Friday 14 October 2016

Fantastical Beast Visual Generator

Much easier to navigate google doc version: 

Roll a d4 and a d10 for each table (There is two: Form of the Beast and Aspect of the Beast).
Combine results for a fantastic beast. 
Examples at bottom of post. 

Form of the Beast: 

Aspect of the Beast: 

A roiling and bubbling suit of animated armour, ever melting and reforming. 


Giant flying bugs that feed on magical energy. Becoming visible and active when spells are cast and burrowing themselves into the closest wizard. 


Ghosts of long dead wyrms that form in the dying ashes and coals of a campfire. They will completely coalesce in the early hours and wreck havoc with a mocking grin.  

Update: An illustrated example:

Lurking Man Trap
HD 5, 4 in 6 chance of being hidden in swampy regions, AC: 12 on land, 14 beneath the water. 4 x tail/tentacle attacks a round (1d4 each), if a target is surprised by the lurking man trap or successfully attacked by 2 or more of its tail/tentacles in a round Save Vs Paralyze or stuffed into maw (die in 1d4 rounds due to gastric juices).

All images are royalty free, gathered using the very, very useful:

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