Monday, 25 February 2019

New Release: The Angel's Burial Ground - A Suburb of Infinigrad

A mountainside suburb of towers, inhabited by angels and haunted by an undying colony of scaled men. The Angel's Burial Ground is filled with gilded corpses, gangs, mysteries and ancient medical technology. All set in the sprawling fantasypunk megacity of Infinigrad. 

The Angel's Burial Ground can slot into your campaign's world prexisting megacity or serve as a fully fleshed out settlement in a mountain range of your own hexcrawl. This adventure location can be scaled or tailored to your party, as NPC hit dice are variable and random throughout. 

Included in the PDF are: 
  • Stats and descriptions of 7 local factions
  • Suburb Map
  • Landmark and Building descriptions of 39 locations 
  • Random encounter and reaction tables 
  • Rumor table
  • Quest generator 
  • Bone to pick table
  • Random name tables
  • Angel visual quirk table
  • Building interior stocking and mapping tables
  • NPC relationship table 
I was going to make it PWYW, but after discussion with a couple of people I went for a price of $1.99. If you like my blog and the things I make, consider buying a copy to encourage me to write more. The following two posts are like the draft versions of the PDF and give you a pretty clear idea of what's going to be in it: 
The PDF has been further proof read, edited and made nice and pretty. It also features a bunch of extra tables, generators and hyperlinks for your running pleasure. 

Get it here: 

(If you want a review copy, email me and I'll send you one). 

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