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Suburb Generator - Stocking Buildings

Continuing on from the post on converting my dungeon map generator to a suburb map generator (, here is a "building stocking table". It lists a bunch of different purposes/occupation for buildings that you may encounter within a fantasy city

Suburb Building Stocking Table: 

d4 d12
Residential occupation, slumlike
Residential occupation, opulent
Residential occupation, high security
Residential occupation, run down
Workshop of mental labour
Bath house
Workshop of mechanised labour
 Workshop of physical labour
Gang occupation, minor
Gang occupation, major
Monster occupation, minor
Monster occupation, major
Public entertainment venue
Private entertainment venue
Order keeper occupation
Storage warehouse
Guild, peaceful/passive
Guild, aggressive/destructive
Dungeon entrance
Store, food
Store, general supplies
Store, weapons
Store, armour  
Store, small/medium trade goods
Store, large trade goods  
Store, ornamentation
Store, augmentation
Store, magical/useful miscellanies
Abandoned, truly empty.
Abandoned, mad men and monsters lurking
Abandoned, diseases and traps
Abandoned, falling apart
Utility, transportation
Utility, air
Utility, waste disposal
Utility, sewage
Utility, magical
Utility, water

Using the suburb map I generated in the previous post, I wanted to see how quickly I could stock the suburb in a somewhat usable/gameable/interesting way.  I used the above table and the additional tables/tools listed at the bottom of the post and timed myself.


The map numbered building map listing end in brackets with the result from the stocking table and other tables - the first thing you read is my brainstormed idea of the inhabitants building using those results.

The only way I swayed from the results I got was, not including any guilds (as that would have taken extra time to generate) and I had made my mind up that 17 and 27 were amphitheaters ahead of time. They were allocated the role of "Public entertainment venue". I also swapped around some of the final buildings to better suit the building size.

I also changed all the NPC raceoid to the first four results I got (Freed Golem, Scrabman, Black Eyes, and Elfin), I rolled a d4 to see which raceoid inhabited what building from there on in.

Additionally, I only used "NPC class" when I deemed appropriate (judged by the result of the building stocking table).

If PC wanna fight any of these NPCs, I would just roll a d4 or d6 for their HD and and 3d6/4d6 for their stats. 

The suburb stocking process from start to finish took about 2 hours. Maybe a bit extra for cleaning up the text so human beings could read it. Not too bad for what I think is a relatively alive region of The City.  

1) Manbat infestation crawling along the ceiling of a semi flooded hovel, additional cockroach crab infestation in black filthy water. (1 storey, Monster occupation, minor, Bat, AC12, 1HD, bite: d6, sucks blood for d4 hp per successful attack, Has evolved to become more manlike, more beastly shapes become humanoid and gain the ability of verbal communication.)
2) Vac Maz, Oily stone golem, offering the hire of a semi reliable flying device he stole from his ex master. (1 storey, Utility, transportation, Freed golem.)
3) Lzkss the Smiter, huge green beetle armed with a ornate mace, offers spittlemeld carapace fusing to softer skin in exchange for gold and proof of monster killing. His clan lives in the storeys above the store. (4 storey, Store, augmentation, Scrabman, brown chitinous skin formed into organic plates.)
4) Oam Mu, wears cloak of birds, untold cages of catlike animals available for purchase. Convinced Jzzkk the scrabmen running the eatery (22) is stealing, cooking and eating his cats. Willing to pay for him to be killed. (1 storey, Library, Black Eyes, Slight frame, grey skin, huge black eyes, Collector.)
5) Buid Bor, sells attractive charms imbued with some elfin witchery. Sips crystal clear water luxuriously. Has trained birds that flitter about the store. Is terrified of next door Oam Mu taking them for his coat (4). (3 Storey, Store, large trade goods, Elfin, hypnotizingly beautiful.)
6) Black beetle men housing, complaining of something killing residents in the night, leaving blood sucked empty scrabman husks. (Manbats from 1).  (1 storey, Residential occupation, run down, Scrabman, brown chitinous skin formed into organic plates.)
7) Black eye housing, bulbous and circular, they keep lovely velvety dogs as pets (quite tame, calm and large). (2 storey, Residential occupation, opulent, Black Eyes, Slight frame, grey skin, huge black eyes.)
8) Zat Zat, rotted metal and stone golem, store has huge chunks of brown river manta rays flesh, (mutated and horrible but edible), Zat Zat trudges through water for the ray flesh but the river is slowly corroding his form. Has aquired some golem working material and is making ray bone golems in the upper storeys of his home. (3 storey, Store, food, Freed golem.)
9) Cecckz , creamy white beetle man preacher, clicks and clacks and causes congregation to sway in ecstatic stupor (congregation is all scrabmen). Often chides them against engaging in violence and warns them of "the black cloak wearing one, that Ktzz fiend" (Ktzz runs scrabman fighting pits in 29)(1 storey, Public entertainment venue, Scrabman, brown chitinous skin formed into organic plates, Dream Seller.)
10) Very well lit with makeshift golem part lanterns, golem housing. Well formed and shining golems. (1 storeyResidential occupation, opulent, Freed golem.)
11) Dor Ru, head shakes constantly, enormous eyes dart about in search of stones. Possessed with some curse and must obsessively collect out of place stones, he has filled a defunct water pumping station with them. They are all perfectly spherical. (1 storey, Utility, waste disposal, Black Eyes, Slight frame, grey skin, huge black eyes.)
12) Black eyes burial temple/tomb. They only keep the giant eyed skulls arranged in circles. Tended by purple robed black eyes with small torches (no other light). Bodies sometimes brought to be tended direct from 15 (The Cult of The Chain). (2 storey, Graveyard, Black Eyes, Slight frame, grey skin, huge black eyes.)
13) RagRiv Golem Gang. Have acquired some golem working material from a wizard they killed, using it to mutate themselves, fusing themselves together and to the nearby environment. Mostly interested in acquiring more golem parts through any means necessary (Golem housing at 26 is current target). Also are some what of a golem revolutionary group - but seem sidetracked currently with their fascination with golem mutation. This building is home to front line troops of the gang. (4 storey, Gang occupation, minor, Freed golem, Chemical Abusers.)
14) RagRiv Golem Gang. As above (13) - this building is leader vanguard quarters. Storage of golem mutating working material. (2 storey, Gang occupation, minor, Freed golem, Chemical Abusers.)
15) Black eye only cult of chains. Private rooms for private worship. Solemn and silent. Black Eyes come here to die. (1 storey,Private entertainment venue, Black Eyes, Slight frame, grey skin, huge black eyes, Cultist.)
16) Juv Na, three eyed black eye, harvests a purple ell from the river and grinds it into hallucinatory dust that allows brief out of body experiences. Substance often used in conjunction with worship at Cult of Chains (15). (1 storey, Dustery/Imbibery, Black Eyes, Slight frame, grey skin, huge black eyes.)
17) Amphitheater, weekly plays presented by vaguely serpentine elf Stali Jas. Often deal with themes of the moon and elf knights (often interacting). (2 storey, Public entertainment venue, Elfin, hypnotizingly beautiful, Fiendish Shaman.)
18) Some searing escaped/residual magical weapon from the guild wars, lurks unexplored here. White balls of plasma risk exploding. Some have clearly exploded destroying parts of the building. Was possible the house of some wizard of renown, clearly assassinated through the use of the white orbs. (2 storey, Abandoned, diseases and traps.)
19) Elf housing, gaudy faux gilding covers everything, often play old play props from 17 and 27. (2 storey, Residential occupation, slumlike,Elfin, hypnotizingly beautiful.)
20) Mir Ka, offers black eye slight soul relocation (Roll with advantage when saving against non direct damage spells), shifts soul slightly up the reality spectrum. Relatively cheap but notifies that The Cult of The Chain (15) may require favors in the future. (1 storey, Store, augmentation, Black Eyes, Slight frame, grey skin, huge black eyes.)
21) Tar Im, body parts in chemical jars, will sell them if he has more than one part in collection and offer to buy new body parts too. Claims to want to make "living gargoyles" one day. Outcast from other black eyes, who shun the preserving of black eye bodies. (2 storey, Surgeon/Doctor, Black Eyes, Slight frame, grey skin, huge black eyes, Cataloger.)
22) Jzzkk, huge open pit meat roasting eatery, mostly cat on the menu. Will pay money for stolen cats from Oam Mu (4). (1 storey, Store, food, Scrabman, brown chitinous skin formed into organic plates.)
23) Jar Bu, serves cylinders of lizard flesh. Has an army of mute and green calloused vat creatures that serve the food. (4 storey, Eatery, Black Eyes, Slight frame, grey skin, huge black eye.)
24) Nayda Meir, pale green robed elf, her and an assortment of highly martially capable guard a grove of elf memories. Basket sized glowing orange eggs stored in in the surging soft flowing interior trees. These memories often used in the production of elf plays in 17 and 27. (2 storey, Storage warehouse, Elfin, hypnotizingly beautiful.)
25)  Deyn Rei, blue streaming robe, tends some organic water cleansing operation the prepares water for use in elf memory storage (24). Like a dark forest inside a building. (2 storey, Utility, sewage, Elfin, hypnotizingly beautiful.)
26) Golems terrified of the RagRiv Gang (13,14) kidnaping them have employed elves to guard their home. (1 storey, Residential occupation, high security, Freed golem.)
27) Amphitheaterweekly plays presented by vaguely serpentine elf Stali Jas, mostly concerned with the moral implications of wishes. (1 storey, Public entertainment venue, Elfin, hypnotizingly beautiful, Fiendish Shaman.)
28) Deyn Rei, blue streaming robe, tends some overgrown organic water cleansing operation the prepares water for consumption by elfs. Like a forest inside a building. (3 storey, Utility, sewage, Elfin, hypnotizingly beautiful.)
29) Ktzz, purple beetle man in black cap, runs scrabman fight pits. They take place in  black blood splattered metal cages. (1 storey, Private entertainment venue, Scrabman, brown chitinous skin formed into organic plates.)

Index of additional tables used: 

NPC raceoid from (
  1. Human.
  2. Scrabman, brown chitinous skin formed into organic plates.
  3. Whiskered Man, long whiskers on face, feline features, soft fuzz of hair over body.
  4. Scaled Man, silver scaled skin, webbed fingers, has gills.
  5. Horned One, goat like features, covered in fur, cloven hooves for feet, horns on head.
  6. Feral, wild eyed, upper torso covering beard, covered in tattoos, hardened claws on hands.
  7. Slobberer, massive blubbery head that fuses with upper torso without a neck, enormous pink mouth housing a 3 foot long tongue that can manipulate object like a prehensile tail.
  8. Twinkler, body made of brittle crystal, speak through telepathic communication.
  9. Freed Golem.
  10. Giant, 8 to 12 foot tall, very thickset, exaggerated features and hulking hands and feet, very loud, rumbling voice.
  11. Black Eyes, Slight frame, grey skin, huge black eyes.
  12. Rock Gut, enormous distended belly, skin constantly sweaty and covered in warts.
  13. Hogman, bristly hair in patches all over body, small tusks, warty and immensely fat.
  14. Elfin, hypnotizingly beautiful.
  15. Fairen, 2 foot tall, incredibly slender, sometimes flowers and grass grows on them
  16. Demonoid, Red skin, smouldering with heat, fangs and claws.
  17. Apeish, furry, long limbed, hand-like feet and leathery skin.
  18. Cacti, thickset, green plant man, covered in thorns.
  19. Angelic, annoyingly good looking, with contemptuous features.
  20. Leatherman, brown, tough, incredibly wrinkled and aged skin.

NPC classes from (These probably need reworking but will do for now):

1) Fellow guild dog
2) Adventurer
3) Shadow beggar
4) Sulker
5) Secret snatcher.
6) Bludgeoner
7) Killsporter
8) Inebriated gladiator
9) Fanged knave
10) Trickster
11) Swindler
12) Chantist
13) Philosopher
14) Cultist. 
15) Pleasure monger
16) Dust peddler
17) Dream seller. 
18) Hunting antiquitist
19) Collector
20) Cataloger 
21) Lost far traveler
22) Astral sailor
23) Psychonaught.  
24) Monied offspring
25) Princeling
26) Bratkinglet
27) Fiendish shaman
28) Singer
29) Dervish.
30) Liegeless knight
31) Maddened wanderer
32) Bloodletter. 
33) Grinning pleasure seeker
34) Chemical abuser
35) Lostling
36) Monk
37) Thief
38) Thug
39) Priest
40) Witch
42) Druid
42) Wizard

Details and additional ideas from:

Monsters generated using (only one result and it was simplified - but took like two seconds to generate!):

But you could use the following for monsters (and it is free):

Interesting/weird merchants could be generated using (but weren't this time): but weren't this particular time.

I used random Slavic names which I bastardized/mutated as I went from

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