Friday, 18 June 2021

Cyberpunk Megaslum NPC Generator

 I'm in the process of returning to cyberpunk in the form of a FKR'irised version of Shit Future. Here's a megaslum NPC generator! 

Megaslum NPC Generator:
Roll on the following d66 tables and combine the results to make a NPC. Roll on table more than once for a more complicated NPC.  


11. Security Guard 

12. Mechanic 

13. Thief 

14. Mugger 

15. Heavy machinery technician 

16. Artist 

21. Scavenger 

22. Beaurocrat 

23. Personal trainer 

24. Waste worker 

25. Handyperson  

26. Maintenance worker 

31. Drug dealer 

32. Lab assistant 

33. Nurse 

34. Blogger 

35. Cook

36. Factory worker 

41. Electronics repair person 

42. Datagrid operator 

43. Hacker

44. Drone operator 

45. Store clerk 

46. Chemical mixer 

51. Cult recruiter 

52. Datagrid influencer 

53. Activist 

54. Zaibatsu worker drone 

55. Data analysis 

56. Mercenary 

61. Warehouse worker 

62. Cleaner 

63. Labourer 

64. Tradesperson   

65. Delivery driver  

66. Salesperson 

Pressing Desire: 

11. Heal/cure someone important to them

12. Find a new home 

13. Exact revenge for a recent betrayal

14. Acquire a means of transportation 

15. Defeat or remove a professional competitor 

16. Gain professional guidance from an expert 

21. Rapidly increase their supply of credits 

22. Acquire some personal security or protection 

23. Become famous in their profession 

24. Bribe or extort a local official 

25. Get high and party! 

26. Acquire a profession specific cybernetic augmentation 

31. Find a partner, professional or otherwise 

32. Have a debt owed to them repaid 

33. Conduct a spiritual or personal ritual to calm and centre self

34. Protect or hide something valuable recently acquired 

35. Make amends or peace with an enemy/professional competitor

36. Acquire a weapon 

41. Sell an unwanted possession  

42. Relocate to a zaibatsu arcology or different megaslum 

43. Cure themselves of a sickness,injury or disorder 

44. Repair equipment related to profession

45. Learn a new skill or ability related to profession 

46. Do a selfless good deed (possibly to assuage personal guilt)

51. Hide evidence of their wrongdoing 

52. Restore their besmirched reputation 

53. Improve their relationship with a friend or colleague 

54. Report to security providers about a crime

55. Fade into obscurity or escape those hunting for them 

56. Solve a problem associated with profession 

61. Pay back a debt owed to someone dangerous

62 Avoid being incarcerated or captured for a recently committed crime 

63. Sabotage an enemy/professional competitor 

64. Throw the nearby environment into chaos

65. Present a gift to an important relation

66. Bring peace and calm to someone or something nearby


11. Cybernetic tubing running from helmet or head 

12. Glowing, cybernetic eyes 

13. Accompanied by personal assistant drones 

14. Wrap around sunglasses swirling with a datagrid feed 

15. Heavy duty cybernetic hands 

16. Cybernetic wires laced through skin 

21. Metal plates bolted to skin 

22. Cybernetic breathing apparatus and voice modulator covers lower face

23. An enormous, ornate and otherwise  psychedelic head of synthetic hair 

24. Billowing clouds of narcotic smoke an an elaborate vaping device

25. Lots of leather, metal buckles, studs and straps 

26. Animal print, fur or feathers 

31. An abundance of golden, silver or other metallic chains, on neck and limbs 

32. A shiny weatherproof cape of synthetic material 

33. Large headphones, sprouting many wires and antennas 

34. A helmet of LED screens, transmitting scenes from the datagrid 

35. Teeth chiselled into fangs 

36. Overwrought and massive muscles, clear evidence of steroids abuse 

41. Adorned with satellite god amulet/s

42. Personal medical drone crawls, slug like, over body 

43. Datagrid feed digital tattoos swirl across flesh 

44. Wearing perfume that emits a psychotropic haze or psychedelic aura around their form 

45. Metal teeth 

46. A ring of data jack inputs punctured around head 

51. LED battery power indicators implanted in skin, indicators for internal augmentations  

52. Metal studs sprouting from skin, a sign of subdermal armour 

53. A belt of battery packs and profession related electronics 

54. Tangles of dead electronics hanging from neck and arms as vestment or decoration 

55. An additional cybernetic limb for use in profession 

56. Metallic facial cybernetics 

61. Accompanied by a hulking, humanoid robotic assistant 

62. Face covered by some form of facial wrap or covering 

63. Somewhat confronting visage from an overuse of cheap cosmetic surgery 

64. Industrial issue cybernetic leg   

65. A thin miasma of smoke, emitting from torso based cybernetics  

66. Heavily armed, open carrying guns and melee weapons 

Personalty, roll twice and combine:  

11. Imaginative 

12. Bold

13. Strategic 

14. Knowledgeable

15. Strong willed  

16. Intellectual 

21. Curious 

22. Quiet 

23. Mystical 

24. Tireless 

25. Idealistic 

26. Inventive 


32. Logical 

33. Combative 

34. Poetic 

35. Kind 

36. Charismatic 

41. Mesmerising 

42. Sociable 

43. Enthusiastic

44. Cruel 

45. Irrational 

46. Languid 

51. Unhelpful 

52. Energetic 

53. Perceptive 

54. Spontaneous 

55. Boring 

56. Plodding 

61. Loud 

62. Anti-social 

63. Gullible 

64. Intimidating 

65. Weak 

66. Strong 


  1. I really like this. I can see myself using this for a variety of games, to be honest. Whenever I find a good table like this I sometimes just generate half a dozen 'results' and see what ideas they inspire.

    1. Thanks. I definitely think the personality could be applied to non cyberpunk games.