same seemingly mundane furniture keeps re-appearing in every room. This furniture will be disconcertingly identical and missing from previous rooms if the party checks on such a fact. Over time there will be a large mass of mimics following the party, every piece of mundane dungeon dressing they have encountered previously will be crammed into each new room they enter while previous rooms become bare. 
4) Two factions in the area are in open conflict with one another, both claiming the theft of a precious treasure belonging to their leader by the other. Their energies will mostly be spent on violently reclaiming said treasure, rather than regular dungeon duties. During the conflict an unusual amount of chests are to be seen clinging to the ceilings. 
5) A team (d10) of large (HD 8-10) mimics have been tasked with disguising the normal doors and passageways of an area to confuse and baffle travelers. Every time a group leaves a room the mimics will hide or reveal different exits and entries, giving the illusion to the architecture of constantly warping and changing. 
6) The weaker, lower HD entities in the area (of at least minimal intelligence) and even some of slightly larger stature will sneak about and spy upon the party, rather than openly engaging them. They will be jotting down rudimentary notes. If caught and interrogated the spies will claim "the furniture told me to do it!". 
7) Transcripts of the party's conversations (from any where with in a days travel of the current location) written in ink on fine scrolls of parchment are to be found conspicuously placed in rooms they enter. Preferably these conversations are of a sensitive nature. 
8) Small mimics (1HD) appearing as singular letters or words made of wood or stone spell out messages to the party as they enter a room, then scamper away down the small pipes and tunnels that form the mimics transportation network. 
9) Unlocked mimics, open their flesh pockets, scream and wail with intensity whenever the party enters a room. When approached they scamper and disappear in small, nearby pipes and tunnels.
10) An inhabited area nearby to Lord Purpon, a village, town, etc, has been thrown into chaos recently through the release of  all inhabitant's  secrets. A chest of secrets was delivered in the dead night to every individual home or dwelling. Tensions are high, as are fist fights, murders and riots. 
11) Many locked doors and locked chests, sometimes leading to further locked doors and chests, containing nothing, empty. 
12) Mounds of abandoned, empty, discarded and open chests. 

d6 Plottings: 

1) Through a set of messages and gifts left in passive, unlocked mimics, Lord Purpon encourages the party to steal an important item from a prominent individual in the area. 
2) Lord Purpon is currently on an expansion effort of his intelligence network, either a particular dungeon location or a settlement. He is hoping to blackmail certain individuals to carry out some of the heavy lifting.   
3) Lord Purpon is experimenting with the mobility of his Mimics, ideally to give them more of a resemblance to wild animals. Stemming from this are reports of bizarre animal/inanimate object hybrids, or wilds animals that stay frozen stiff in place. Regular wild animals are disappearing at a rapid rate. 
4) Lord Purpon has set his army of Mimics to steal vast stores of food. Mimics filled with grain and meat have been seen scuttling into the wilderness and further underground. Lord Purpon is interested in further reducing the local food supplies via black mailed individuals. Ultimately he wishes to record the depravity/camaraderie the famine brings out in people. 
5) Lord Purpon has been delivering chests of gold, goods and weapons to those impoverished in an area. These chests are also filled with sensitive secrets of those in more powerful positions. He wishes to record the outcomes of his meddling. 
6) Lord Purpon has placed Mimics at the entrance to churches, public buildings and stores with recordings of their occupants clearing saying vile, despicable, or otherwise horrible things. These voice pockets are unlocked, and their small lips emit the voices loudly, audible from some distance. 

d4 Bargains: Those dealing with Lord Purpon in any way will undoubtedly be a future focus of his spying efforts. With those he does not know well, he prefers to communicate via distance through unlocked mimics with written notes. Lord Purpon can offer secrets of local identities, treasure maps, treasure locations, some insight into the future, complete knowledge of previous events/history in the area and mimic companions for recording/storage/transport. 

For these goods and services he will ask; 

1) Secrets he does not know or maps of areas he has not been to be written/recorded and placed in Purpon Mimic chests. 
2) Wagon loads of chests or keys. Interesting/unique keys/chests and other lockable receptacles may interest him singularly. 
3) Provide an escort for one of his mimics to a sensitive/difficult to reach area. And/or the need for escorting the Mimic back to his person. 
4) Help with the excavation/installment of mimic transportation networks.

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