Tuesday, 11 June 2019

d4 Magic Robes (from Infinigrad)

My campaign had my players working for a guild of boat faring eyeman whose trade was the production of magic robes (said eyeman can be encountered in the PDF adventure available here: https://lizardmandiaries.blogspot.com/2018/08/pollute-elfen-memory-water-infinigrad.html). As such, they were getting magic robes as mission rewards for quite a few sessions. Here are four of them: 

1) Robe of the Red Dawn: A fiery scarlet cowled robe. It shimmers and glints as it catches the light as lively red veins of a mineral material are imbued within the cloth.
Due to presence of actual mineral and metallic materials, the robe is both heavier and more cumbersome while being more protective than most (14 AC, -1 DEX when worn).
It rousing colours and sun inspired patterns enliven the nearby compatriots of the wearer (+d4 HP when Nearby, limit of d6 individuals can be granted this bolstering effect at one time).

2) Robe of Union: A robe of large white feathers, trimmed with wood braid trimming that is clasped with rings of gold. When donned, the wood braiding will fuse with the base of the wearer’s skull. Fresh green shoots will, somewhat painfully (d10 damage), penetrate the brain. This melding empowers the wearer’s sense of smell (Roll smell related checks with Advantage). The Robe of Union also grants a vision of past events linked to intense, powerful smells (for example a murder featuring a disemboweling). To be granted visions of smelly past events, the wearer must complete a successful WIS test (this can attempted once per site). The feathers of the robe bristle rudely in the presence of unsavory smelling individuals.

3) Robe of the Mutavault: A constricting robe, green and silver, metallic sheened. Emeralds gild the hem and stitching. It straps to the body with metallic clasps. (-1 DEX, +2 AC). Once per day, the wearer may transform into a horror. The size of the horror is as big as the biggest living organism the wearer can currently see. The horror will generally resemble a tangle of tentacles, teeth and beaks. (HD and attack bonus will reflect size). To restore normal form the wearer must somehow restore order, or increase order in the reality around them. Otherwise they are trapped forever in their new form.

4) Oktera Wraps: Stained linen wraps, like mummy bandages. Makes you feel slightly lighter when wearing them, maybe you can jump a bit higher and run a little longer.

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