Friday, 22 January 2021

Generic Weird Fantasy Random Player Character Classes

(Written for Kontext Speil D6:

The following tables will define a new PC using three words. The format is Adjective, (profession related) Noun and Profession. Roll a d66 (roll two d6, the first represents the tens digit, and the second represents the ones digit) for each table to get a random Character Class. Alternatively players can pick a word from each list. 

These lists are just an example (as is the structure), the Referee is encouraged to create their own words to define the PCs that reflect the imaginary worlds they are presenting to the players.  

Noxious Curse Scion


11. Musclebound 

12. Enchanted 

13. Enormous 

14. Zealous 

15. Aristocratic 

16. Sneaky 

21. Enlightened 

22. Ghostly 

23. Swift 

24. Hardy

25. Rich 

26. Mutated 

31. Destructive 

32. Prophetic 

33. Terrifying 

34. Ancient 

35. Profane 

36. Sacred 

41. Persuasive 

42. Perceptive 

43. Resourceful 

44. Enduring 

45. Erudite 

46. Versatile 

51. Deceptive 

52. Cunning 

53. Adamant 

54. Haunted 

55. Baleful 

56. Dapper 

61. Noxious 

62. Tenacious 

63. Comely 

64. Doomed 

65. Lucky 

66. Armoured 

(Profession related) Noun

11. Hill

12. Desert

13. City 

14. Sea 

15. Dream

16. Beetle 

21. Bone

22. Sun

23. Moon

24. Crystal 

25. Curse 

26. Street 

31. Worm 

32. Bird 

33. Vermin 

34. Fish 

35. Lizard 

36. Beast 

41. Mountain 

42. River 

43. Water 

44. Fire 

45. Ice 

46. Poison 

51. Pestilence 

52. Flesh 

53. Star 

54. Death 

55. Fungi 

56. Invocation 

61. Vine  

62. Sky 

63. Cavern 

64. Mind 

65. Gold 

66. Shadow 


11. Paladin 

12. Wizard 

13. Knight 

14. Priest 

15. Alchemist 

16. Occultist 

21. Thief 

22. Druid 

23. Merchant 

24. Troubadour 

25. Gladiator 

26. Noble 

31. Wanderer 

32. Dragoon 

33. Physician 

34. Sailor 

35. Assassin 

36. Ascetic 

41. Tamer 

42. Smith 

43. Ruffian 

44. Inquisitor 

45. Corsair 

46. Mancer 

51. Hunter 

52. Rider 

53. Archer 

54. Mason 

55. Banisher 

56. Operative 

61. Scion 

62. Lancer 

63. Mystic 

64. Blade 

65. Pathfinder 

66. Mountebank

Comely Beetle Mystic


  1. It's so simple, yet fantastic. Thanks for this!

  2. Ha - these are great!
    I am tempted to experiment with a variant idea: draw up one final table of "Disadvantages and Debilities." When creating their PC, a player may choose ONE of the three roll-results - for free. They may choose the second or even third result if they wish, but must also roll once on the "D&D" problems table if they do so.

    1. Yes! that's a great idea. Starting with just a single adjective to avoid a disadvantage/getting a starting profession but having a disadvantage is a really cool system.

  3. Somebody has read Numenera :p

    1. I actually haven't, but I just browsed the wikipedia entry and character creation is in the exact same format haha! I am going for a vancian dying earth vibe too.

    2. Numenera is probably my favorite non-OSR system / setting, would definitely recommend you check it out if you're into that kind of stuff.

    3. I think I will! Any cool/stand out books you recommend?

    4. You could probably just start with the two main books, Numenera Destiny and Numenera Discovery. I forget which is which, but one is basically the core book, and the other could almost be thought of as a core-alternative for Settlement / Domain-style play. I think their implementation is a little rough around the edges still and more finicky than it needs to be, but it has some cool ideas. I actually think the whole system has cool ideas. Really, I only wish at it's core it was a bit more modular. It could fairly easily be stripped down, but I wish it were designed that way from the ground up.

      After that, probably the bestiaries or the "into the..." series of setting books would be the way to go. For a more mainstream-esque product, it has some genuinely cool ideas, although certainly there are plenty that are more derivative or just don't land well for me personally, but on the whole I think there is good stuff to be found.

  4. Replies
    1. They are collages of public domain art I put together.

    2. Great work on the art as well as the character class generator.

  5. This also serves as 'I need to generate a bunch of nations/factions as my planar wanderers hit a new world' - nice!