Friday, 19 August 2022

Matrix Adventuring

 I've been a bit obsessed with matrix games of late ( ), starting a subreddit ( )  and a discord server ( ). Here are a couple of thoughts/ideas on using the Matrix game approach to a adventure/dungeon/hex/crawling/osr typ-ish game (something that isn't a strategy / scenario type game). 

I really like how succinct this post is: so I will be using it for some of the stuff outlined here. I don't think these ideas are all that different to running a FKR game ( ) but I wanted to jot some things down so here we go! 

Matrix game? 

"in a Matrix Game you simply use words to describe why something should happen, the Umpire decides how likely it is, and you roll a dice." from 

Player Characters! 

4 sentences. 3 sentences out lining strengths/things the character is good at, 1 sentence outlining a weakness/something the character is bad at. Alternative rules: Don't worry about weaknesses. The inspiration of this method is this: 

Doing Stuff! 

When a player wants to do something (through their character), they say what they think their character should achieve, and then provide 1 reason why or how (or more if they so desire). The inspiration of this method is this: 

The referee has to use the same method for the game world doing stuff (monsters, traps, the environment, npcs, etc,etc). What is the thing doing, and then one or more reasons why or how this will happen.

If the success of the argument is in question/not guaranteed, the referee rolls a dice (or gets the player to roll a dice) outlining what roll the player/game world stuff is targeting to be successful in their argument. 

Doing Other Stuff That Maybe Is Less Important! 

"In this system an argument simply consists of a narrative that advances the player's position in the game. The players states what happens next in the evolving story that is the current situation. The chances of success or failure and exactly what those results look like are judged by an Umpire or, more usually, by another player taking it in turns.". Inspiration: 

The World: 

The Referee just creates/describes the world as per normal adventure tabletop game. 

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