Monday, 20 September 2021

A Land of Peace and Rot

 In my last post "How I Write Generators" I created a set of tables for an area generator as an illustrative example. Here are those tables in automated format. This post also includes an "Important Person Generator" for making either PCs or NPCs. I'm running all my games freeform/FKR at the moment, as such its all stattles (If you are looking for a freeform system/an introduction to freeform/FKR games check out my PWYW system "Kontext Spiel d6": ). I imagine this game as a sort of on-going hexcrawl type scenario, the players endlessly exploring the Land of Peace and Rot - doing with that land what they will. If you wanted to add some more background to the areas you generate (History or Current Events) to make them more dynamic, use this: . 

If you get some use out of these generators/the last post, or just liked them, I have recently set up Ko-fi account where you can pay whatever value you think is appropriate: . 

Finally, before we get to the generators. Here is an illustrated an example of how I interpret the generator results that may be useful! 

A Land of Peace and Rot: 

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