Monday, 14 June 2021

Cult House of the Saprothan Taxonomists

(This was originally a part of an Infinigrad suburb I was working on - but as is often the case I got distracted by other projects and didn't finish it! I had written this temple pretty much in its totality so thought I would share! Another salvaged part of the suburb is in The Cape of Old Demons. No stats because, this is where I'm at rules wise.)

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Cult House of the Saprothan Taxonomists: The walls, domes and columns of this temple are infested with window-sized arched gateways, either carved into the stone or made of affixed wood. These gate’s house shallow indentations - sometimes covered with crude cloth curtains, other times housing a painted arcane symbol. Most are marred by splashes of dried ooze.  

The entry, large wooden double doors - studded with the bronze figures of morphing, protean beasts, is locked. 

The many windows covering the temple are bordered up poorly. 

Inside is a secretive order of leviathan cataloguers/worshipers, each member a Saprothan Taxonomist: Pale creatures in heavy hooded robes, brass censers hung around their neck wreath them in heavy, sickly sweet smoke. The censers are shaped like gates - inside each a tiny brass effigy of a different levithan. 

Taxonomist’s meditate in front of a mock leviathan summoning gate, letting images of swirling, unformed beasts wash over their mind’s eye. If bothered they will scamper off towards the nearest exit or darkness - only drawing their jagged knives if cornered, or incessantly pestered. 

Map Generator:

Sample/Premade Map: 

d6 Temple Doors: 

  1. Huge, leathery wings - nailed to a top of an arch. Part like curtains and reek offensively of pickling juice.
  2. Locked and dented brass door. Embossed with a wide-eyed bat giving birth to countless protean malformed beasts. 
  3. Unlocked wooden door, soaked with grey slime that vaguely smells of ozone.
  4. Black curtain with 6 brass, featureless, masks stitched into it. Slightly jangles.
  5. Small shrines installed into underside of arch. Each vomiting an opaque goo, creating a thin sheet of slimefall which puddles briefly before dissipating.
  6. Locked stone door - carved with images of spiders and octopi marching forth from arched gates.

What is in the chamber of the Cult House of the Saprothan Taxonomists? Roll a d6 three times: 

Room basics:

  1. d6 flat piles of rags, used for sleeping, next to slabs of wood strewn with crude eating/writing implements.  
  2. A chamber filling stone column arch, a mess of different patterned swatches of cloth nailed to it. 
  3. d6 man height stone column arches. A single slimey banner with an occult symbol hangs in the middle of each.
  4. d6 thick, ceiling supporting columns. A ladder and a set of engraving tools is chained to each. Columns are covered to the height of the ladder in endlessly permutating arcane symbols. 
  5. A slab of dark rock used as a laboratory. A jumble of books, pens and tiny pots of chemicals surround a fingertip sized portal leaking slime.
  6. A single, chamber filling stone arch, coated in slime, dried blood and ichor. Ceiling, floor and arch are covered in deep gouges. 
Room decoration:
  1. The floor strewn with d6 fist sized blocks of wood carved into the shape of gates. Each surrounded by dozens of tiny candles and cushions. 
  2. A brass pot or glass jar of slime surrounded by dozens of tiny candles and cushions. 
  3. A wagon-sized, gilded cage covered in slime. A despondent Leviathan Spawn withers within. 
  4. A ruined stone arch, over a slime filled crater in the temple’s floor. The gate intermittently summons a miasmic portal that heaves grey bread and an overbearing stench. Test Body if bread eaten to avoid being violently ill for a day.
  5. A large pond sized crater in the temple’s floor is filled with slime. A single Leviathan Spawn wallows within. 
  6. Rows of man-sized ruined columns. Snapped and crumbling and covered in thin layer of slime. 
Room contents:
  1. A Plane Dredged Shard glows seductively, propped up in a prominent position of isolation. 
  2. Several piles of cultist junk: Wooden handheld gates, Slime smeared scrolls, Chains, Quills, Old robes, Incense dust, Rag face masks. 
  3. d6 Saprothan Taxonomists meditating intently at the largest gate type structure in chamber. Shriek and scamper if interrupted. 
  4. d6 Saprothan Taxonomists laying in a circle around a Plane Dredged Shard recording notes in filthy manuscripts. Will shriek, shout and protect the shard with their lives. 
  5. A hidden gate to a hungry realm will attempt to devour the unwary. Test Luck and Body to avoid being bitten by a rogue maw of an interdimensional portal. 
  6. d6 Saprothan Taxonomists sitting cross legged and chanting loudly over wails and screams as a quivering Leviathan Spawn painfully consumes each taxonomist. 

Details tables: Use these as needed.

Slime, d6: Interdimensional effluent, byproduct of levithan summoning. 

  1. Swirling black and red. Ever steaming black smoke. Smells of tin. Vivifies and automates any mechanical thing it comes in contact with. 
  2. Tiny eyes and teeth swimming in green grey goop. Stinks of rotting vegetables. Will slimily snap at passerbys and burnmelt flesh.
  3. Yellow and crumbly like glued sand. Will slowly but severely desiccate anything it touches.
  4. Molten silver with rubies that constantly pop like boils. Smells strongly of ozone. Will burrow into any flesh it touches and attach to bone beneath.
  5. Aquamarine, thick and bubbling. Filled with clusters of green gemspheres that explode with more of the slime when coming into contact with air. Can be drunk and is very quenching.
  6. Emerald, iridescent and reflective. Slowly cluster goops and forms into the shape of objects nearby. 

Leviathan Spawn, d6: Bear sized interdimensional horrors. Part pet, part deity.

  1. Furry tiger toad. A huge maw filled with fangs. Backside covering pores constantly belch charming mind-controlling gas.
  2. Grey slug with a melting beak of metal. Chrome flowers erupt from flesh, spurting gouts of yellow acid.
  3. Snail of stone, incredibly slow-moving. Covered in blood-sucking needles.
  4. Millipede, backside covered in red-orange glowing crystals. Constantly belching flame and vomiting magma.
  5. Floating pink jellyfish, hundreds of scintillating gems floating and glinting within. Thousands of flower-covered grey tendrils droop from body - contact with these result in total loss of ego.
  6. Furry bear slug, covered in insectile lots of slashing claw scythe arms which terminate in rows of fangs. 

Plane Dredged Shard, d6: Interdimensional ambergris. Holy relics to the Taxonomists. 

  1. Impossibly flat gem of pink blue sunset. Intermittently burps out non-euclidian flames that hurt the mind to look upon - spreading shimmering mirages of reality bending gas.
  2. Caged, shiny brown sphere. Propped up on tiny insectile legs and oozing red acid from its underside. Scuttles away if approached but will melt flesh if handled.
  3. Damp and mossy huge blue diamond. Ever dripping oozing moss clumps that spread and grow, seemingly without the need for any sustenance. Holding it envigorates the whole body.
  4. Red stone, warm to the touch. Contains a pocket of living magma. Endurance never falters when held in the hand. Stone enjoys being rolled and will emanate this desire to those nearby.  
  5. Dark dark green, near black, gemstone, covered in lizard like scales. Approaching the shard causes palpable confusions and bewilderment.
  6. Milky, sandy coloured diamond. Touching this shard transports you to a dimension composed purely of tesselating version of Cult House of the Saprothan Taxonomists. Use the map generator and chamber stocker to generate an endless temple - until another version of this shard is encountered. This version of the shard teleports those that touch back to their normal reality. 


  1. Great cult name!---any post related to taxonomies and ontologies will catch my eye ;)


    1. Thanks! Sorry there isn't much in the way of actual taxonomy!