Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Where I'm at, Rule Wise.

Got a couple of games going at the moment, and I'm running them mostly in a FKR style. I still have dice rolls for resolving conflicts - because I like to be surprised by the results rather than adjudicating them myself. I really wish I had started running games like this sooner. Its freeing and open and interpretive. I thought there may have been a loss of tension due to absent mechanics - but that isn't the case - situations still get as dire and dangerous as the player's choices dictate. Player Characters are descriptions rather than statistics and because of this its just that much easier for a player to jump right in. It gives players something to sink there teeth into and a handle on the game world. The players can attempt any action because there is no limitations due to mechanics, and I'm able to be surprised, intrigued and entertained more easily because of this. 

Regardless, here's what I'm using as my method, and I am pretty confident in that it could be used for any setting/style of game (it's pretty much the rules outlined here https://lizardmandiaries.blogspot.com/2021/01/kontext-spiel-d6.html but even looser) : 

If an entity attempts to do something in the game world (and it is possible for them to do so), roll a d6: 

Skill level or chance of success of entity:

Dice result required for success:

1 in 6, very unlikely, unskilled or not very good at something 


2 in 6, somewhat likely, there's a chance, a little training or skill 


3 in 6, likely, training or some skill 


4 in 6, quite likely, well trained or quite a bit of skill 


5 in 6, incredibly likely, an expert or very talented. 


6 in 6, perfection, success is guaranteed 

Don't roll


If an entity is hit by an attack roll a d6 to determine where: 

1-2: Legs, 3: Torso, 4-5: Arms, 6: Head. 

The referee can then extrapolate the impact of a wound in that area. Taking too many hits in the same location (2 or 3 depending on the location and the weapon) will result in death. The Referee must contextually judge how weapons and armour worn may affect the outcome attacks and damage. 

Give it a try and Have fun! 


  1. I do this for online games all the time now. Near-diceless.

    1. I still love the element of chaos of dice can bring - but yeah the rules extremely light/non existent approach is perfect for online play.