Thursday, 28 February 2019

Shopping in Infinigrad, Part 2: d100 Small Trade Goods

To get a small trade goods store, combine the following d100 table with the "D100 What's weird about the store" table found here:

Also, a merchant may deal in d6 (or d4 - d20) different types of trade goods - depending on the size of their premises.

d100 Small Trade Goods:

  1. Medical supplies, herbic and dustular.  
  2. Healing and poisoning potions.
  3. Protective charms, necklace and ring based.
  4. Lock boxes, with keys.  
  5. Religious paraphernalia (Robes, censers, relics, etc).
  6. Candles and lanterns.
  7. Blank books.
  8. Sedative tinctures.
  9. Bed rolls and transportable cots.
  10. Gas canisters, healing and harmful.  
  11. Cleaning equipment (Brooms, mops, buckets).  
  12. Wind powered contraptions, roll on this table again to see what they do.
  13. Jars, all sizes.
  14. Masks, for work and pleasure.   
  15. Instruments.
  16. Spirit servants that definitely exist.  
  17. Lightweight menial golems (Leather, wood, etc).
  18. Harnesses for man and beast.
  19. Symbiotic crystals,  roll on this table again to see what they do.
  20. Navigation tools.
  21. Tiny tools for working with contraptions (and locks).
  22. Cats, dogs, and other small beast pets.
  23. Pipes and pumps. Barrels too.  
  24. Contraptions of glass, light and flame, roll on this table again to see what they do.  
  25. Spices, exotic and plain.
  26. Farming tools, rudimentary.  
  27. Medicinal foodstuffs, mostly with obscene properties.
  28. Costume supplies.
  29. Tableware, metal and stone.
  30. Toys and Novelties, for both children and adults.
  31. Semi-precious stones.
  32. Jewellery.
  33. Sleep paraphernalia (dusts, beddings, pillows, etc).
  34. Chests, ornate and mundane.
  35. Tools for slaving (whips, collars, etc).
  36. Hand mirrors.
  37. Blood or flesh, in sacks and jars.  
  38. Sacrifice equipment (knives, restraints, idols, etc).
  39. Coffins, gravestones and other funeral supplies.
  40. Decorative metal ornaments (for placement in the home).  
  41. Seeds, mundane and exotic. .
  42. Tattooing, supplies and service.
  43. Mutation canisters, mostly minor and cosmetic.
  44. Shamanic reagents.
  45. Aphrodisiacs and sexual prowess enhancers.
  46. Perfume, to allure, disguise and detract.
  47. Servile homunculi.
  48. Psychedelics (edible, smokeable, drinkable).
  49. Bottles of illusions.
  50. Mental and physical accelerants (in dust and herb form).  
  51. Prayer and curse books.
  52. Scavenging equipment (Long poles, hooks, etc).  
  53. Fake limbs for men and beasts.
  54. Weighing devices.
  55. Butchering supplies (Cleavers, salt, aprons, etc).
  56. Cleaning acids, in metal barrels.  
  57. Steam powered contraptions, roll on this table again to see what they do.
  58. Keys and locks.
  59. Cages.
  60. Devices of sight (Lenses, telescopes, etc).
  61. Flint, steel and other fire starting equipment.
  62. Fire wood.
  63. Flasks of oils.
  64. Small bombs and fireworks.
  65. Spades, picks and other earth working tools.
  66. Hammers, chisels and other stone working tools.
  67. Psychic tethers and anchors.
  68. Wheelbarrows and wheeled boxes.
  69. Incense and other mystic burnables.
  70. Petrified and preserved beast parts (with invigorating properties).
  71. Ink, paper and other writing equipment.
  72. Water beasts in small glass bowls.
  73. Insects in boxes.
  74. Disguises and costumes.
  75. Stage props.
  76. Wine and beer.
  77. Robes and other silken attire.
  78. Books, roll on this table for a subject.
  79. Wooden idols.
  80. Chains and rope.
  81. Traps for beasts, small and large.
  82. Alchemical reagents.
  83. Geodes and other appealing un-worked stones.
  84. Potted plants.
  85. Secrets, written in caged, locked books.
  86. Miniature shrines, monoliths and other religious worked stone.  
  87. Magic scrolls imbued with cantrips, roll on this table for ideas of what they do.
  88. Contraptions for tracking time.
  89. Disposable summoning portals that dredge small beasts from the lower depths.
  90. Antiques and curios, harvested from a nearby suburb. 
  91. Tools for the upkeep of weapons (sharpening stones, oil, etc).
  92. Broken things, mostly junk.
  93. Items designed specifically to upset the sensibilities of a nearby temple.
  94. Plain, honest clothes.
  95. Contracts for minor vile deeds (completed by indebted scoundrels).
  96. Tools for breaking and entering (crowbar, lock picks, grappling hooks).
  97. Tools and chemicals for corpse preservation and disposal.
  98. Diseases in vials.
  99. Bones, often of ritual importance.
  100. Headwear (hats, eye glasses, etc).

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