Friday, 26 May 2017

d40 Places where the Magic Weapon is found

The following table can be used to generate rumors and quest seeds for the location of magic weapons. Each could also be teased out to construct a dungeon room/receptacle for a magic weapon.

Roll a d4 and a d10, the magic weapon is:

Held at a mountain top monastery, surrounded by swirling snow and sleet. Prowling cats of pure ice protect the monks.
In the possession of a gang of goblins, they will reward it to the knave they deem vile enough.

Encased in stone, resting on the lap of an ancient frozen troll.
Laying peacefully in the center of a room filled with lethal gas.
Undigested in the gullet of swamp toad leviathan.
On a tiny, barren island, surrounded by never dispersing rolling fog.
In an airtight chest attached by chain to a slow rolling boulder the bottom of an ocean. The chest is monitored by merfolk.
The key power source for a rogue colossal automaton.
Shrunken, miniaturized and worn as jewelry by a wizard.
Hidden in plain sight at a basilica devoted to heroes and war.
Held in the dreams of a comatose wizard who dreams of the end of the world. Plucking the weapon from the dream will awaken the wizard.
Encased in the venerable roots of a primordial tree.
Present only in the reflection of an opulent, bejeweled mirror. Smashing the glass will free the weapon but destroy the mirror.
In the possession of a wizard who will exchange it for a dissertation on the most esoteric of creatures.
At the center of the black trunk of the blood tree. Requires copious amount of organs as sacrifice for the tree to flower the magic weapon.
Held in the center of the mirror sphere which will release the weapon in exchange for the potential new owner's soul.
At the bottom of a refuse filled lake at the end of an unholy stream that flows the wrong way.
Held by a floating court of sages, who reside in a golden craft of the sky. They measure the worth of a soul to see if the judged is worthy of the weapon, or of death.
In the center of a skeleton choked dead city, emanating  foul winds of wrath.
Chained in the center of dusty colosseum, protected by the ghosts that died there.
In a hidden grove, guarded by pacifist elves. The grove only reveals itself to those who renounce conflict.
At the bottom of a hill of half finished flesh scraps, the refuse of a whole forest of dire wolves.
Caught in the antlers of the largest stag of a ghostly herd that haunts a black forest.
At the center of an eternal twister, ever destroying a dusty desert plain.
On a minuscule island of ash in the center of a bubbling lake of molten  fire.
Presented to the singer of a cursed dirge that will bring a life of suffering.
Floating in the clouds at the top of a mountain attached to an ancient gigantic iron chain nailed to the bare rock.
Unguarded in a derelict and empty town house. Claiming the weapon marks the new owner as a training victim for a guild of assassins.
Sunk in the back of an enormous mythical avian, surrounding by an ever oozing wound.
At the center of a dungeon which is a map of the magic weapon itself. The dungeon is a test for those that would wield it.
In a pool of the most reflective water in all the land. Entering the water will birth a fiendish doppelganger.
The sole possession of nigh dead wyrm, decayed and rotted at the joints.
In a chamber beneath the ground, held next to its identical twin. Touching the wrong twin causes instant death.
Held, by an elaborate head band, between the  eyes of a basilisk type beast.
At the bottom of the deepest pit in the land.
Always behind the PC, just a single second back in time.
Used to hold the central banner of a warcamp of wasteland marauders.
Encased in the center of an incredibly fragile, incredibly holy relic. The only way to remove the weapon is to smash the relic.
The sole remaining possession of a dead hero, held by an ever weeping widow/widower.
Caught in a grill at the bottom of the fetid central drain of the city's disease ridden sewers.

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